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Community Shared Tracks

Date Track Name Nearest Resort Snow Day Actions GPX
03/26/16Current Track: 26 MAR 2016 08:13Crystal MountainView(btower)
03/24/16Current Track: 24 MAR 2016 18:12Summit at SnoqualmieView(btower)
03/15/16Current Track: 15 MAR 2016 08:42Summit at SnoqualmieView(btower)
02/20/162016-02-20 09:30:27 AutoCrystal MountainView(btower)
02/13/162016-02-13 09:55:33 AutoSummit at SnoqualmieView(btower)
02/07/162016-02-07 09:41:21 AutoSummit at SnoqualmieView(btower)
01/31/162016-01-31 09:12:29 AutoStevens PassView(btower)
01/30/162016-01-30 08:49:21 AutoSummit at SnoqualmieView(btower)
01/24/162016-01-24 09:00:51 AutoSummit at SnoqualmieView(btower)
01/16/162016-01-16 08:55:03 AutoStevens PassView(btower)
01/09/162016-01-09 09:14:33 AutoStevens PassView(btower)
12/28/152015-12-28 09:14:22 AutoCrystal MountainView(btower)
12/11/152015-12-11 08:57:12 AutoMt BakerView(btower)
05/03/16Skiing @ A-Basin back side, A-Basin Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
04/27/16Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
04/21/16Day 26 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/20/16Day 25 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/18/16Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
04/17/162016-04-17 Breck FinaleBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
04/17/16 Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
04/17/16Day 85, MB, 04-17-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Great groomers on the last day of the season. Skiing with my Sweetie.
04/16/16Day 84, MB, 04-16-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
AM skiing with Dave, Sandra and Eric. Pond Skim Day.
03/13/16Copper Mountain With Jay And Boys 1Copper MountainView(JWHohman)
03/14/16Copper Mountain Jay's Family Day 2 2016Copper MountainView(JWHohman)
Skiing with Jay, Zack, Joey and Brynna
03/27/16Winter Park Family DayWinter ParkView(JWHohman)
Skiing with Cindy and Riley
03/06/16Loveland Ski DayLovelandView(JWHohman)
02/20/16A Basin Windy DayArapahoe BasinView(JWHohman)
02/19/16Copper Mountain Guys DayCopper MountainView(JWHohman)
02/07/16Steamboat Springs Day 2SteamboatView(JWHohman)
02/06/16Steamboat Springs Day 1SteamboatView(JWHohman)
04/15/16Day 24 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/15/16Day 83, MB, 04-15-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Great day, snow from end to end.
04/14/16Day 82, MB, 04-14-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Wet snow in the morning, dryer later. Great skiing in the trees.
04/14/16Day 23 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/14/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/09/16Eldora Skiing Half DayEldoraView(JWHohman)
01/17/16Copper Mountain Big GroupCopper MountainView(JWHohman)
12/31/15Copper Mountain with NickCopper MountainView(JWHohman)
12/29/15Winter Park Skiing with NickWinter ParkView(JWHohman)
12/28/15Eldora with Nick Learning to SkiEldoraView(JWHohman)
04/13/16Skiing @ A-Basin back side, A-Basin Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
04/13/16Day 22 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/13/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/12/16Day 81, BS, 04-12-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Last Host Day. Warm and Sunny. Approach to Ramcharger was practice for the pond skim!
04/03/1612-APR-16 11:13:12 AMCrested ButteView(adamp)
04/02/1602-APR-16 04:59:46 PMCrested ButteView(adamp)
04/01/1601-APR-16 05:39:31 PMCrested ButteView(adamp)
04/12/16Petite EnversBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/11/16Day 80, MB, 04-11-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Two hours of skiing until it got mushy.
04/11/16Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/10/16Day 79, MB, 04-10-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skied with Jack for a couple of runs. If the snow was too crunchy, wait an hour and it was soft enough. Had to stop when they would not let me on the lift again!
04/10/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
04/10/16Day 75 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
04/10/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/09/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/08/16Day 78, MB-BS, 04-08-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day, with John S. OK in the AM, not so OK in the PM.
04/08/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/07/16Day 77, MB-BS, 04-07-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day - great in the morning, not so great from noon on.
04/07/16Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/06/16Skiing @ Breckenridge BreckenridgeView(tomboy)
04/06/16Day 76, MB, 04-06-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Dave C. Quit when the snow got soft and sticky.
04/06/16Day 21 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/06/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/05/16Big Mtn 20160405Whitefish (Big Mountain)View(jb49)
04/05/16Day 75, MB-BS, 04-05-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie and Host Ski Evaluation.
04/04/16SteghornView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/04/16Roter TotzView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/04/16Big Mtn 20160404Whitefish (Big Mountain)View(jb49)
04/02/162016-04-02 16:37:12Champery-Les Crosets-MorginsView(mrc7cam)
04/03/16ACTIVE LOG 002Whitefish (Big Mountain)View(jb49)
04/03/16VerbierPrintseView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/03/16Tracé actuel: 03 AVR 2016 10:13FlaineView(heppel)
04/02/16Day 74, MB-BS, 04-02-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Afternoon Host Day, too hot!
04/02/16Day 74 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
04/02/16Tracé actuel: 02 AVR 2016 10:05FlaineView(heppel)
02/19/1519-FEB-15 15:54:32Whistler BlackcombView(huntermclernon)
02/20/1520-FEB-15 15:19:21Whistler BlackcombView(huntermclernon)
02/21/1521-FEB-15 16:01:20Whistler BlackcombView(huntermclernon)
02/22/1522-FEB-15 15:25:56Whistler BlackcombView(huntermclernon)
02/23/1523-FEB-15 15:16:03Whistler BlackcombView(huntermclernon)
02/24/1524-FEB-15 14:58:56Whistler BlackcombView(huntermclernon)
02/25/1525-FEB-15 15:23:18Whistler BlackcombView(huntermclernon)
02/26/1526-FEB-15 15:34:58Whistler BlackcombView(huntermclernon)
02/27/1527-FEB-15 14:39:53Whistler BlackcombView(huntermclernon)
03/25/1626-MAR-16 04:50:44 PMNisekoView(huntermclernon)
03/26/1627-MAR-16 04:31:06 PMNisekoView(huntermclernon)
03/27/1628-MAR-16 03:24:02 PMNisekoView(huntermclernon)
03/28/1629-MAR-16 04:01:25 PMNisekoView(huntermclernon)
03/29/1630-MAR-16 04:11:35 PMNisekoView(huntermclernon)
03/30/1631-MAR-16 03:38:23 PMNisekoView(huntermclernon)
03/31/1601-APR-16 03:52:49 PMNisekoView(huntermclernon)
04/01/16Verbier - FWTVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/01/16Big Mountain 20160401Whitefish (Big Mountain)View(jb49)
04/01/16Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
04/01/16Day 73, MB-BS, 04-01-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Great morning skiing with my Sweetie in the Bowl and on Moonlight.
04/01/162016-04-01 15:57:52Domaine de BalmeView(mrc7cam)
04/01/16Day 73 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
04/01/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/31/16Day 72, MB-BS, 03-31-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
March - out like a Lion! Wind and snow! Skiing with my Sweetie and Sandra - then Hosting.
03/31/16Day 72 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/31/162016-03-31 16:01:06CourmayeurView(mrc7cam)
03/31/16CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/30/16Day 71, MB-BS, 03-30-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Great day skiing with Dave and Pam, Bev, and my Sweetie.
03/27/1627th March. Day 20TignesView(Snotsicle)
Bright but icy in the morning. Duller in the afternoon.
03/26/1626th March. Day 19TignesView(Snotsicle)
Bluebird day.
03/25/1625th March. Day 18TignesView(Snotsicle)
Good Friday in Tignes. Lovely snow and sunny in the morning. Poor light and heavy snowfall after lunch.
03/30/16Day 71 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/30/162016-03-30 16:56:02 001View(mrc7cam)
03/30/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/29/16Day 70 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(CTbill)
03/29/16Day 70, MB-BS, 03-29-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day and skiing with my Sweetie.
03/28/16Day 35 - Easter Mon. Mar. 28 - AM Session Andrew, FD Level 1Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Session drill - stay low, flatten skis with ankles, patiently wait for separated body to unwind and skis to turn down fall-line without extending, especially at slow speeds. Viviana and Armando from Mexico and Meg and Doug from DC. Feedback from Doug: Would have been better to begin learning to stop/turn without poles. (I did a drill without poles when I noticed Viviana, Armando, and Doug having difficulty with hands/arms - too much motion, upsetting balance, etc.) Would have been nice to have the shorter carpet lift running on this busy day, as sidestepping uphill was tiring out the class - not ready until end of day to go to the Super Carpet.
03/29/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/29/16A016-03-29 16:11:30Domaine de BalmeView(mrc7cam)
03/28/16Day 69, BS, 03-28-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
8+" of new snow. Great day skiing with Dave Carlson.
03/28/16Day 69 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(CTbill)
03/27/16Day 68 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/28/162016-03-28 13:05:57 001View(mrc7cam)
03/28/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/27/16Day 34 - Sun. Mar. 27 - AM Session Matt - FD Private FamilyWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
1-run wonder. Matt: When crossing the fall-line between the outsides of the two turns, make sure skis are flat. For me, that means getting flat sooner. Especially important in heavy snow. FD private family from Richmond. 3 yr old girl (3.9), 7 year old girl, mother and father. Levels 1-3.
03/27/16Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(Stroudy)
03/25/16MAR-25-16 01:10:29 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/19/16MAR-19-16 12:47:01 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/27/16Day 68, MB, 03-27-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie and Karen and John Savage
03/25/162016-03-26 07:45:18 DayView(mrc7cam)
03/26/162016-03-27 17:49:31 001View(mrc7cam)
03/25/162016-03-25 08:01:09 DayView(mrc7cam)
03/27/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/26/16Day 33 - Sat. Mar. 26 - AM Session w Sami, PM Level 3 LessonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Easter weekend. Drove up night before. Small group AM session with Sami Chouinard: Robbie and Sally (London). Focus was things improve agility and things to do to improve while riding fast. E.g., for agility, skiing on one ski. Sammi did static demo of jumping and attempting to turn and land 360. He managed 270, Sally did 90. "Fast ankles" drill. When skiing fast, vary stance (too far forward, too far back, etc.) and vary turn shape. Also, get hip as low as possible when angulating, etc. No morning lesson, but ferried 2 level 3 students to meet their instructor (Jackie, M) at Olympic Chair. In PM, took 1 of Vivian's guests who was too fast for the other 3 in her group. 76 year old lady. Did a few laps of the Olympic Chair, getting her to balance more on the outside ski, and get a more parallel stance. Could still use a wider stance, too. A couple of early falls when she was leaning into the hill too much.
03/26/162016-03-26 BC T&IBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
03/26/16Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(Stroudy)
03/26/16Day 67, Teepee Creek, 03-26-16View(joelwhite1017)
Jean, Joel and Rocky went up Teepee Creek on a bluebird day.
03/26/16Day 67 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/23/16Day 66 Session 2 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/23/16Day 66 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/22/16Day 65 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/21/16Day 64 Session 2 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/21/16Day 64 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/20/16Day 63 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/19/16Day 62 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/26/16Tracé actuel: 26 MARS 2016 10:22FlaineView(heppel)
03/26/16Loriaz - CharmozView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/25/162016-03-25 Breck Tom & IrenaBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
03/25/16Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
03/25/16Skiing @ Winter Park View(Stroudy)
03/25/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/24/16Day 66, MB, 03-24-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie and Bev. Lots of new snow.
03/24/16Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(Stroudy)
03/24/16Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/23/16Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(Stroudy)
03/23/16Day 65, MB, 03-23-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
03/23/16Day 20 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/23/162016-03-23 16:30:39BrusonView(mrc7cam)
03/23/16Vallorcine - Posettes CouloirDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/05/10Whistler Day 4 - LAST RUN OF DAYWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/05/10Whistler Day 4 - Run 8Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/05/10Whistler Day 4 - Run 7Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/05/10Whistler Day 4 - Run 6 - First time ever in the Whistler Bowls!Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/05/10Whistler Day 4 - Run 4Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/05/10Whistler Day 4 - Run 3Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/05/10Whistler Day 4 - Run 2Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/05/10Whistler Day 4 - FIRST RUN - Lesson with John MoodyWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
See notes in Garmin Connect
03/22/16Day 19 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/21/16Day 32 - Mon. Mar. 21 - Ski Whistler w RonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Met Gillian and Sharon for at RH around 2:30.
01/04/10Whistler Day 3 - Run 10 LAST RUN - missing first part of runWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Forgot to turn watch on at bottom or (more likely) top of Emerald Express.
01/04/10Whistler Day 3 - Run 9Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/04/10Whistler Day 3 - Run 8Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/04/10Whistler Day 3 - Run 7Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/04/10Whistler Day 3 - Run 2Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/04/10Whistler Day 3 - Run 6Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/04/10Whistler Day 3 - Run 5Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/04/10Whistler Day 3 - Run 4Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/04/10Whistler Day 3 - Run 3Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/04/10Whistler Day 3 - FIRST RUN OF THE DAYWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/23/09Whistler Day 2 - Run 7 (cont'd) LAST RUN OF THE DAYWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/23/09Whistler Day 2 - Run 7 (PARTIAL) LAST RUN OF THE DAYWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/23/09Whistler Day 2 - Run 6Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/23/09Whistler Day 2 - Run 5Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/23/09Whistler Day 2 - Run 4Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
03/22/16Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(Stroudy)
03/22/162016-03-22 16:18:58Brevent-FlegereView(mrc7cam)
03/22/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/21/162016-03-21 13:56:19View(mrc7cam)
03/20/162016-03-20 Key with RandyKeystoneView(ronskis)
03/21/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/20/16Day 31 - Sun. Mar. 20 - AM session Yas, Level 3 ClassWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Rainy to Roundhouse. Theme in AM session: How to handle forces when entering heavy powder, to prevent from falling forward - get in a lower, more compact stance to get centre of balance more over heel. Should still feel contact on tongue of boot. Take-home for me: Yas says to get more extension. Andrew remarked that he saw me doing that arriving for lessons and thought I shouldn't be extending and/or timing of extension should be after initiation of turn, not extending to initiate the turn. Three students in my Level 3 class: Couple from NYC (Amy and Jonathan), and a mother from LA (Monica). Late start/finish. 2 runs on Olympic Chair, then ski to village, lunch at GLC, then ski RH to Emerald via Upper Whiskey Jack, Pig Alley, Ego Bowl. Download via WVG.
03/19/16Day 2 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(Breakwater)
03/07/16Day 1 - 2015/2016View(Breakwater)
03/20/16Skiing @ Loveland North View, Loveland South View LovelandView(tomboy)
03/20/16Day 64, MB-BS, 03-20-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie and a bluebird day.
03/20/16Tracé actuel: 20 MARS 2016 09:58FlaineView(heppel)
03/20/162016-03-20 14:43:11Domaine de BalmeView(mrc7cam)
03/20/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/19/16Tracé actuel: 19 MARS 2016 09:52FlaineView(heppel)
03/12/162016-03-20 BC a bit warmBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
03/19/16Day 63, BS-MB, 03-19-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Dave C., Albert and the Jim Dandy Ski Club of Detroit. Below zero in am to 40 in pm, bright sunny day with great conditions.
03/19/16Current Track: 19 MAR 2016 11:10Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/19/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/18/16Day 62, MB-BS, 03-18-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day, and skiing with my Sweetie.
03/18/16Day 61 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/18/16ENSA CouloirBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/17/16MAR-17-16 12:53:05 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/17/16Bellin Couloir / Grands EnversBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/16/16Day 61, BS, 03-16-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie, Bonnie W. and Sandye C.
03/16/16Day 60 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/14/16Day 59 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/15/16Day 30 - Tue. Mar. 15 - with Ron on BlackcombWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Day-trip to Whistler. Arrived around 11:00 at Creekside Gondola. Met Ron at RH and took P2P to Blackcomb. Skied Glacier Express to Crystal zone for a few runs, then skied out to Whistler Village. Quite spring-like from top of Excalibur Gondola to village. Did 1 run to Big Red Express at end of day, then took BRE to top and skied back to download to Creekside. 370 cm base.
03/16/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/15/16MAR-15-16 11:51:57 AMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/15/16Day 60, MB, 03-15-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Another great day of powder.
03/11/16La Plagne 2016 FriLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
03/10/16La Plagne 2016 ThurLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
03/09/16La Plagne 2016 WendsLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
03/08/16La Plagne 2016 MonLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
03/06/16La Plagne 2016 SunLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
03/15/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/14/16Day 59, MB-BS, 03-14-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day, big tour, 14, lots of new snow, with more on the way - GREAT!
03/14/16Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/11/16Northstar 20160311Northstar at TahoeView(jb49)
03/13/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
03/13/16Day 58, MB, 03-13-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
A little snow and good conditions. Took a run with Jack.
03/12/16MAR-12-16 02:55:05 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/12/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
03/12/16Current Track: 12 MAR 2016 08:56Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/12/16Tracé actuel: 12 MARS 2016 09:37FlaineView(heppel)
03/12/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/12/16Dolomiten, Sella Ronda orange, Ciampac/Buffaure, 12.03.16Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/11/16Tracé actuel: 11 MARS 2016 09:53FlaineView(heppel)
03/11/16Day 58 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/11/16Dolomiten, Kronplatz-Tour, 11.03.16Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/11/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/10/16Tracé actuel: 10 MARS 2016 10:18FlaineView(heppel)
03/10/16Day 57, 03-10-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Emergency Host Day. Sunny and warm - too warm!
03/10/16Kirkwood 20160310KirkwoodView(jb49)
Day cut short by V's knee
03/08/16MAR-08-16 03:14:16 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/10/16Day 57 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/10/16Dolomiten, Santa Croce, 10.03.16Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/09/16Heavenly 20160309HeavenlyView(jb49)
03/09/16Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
03/09/16Day 18 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/09/16Day 56 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/09/16Tracé actuel: 09 MARS 2016 10:00FlaineView(heppel)
03/09/16Dolomiten, Marmolada und grüne Sella Ronda, 09.03.16Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/09/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/08/16Day 17 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/08/16Day 55 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/08/16Dolomiten, Santa Croce, Sella Ronda orange, 08.03.16Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/08/16Posettes CouloirDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/08/16Van CouloirDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/07/16Tracé actuel: 07 MARS 2016 09:46FlaineView(heppel)
03/07/16Day 56, MB, 03-07-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie after 4"-6" of snow last night. Splendid!
03/03/16Killington UncategorizedKillingtonView(rrwhiteprb)
03/02/16Killington UncategorizedKillingtonView(rrwhiteprb)
03/01/16Killington UncategorizedKillingtonView(rrwhiteprb)
03/07/16Dolomiten, Sella Ronda orange, 07.03.16Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/06/16Alpine MeadowsAlpine MeadowsView(Montjoux)
03/06/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
03/06/16Day 54 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/05/16Day 53 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(CTbill)
03/06/16Tracé actuel: 06 MARS 2016 09:21FlaineView(heppel)
03/06/16Current Track: 06 MAR 2016 10:29Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/06/16Dolomiten, Seceda, Longia, St. Ulrich, 06.03.16Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/06/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/05/16Day 55, MB, 02-05-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
One run - soft sticky snow on the lower half of the run. Not fun. Called it a day.
03/05/162016-03-05 10:10:31WhitetailView(gpallaway)
03/05/16Dolomiten, Sella Ronda orange und grün, 05.03.16Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/05/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/04/16Day 54, MB, 03-04-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Great skiing - until Sixshooter Lift shut down!!
03/04/16Day 16 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/04/16Current Track: 04 MAR 2016 09:38SugarbushView(bait57man)
03/04/16Day 52 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/04/16Combe des GlaciersBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/04/16Bozon CouloirBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/03/16Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
03/03/16Day 53, BS-MB, 03-03-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day - Great conditions on Moonlight groomers.
03/03/16Deer Valley 20160303Deer ValleyView(jb49)
03/03/16Day 15 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/03/16Grands MontetsLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/02/16Park City 20160302The CanyonsView(jb49)
03/02/16Day 51 2015/2016SnowbirdView(CTbill)
03/02/16MAR-02-16 12:13:36 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/02/16VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/01/16Park City 20160301The CanyonsView(jb49)
02/29/16Day 29 B - Mon. Feb. 29 - With Ron and ChristineWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
PM part. Blackcomb. (Did Whistler in AM.) SEE VIDEO at
02/29/16Day 29 A - Mon. Feb. 29 - Ski myself, then Ron and ChristineWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
NEW WAX. (Hot wax job from Creekside Tuning Centre.) AM part of day.
03/01/16Day 50 2015/2016The CanyonsView(CTbill)
03/01/16Arolla HeliView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/28/16Killington UncategorizedKillingtonView(rrwhiteprb)
02/29/16Killington UncategorizedKillingtonView(rrwhiteprb)
02/29/16Day 49 2015/2016The CanyonsView(CTbill)
02/29/16CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/24/16Heavenly 20160224HeavenlyView(jb49)
02/28/16Day 28 B - Sun. Feb. 28 - Level 3 Prep with CamWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
PM part of session. Forgot to turn on SkiTrax recording for first 1-3 runs on Solar Coaster.
02/28/16Day 28 A - Sun. Feb. 28 - Level 3 Prep with CamWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Uploaded from CS, then, since P2P not running, skied to Oly Stn. to download to village. GOT BUFF WAX, since skis were sticking. Uploaded to Rendezvous. Drills: Pick up inside ski's heel high, leaving shovel in snow. Next drill, pressure the shovel of the lifted, inside ski. Take-home for me: Angulate more over the outside ski, hands in front to help round back, active movement, stay low. Video analysis by Cam of my last AM run at lunch shows I need to get more over the outside ski (inclination, but I'm not angulating enough).
02/28/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/28/16Day 52, MB, 02-28-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Great skiing on 2"-3" of new snow.
02/28/16Day 48 2015/2016Deer ValleyView(CTbill)
02/28/16CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/22/16Soldeu 2016 FriGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
01/21/16Soldeu 2016 ThurGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
01/20/16Soldeu 2016 WendsGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
01/19/16Soldeu 2016 TueGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
01/18/16Soldeu 2016 MonGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
02/27/162016-02-27 Breck RanyBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
02/27/16Day 47 2015/2016The CanyonsView(CTbill)
02/27/16Day 51, MB-BS, 02-27-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie - until thunder-snow sent us home.
02/27/16Current Track: 27 FEB 2016 09:23Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/26/16ACTIVE LOG: 26 FEB 2016 09:39Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/26/16Day 50, MB-BS, 02-26-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Some free skiing, then hosting on a Bluebird Day.
02/26/16Current Track: 26 FEB 2016 09:02Winter ParkView(jsarche)
02/24/16Day 45 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/26/16Day 46 2015/2016The CanyonsView(CTbill)
02/26/16Courmayeur HeliCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/25/16ACTIVE LOG: 25 FEB 2016 09:59Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
02/25/16FlegereBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/24/16ACTIVE LOG: 24 FEB 2016 10:20Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/24/16Day 49, MB-BS, 02-24-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing on a bluebird day with my Sweetie.
02/24/16Steamboat Day 5SteamboatView(sclarsky)
02/24/16Skiing @ Eldora EldoraView(tomboy)
02/23/16Steamboat Day 4SteamboatView(sclarsky)
02/24/16CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/23/16Heavenly 20160223HeavenlyView(jb49)
Staying on Kingsbury Grade, driving to Stagecoach lift to start day
02/23/162016-02-23 16:03:00SnowbasinView(gpallaway)
02/23/16Day 48, MB-BS, 02-23-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with David, Sandye and my Sweetie - then Host.
02/23/16FEB-23-16 01:03:30 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/20/16FEB-20-16 11:43:01 AMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/19/16FEB-19-16 02:09:17 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/23/16Day 14 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/23/16Day 44 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/23/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/22/162016-02-22 14:35:40SnowbasinView(gpallaway)
02/22/16Day 47, MB-BS, 02-22-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day, and skiing with my Sweetie.
02/22/16Steamboat Day 3SteamboatView(sclarsky)
02/22/16ACTIVE LOG: 22 FEB 2016 09:40Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/22/16Day 13 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/21/162016-02-21 Park City!Park City MountainView(ronskis)
02/21/16Day 27 - Sun. Feb. 21 - Level 3 Prep with CamWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
02/21/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/21/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/21/16Steamboat Day 2SteamboatView(sclarsky)
02/20/16Steamboat Day 1SteamboatView(sclarsky)
02/21/162016-02-21 15:26:51Deer ValleyView(gpallaway)
02/20/16Day 43 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/19/16Day 42 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/21/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/20/16Day 26 - Sat. Feb. 20 - Only 3 runs PMWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Drove up late from Vancouver. Not on hill until 2:30, so just had time for 3 runs to test my GoPro, newly mounted on my helmet.
02/19/162016-02-20 08:37:14Deer ValleyView(gpallaway)
02/20/162016-02-20 14:58:28Park City MountainView(gpallaway)
02/20/16Current Track: 20 FEB 2016 08:37Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/13/1602/13/2016Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(arangb)
02/20/16SC Wilder Kaiser, Westendorf, Brixen, Hohe Salve, 20.02.16Brixen im ThaleView(akxak)
02/19/16ACTIVE LOG: 19 FEB 2016 13:34Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
02/19/16ACTIVE LOG: 19 FEB 2016 09:53Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/19/16Current Track: 19 FEB 2016 08:28Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/19/1619th February. Day 17Breuil-CerviniaView(Snotsicle)
Nice and sunny. Went across to Gornergrat.
02/18/16SC Wilder Kaiser, Westendorf, Kitzbühel Paß Thurn, 18.02.16Brixen im ThaleView(akxak)
02/19/16SC Wilder Kaiser, Westendorf, Ellmau, 19.02.16Brixen im ThaleView(akxak)
02/19/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/18/16ACTIVE LOG: 18 FEB 2016 09:38Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
01/30/16Okemo Day 2OkemoView(sclarsky)
01/29/16Okemo Day 1OkemoView(sclarsky)
02/18/16Day 41 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/18/1618th February. Day 16Breuil-CerviniaView(Snotsicle)
Much the same as yesterday. Zermatt getting very scraped & icy.
02/18/16Current Track: 18 FEB 2016 08:18Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/18/16Nant NoirDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/17/16Skiing @ A-Basin back side, A-Basin Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
02/17/16Day 40 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/17/1617th February. Day 15Breuil-CerviniaView(Snotsicle)
Early cloud, soon burned-off.
02/17/16Current Track: 17 FEB 2016 08:21Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/14/162016-02-14 Breck WellischBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
02/17/16SC Wilder Kaiser, Westendorf, Kitzbühel-Streif, 17.02.16Brixen im ThaleView(akxak)
02/17/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/12/16ACTIVE LOG: 12 FEB 2016 10:10Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/16/16ACTIVE LOG: 16 FEB 2016 09:45Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/16/16Current Track: 16 FEB 2016 08:36Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/16/1616th February. Day 14Breuil-CerviniaView(Snotsicle)
Another bluebird day.
02/16/16SC Wilder Kaiser, Westendorf, Kitzbühel-Streif, 16.02.16Brixen im ThaleView(akxak)
02/16/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/15/16Day 46, MB-BS, 02-15-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day - very windy and warm, with rain.
02/15/16Current Track: 15 FEB 2016 13:16Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/15/1615th February. Day 13Breuil-CerviniaView(Snotsicle)
Beautiful bluebird day. Snow in great condition.
02/15/16SC Wilder Kaiser, Westendorf, Brixen, Hohe Salve, 15.02.16Brixen im ThaleView(akxak)
02/14/16Day 25 - Sun., Feb. 14 - FD Private w Danish FamilyWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
NEW WAX - Whistler Base Tuning Centre downstairs at Carleton Lodge, previous night. Right boot felt much better as a result of adjustment day before at Fanatyk Co. Full-day private lesson with a mother, son, and another boy, all part of a group of about 10-12 from Denmark. Merete, the mother of Calvin (9) along with Carl (10). Merete's husband, Christian, was in other group. Other instructors were Brent (went to Alpine), and Dave (Olympic Chair) from Montreal, now living in new condo with wife on Rainbow. Spent the day on Super Carpet. Merete did most language translating, but both boys wonderfully behaved, and everyone had a fantastic time. Pleasure to teach. Carl had trouble keeping a consistent wedge. In the PM, did lots of work on the sidehill to get ready for steeper terrain on Olympic Chair. Also did up-and-down side bank. Merete's confidence improved through the day as she gained more experience through practice and repetition. Guest service thoughts: Report card for next
02/15/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/13/16Day 24 - Sat., Feb. 13 - AM Session w Paul, Ski w RozWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Nice snow to half-way between bottom of Emerald and Olympic Station, spring-like below that. Morning session with Sauve, also in group were Roz, Robbie, Sven... Saw Robbie take a bad fall on first pitch of lower entrance to Enchanted Forest. Rolled a few times, and was in pain. Sven (mostly) and I attended, and Mountain Safety lady who appeared shortly after called Ski Patrol for us. Patroller Dave and Dr. Patrick Yu used our assistance to secure the accident site and get Robbie onto stretcher toboggan. Shoulder and neck pain. Didn't see Sauve next day, as his day off, so don't know how Robbie is doing. Skied runs with Roz to Garbanzo, Red, Emerald Express Chairs, and Olympic Station to catch WV Gondi back up. At end of day, Roz downloaded on Gondi from Olympic Stn to village, and I went back up and skied out to village to get boots adjusted at Fanatyk Co by Kevin, as Erin out with scapula fracture as a result of a cat track fall. Kevin punched out the side of my boot below the righ
02/14/16Day 45, MB, 02-14-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Valentine and Laurie Wunder and Tom Meredith.
02/14/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/14/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/14/1614th February. Day 12Breuil-CerviniaView(Snotsicle)
First day in Cervinia/Zermatt. Missed a couple of hours at the start. Lots of fresh snow, bright periods in an otherwise cloudy day. Route down to Zermatt closed, for some reason.
02/14/16SC Wilder Kaiser, Westendorf, Kitzbühel Paß Thurn, 14.02.16Brixen im ThaleView(akxak)
02/14/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/13/16Day 44, MB, 02-13-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
A windy day, with snow early. Lots of lift delays.
02/13/162016-02-13 12:21:30WhitetailView(gpallaway)
02/13/16SC Wilder Kaiser, Westendorf, 13.02.16Brixen im ThaleView(akxak)
02/13/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/12/162016-02-12 BC Dan & BenjiBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
02/12/16Day 43, MB-BS, 02-12-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
A warm slushy day.
02/12/16Day 12 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/12/16Day 39 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/11/16Day 38 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(CTbill)
02/12/16CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/11/16Skiing @ Copper Bowls, Copper Mountain Copper MountainView(tomboy)
02/11/16Day 38, BS, 02-06-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Forgot my GPS, so repeated runs on 2-11 to record and post.
02/11/16Day 42, MB-BS, 02-11-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
A great day for groomers.
02/11/16VicheresView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/08/16Day 23 - Monday, Feb. 8 - AM Session w Mark, PM Level 1 LessWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Second day with new boots. Right outside foot MUCH more sore than yesterday. Still feeling pain on Wednesday. AM Session with Mark E. Focus on turning with legs, not hips. Static drill with instructor's pole point pushing on hip at front while student stands and pivots ski in air (long leg). Doug Short was my partner for this drill, and for taking turns to see if the other is keeping hips facing downhill, or at least laser beam from navel to tip of outside ski. No class in morning, so Rob Skerry and John (Whistler) and I took Fitz Express and Garbanzo Exp to Dave Murray DH to Big Red Express, then lunch at RH, and ski to village. In afternoon, I had a Seattle couple, Cary and Kim (girlfriend or wife) for a Never Ever. Strong inversion meant no jacket or gloves (they didn't have any gloves to begin with), just my mid layer. Kim got in back seat and fell a number of times. Would be nice to have a short carpet lift going up from the beginner flats.
02/10/16Day 37 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(CTbill)
02/10/16Day 11 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/10/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/09/16ACTIVE LOG: 09 FEB 2016 09:49Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/09/16Day 10 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/09/16Day 41, MB, 02-09-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing on a Spring Day with Pam and Dave and my Sweetie.
02/09/16Day 36 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(CTbill)
02/08/16Day 40, Fawn Pass-Bighorn, 02-08-16View(joelwhite1017)
An epic back-country ski with Barb and Ben Phinney, Laurie Wunder, and Tom Merrideth,and my Sweetie.
02/09/16MegeveMegeve Mont d'ArboisView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/07/16Dude Skiing Day 3Wolf CreekView(Kenric)
02/08/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/08/16ACTIVE LOG: 08 FEB 2016 09:54Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/08/16Day 35 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(CTbill)
02/07/16FEB-07-16 01:59:19 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/06/16ACTIVE LOG: 06 FEB 2016 09:47Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/08/16PrélayesView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/07/16Day 22 - Sunday, Feb. 7 - Morning Session w Andrew, FD L1Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
NEW BOOTS! Got Erin Heim (sp) to fit new Lange SX 120 boots for me Saturday night. Stock liners and used my old Surefoot custom foot beds. Started feeling some hot spots in the morning, unbuckled boots at lunch, and went into Fanatyk Co after the lesson around 3:15. Made appointment with Erin for next Saturday at 4:00 to look at possible adjustments. I'll see how they feel tomorrow, so maybe an adjustment next Saturday might not be needed. Morning session - did a run to Red, with objective of understanding and feeling "strong". Then did run to Emerald with partner (Jeff C), taking turns following each other to see if "strong" and offer feedback. Jeff noticed my turns to the left not as strong. Then took Emerald back up and skied to village. Stopped by Olympic LC on way down with group. In Level 1 lesson in morning, had Shirley from Redmond, and Andrew, young Aussie, newly hired by WB working at House. Shirley had trouble sidestepping and often pointed skis up or down, resulting i
02/06/16Day 21 - Saturday, Feb. 6 - Morning Session w Meesh (sp) FDWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
40 cm fresh. Lost my group as they ripped ... In morning, picked up a low Level 2 group. Soundat, a young mother from a West Van (2 kids, 5 and 7, taking Whistler Kids lesson), Ellie, young Aussie visiting friends in Vancouver, nice couple from Hong Kong - Wendy and Tin. All late arrivals, so not in Gondi line until 10:15. Mechanical problem made us take Fitsimmons Express. Big line of Whistler Kids ahead of us so line went slow. Wendy and Kin fell getting off chair (never on chair before). Wendy had difficulty pushing along flats (could only take small steps), so took long time to get to Olympic Learning Centre. 11:10 or later by time we got to Level 1 area. Both Kin and Wendy had trouble stopping and climbing. Roundhouse for lunch, but Kin and Wendy wanted to stay in learning area to practice. Called Hut on ride up and asked Paul to help us with spilt. Said to see Andrew who was gofering at Super Carpet. Andrew said he could put Soundat and Ellie into another Level 2 class,
02/07/162016-02-07 14:48:02Jay PeakView(gpallaway)
02/07/16Day 39, MB-BS, 02-07-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Emergency Host at Moonlight for Rumsey.
02/07/16kiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/07/16Day 6 - 2015/2016LovelandView(abrehm)
02/06/16Day 34 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/07/16Foret VertDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/07/16Nant NoirDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/06/162016-02-06 Breck RandyBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
02/06/16Dude Skiing Day 2Wolf CreekView(Kenric)
02/06/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/06/162016-02-06 15:09:36Jay PeakView(gpallaway)
02/06/16Current Track: 06 FEB 2016 09:17Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/06/16Tracé actuel: 06 FEV 2016 10:35FlaineView(heppel)
02/06/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/05/162016-02-05 Vail LGSVailView(ronskis)
02/05/16ACTIVE LOG: 05 FEB 2016 10:01Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/05/16Dude skiing day 1Wolf CreekView(Kenric)
02/05/16Day 37, MB-BS, 02-05-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day at Moonlight
02/03/16Big White 0203Big WhiteView(dziedzicmj)
02/02/16Big White 0202Big WhiteView(dziedzicmj)
02/01/16Big White 0201Big WhiteView(dziedzicmj)
01/31/16Big Wgite 0131Big WhiteView(dziedzicmj)
02/05/16Day 33 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/05/16ComblouxLes Portes du Mont-BlancView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/04/16Day 36, MB, 02-04-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Last M-t-M for this year. Great skiing with Dave, Sara and Ken. Did Headwaters and Alder Gulch.
02/01/16ACTIVE LOGView(kirkland)
02/04/16ACTIVE LOG: 04 FEB 2016 10:22Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/04/16VicheresView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/03/16Day 35, BS, 02-03-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Sterling.
02/03/16Skiing @ Steamboat SteamboatView(tomboy)
02/03/16Day 32 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/03/16CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/23/16Winter Park UncategorizedWinter ParkView(rederic8)
01/23/16Winter Park UncategorizedWinter ParkView(rederic8)
01/24/16Winter Park UncategorizedWinter ParkView(rederic8)
01/22/16Winter Park UncategorizedWinter ParkView(rederic8)
02/02/16Skiing @ Steamboat Morningside Park, Steamboat SteamboatView(tomboy)
02/02/16Day 9 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/02/16Day 31 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/02/16VB Gros RognonBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/30/16JAN-30-16 12:28:44 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
01/23/16JAN-23-16 03:56:43 PMMt BachelorView(Mach5)
02/01/16Skiing @ Steamboat SteamboatView(tomboy)
02/01/16ACTIVE LOG: 01 FEB 2016 10:23Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/01/16Day 34, MB-BS, 02-01-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
M-t-M on a cold day.
02/01/16Day 30 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/01/16Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/31/162016-01-31 Breck best powBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
01/23/162016-01-23 Breck Chad et allBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
01/31/16Olympic Valley OtherSquaw Valley USAView(Montjoux)
01/30/16Olympic Valley OtherSquaw Valley USAView(Montjoux)
01/31/162016-01-31 14:51:25Mountain CreekView(gpallaway)
01/31/16Day 20 - Sun., Jan. 31, 2016 Session w Luka, L3 Prep w ErinWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
7 cm new, and continued snow throughout the day. Luka (runs Women's camps) led session. Scott (Creekside Camp), Mitch, Colette, one other? After session, Scott, Mitch and I did Upper Ratfink - big, soft bumps, then trees. Mitch and I then took P2P, as he was doing L2 Prep. In L3 Prep were Rob Skerry, Jill, Phyllis, Jeff Champion, Sally, and Sandra. Lots more bumps - Catskinner, Cruiser Bumps, Take home for me: round back, drag outside pole, don't rush start of turn to left (right outside leg).
01/31/16ACTIVE LOGView(kirkland)
01/31/16Day 5 - 2015/2016Wolf CreekView(abrehm)
01/31/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/31/16Day 29 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/30/16Day 28 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/31/16Current Track: 31 JAN 2016 08:32Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/30/16Tracé actuel: 30 JAN 2016 11:01Samoens-Morillon-Les CarrozView(heppel)
01/30/16Day 19 - Sat., Jan. 30, 2016 - Session and Ski by MyselfWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Rick from Whistler Alpine led session. Jeff Champion also skied in group. Rick used me as a static demo on how to "handle" a guest, to make sure good stance and balance, and loose and relaxed. Rick moved from Quebec around 1989 or so. Skied by myself for the rest of the day. Snowing almost all day long. Hit the bumps on Coyote for about 3 or 4 runs.
01/24/16Day 18 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/23/16Day 17 - 2015/2016 - NEW WAXWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/17/16Day 16 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/16/16Day 15 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/10/16Day 14 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/09/16Day 13 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/30/15Day 11 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/29/15Day 10 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/28/15Day 9 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/27/15Day 8 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/18/15Day 7 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/13/15Day 6 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/12/15Day 5 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/06/15Day 4 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
12/05/15Day 3 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
11/22/15Day 2 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
11/21/15Day 1 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/29/16ACTIVE LOGView(kirkland)
01/30/16ACTIVE LOG 005VailView(kirkland)
01/30/16Day 4 - 2015/2016Wolf CreekView(abrehm)
01/30/16ACTIVE LOG: 30 JAN 2016 09:54Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
01/30/16Current Track: 30 JAN 2016 08:16Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/30/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/29/16Day 3 - 2015/2016Wolf CreekView(abrehm)
01/29/16ACTIVE LOG: 29 JAN 2016 10:37Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
01/29/16Day 27 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/29/16Current Track: 29 JAN 2016 09:22Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/29/16Current Track: 23 JAN 2016 09:22Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/29/162016-01-29 11:10:13WhitetailView(gpallaway)
01/29/16Crochues BerardBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/28/16Day 33, BS-MB, 01-28-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
M t M and skiing with 70+ers, Phil, Lonny and Ken
01/27/16ACTIVE LOG 050VailView(kirkland)
02/09/1402/09/2014Wolf CreekView(Kenric)
02/08/1402/08/2014Wolf CreekView(Kenric)
02/07/1402/07/2014Wolf CreekView(Kenric)
01/28/16ACTIVE LOG: 28 JAN 2016 10:03Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
01/28/16Day 26 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/27/16Day 25 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/27/16ACTIVE LOG: 27 JAN 2016 10:01Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
01/28/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/27/16ACTIVE LOG 048View(kirkland)
01/27/16Day 32, BS-MB, 01-27-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with 70+ers, Ken and Phil.
01/27/16Day 8 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
01/27/16MegeveMegeve RochebruneView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/24/162016-01-24 - Abasin PatrolArapahoe BasinView(doconnell5)
01/26/16ACTIVE LOG: 26 JAN 2016 09:03Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
01/26/16ACTIVE LOGVailView(kirkland)
01/26/16Day 31, BS-MB, 01-26-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
skiing with Phil, Lonny and Ken and Jean and Kathy.
01/26/16VB Gros RognonBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/25/16ACTIVE LOG 007VailView(kirkland)
01/24/161/2 day vailView(kirkland)
01/23/16ACTIVE LOG 002VailView(kirkland)
01/25/16ACTIVE LOG: 25 JAN 2016 10:42Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
01/25/16Day 30, MB-BS, 01-25-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
BEST Ski Day Ever, skiing Liberty Bowl with knee deep powder, a lower sun pillar, and the MtM Team - and skiing with 70+.
01/25/16Day 3 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
01/25/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/24/16Saix BlancDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/24/16Day 29, MB-BS, 01-24-16Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with 70+, Lonny and Phil
01/24/16Skiing @ Big White Big WhiteView(Stroudy)
01/24/16Tracé actuel: 24 JAN 2016 10:14FlaineView(heppel)
01/23/16Skiing @ Big White Big WhiteView(Stroudy)
01/23/16Day 28, MB-BS, 01-23-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day
01/23/162016-01-23 16:09:46La RosiereView(mrc7cam)
01/23/16Tracé actuel: 23 JAN 2016 10:33FlaineView(heppel)
01/23/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/22/16Day 27, 01-22-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day
01/22/16Day 24 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
missed 4 runs
01/22/162016-01-22 16:47:54View(mrc7cam)
Ski touring skis
01/22/16Creuse a DzoretteDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/20/1602 Heli RunsView(marcmerlin)
01/21/16Day 26, 01-21-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
MtM Day and skiing with Bill (Kathy & Sterling's nephew)
01/21/16Skiing @ Big White Big WhiteView(Stroudy)
01/21/16Day 2 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
01/21/16Day 5 2015/2016Val Thorens-OrelleView(thelegendofando)
01/21/162016-01-21 17:08:34La RosiereView(mrc7cam)
01/21/16La ThuileLa ThuileView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/20/16Day 25, 01-20-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
01/20/16Skiing @ Big White Big WhiteView(Stroudy)
01/20/16Day 5 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
01/20/16Day 23 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/20/162016-01-20 16:40:17View(mrc7cam)
Ski Touring skis
01/20/16Grands MontetsLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/19/16Skiing @ Big White Big WhiteView(Stroudy)
01/19/16Day 24, MB, 01-19-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie
01/19/162016-01-19 15:35:03View(mrc7cam)
Ski touring skis
01/19/16VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/18/16Day 23, MB, 01-18-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Master the Mountain - on 6" of powder!!
01/16/162016-01-16 Key with Randy AKeystoneView(ronskis)
01/17/16Current Track: 17 JAN 2016 09:04Copper MountainView(jsarche)
01/18/162016-01-18 16:47:47View(mrc7cam)
01/17/16Day 22 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/18/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/17/162016-01-17 - SteamboatSteamboatView(doconnell5)
01/16/162016-01-16 - SteamboatSteamboatView(doconnell5)
01/15/162016-01-15 - SteamboatSteamboatView(doconnell5)
01/17/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/17/162016-01-17 15:46:07View(mrc7cam)
Ski touring skis
01/13/162016-01-17 07:11:12WhitetailView(gpallaway)
01/17/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/16/162016-01-16 16:26:07La PlagneView(mrc7cam)
01/16/16Current Track: 16 JAN 2016 08:26Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/16/16Day 21 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/16/16Tracé actuel: 16 JAN 2016 10:23FlaineView(heppel)
01/16/162016-01-16-08-30-27Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(andyholdaway)
01/13/162016-01-13 13:13:14WhitetailView(gpallaway)
01/16/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/15/16Day 20 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/15/16Current Track: 15 JAN 2016 08:43Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/15/162016-01-15 16:57:43La PlagneView(mrc7cam)
01/15/162016-01-15-08-08-33Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(andyholdaway)
01/14/162016-01-14-08-13-22Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(andyholdaway)
01/13/162016-01-13-08-13-18Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(andyholdaway)
01/15/16VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/14/16Day 22, MB-BS, 01-14-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Master the Mountain - with lots of windblown powder.
01/14/16Day 19 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/13/16Day 18 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/14/162016-01-14 17:14:02La PlagneView(mrc7cam)
01/10/162016-01-10 - Abasin PatrolArapahoe BasinView(doconnell5)
01/09/162016-01-09 - LovelandLovelandView(doconnell5)
01/03/162016-01-03 - Abasin PatrolArapahoe BasinView(doconnell5)
01/02/162016-01-02 - KeystoneKeystoneView(doconnell5)
12/13/152015-12-13 - Abasin PatrolArapahoe BasinView(doconnell5)
12/12/152015-12-12 - KeystoneKeystoneView(doconnell5)
12/06/152015-12-06 - Abasin PatrolArapahoe BasinView(doconnell5)
12/05/152015-12-05 - KeystoneKeystoneView(doconnell5)
12/04/152015-12-04 - KeystoneKeystoneView(doconnell5)
11/28/152015-11-28 - Abasin PatrolArapahoe BasinView(doconnell5)
11/24/152015-11-24 - KeystoneKeystoneView(doconnell5)
11/11/152015-11-11 - KeystoneKeystoneView(doconnell5)
11/08/152015-11-09 - Loveland PatrolLovelandView(doconnell5)
10/29/152015-10-29 - ABasin Opening DayArapahoe BasinView(doconnell5)
01/14/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/13/162016-01-13 17:08:21La PlagneView(mrc7cam)
01/13/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/12/162016-01-12-08-11-22Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(andyholdaway)
01/11/162016-01-11-08-21-43Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(andyholdaway)
01/12/16Day 17 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/12/162016-01-12 17:09:00La PlagneView(mrc7cam)
01/11/16Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
01/11/16Day 21, MB-BS, 01-11-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Master the Mountain - only one there, with Dave Gould.
01/11/16Day 16 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/09/16Day 15 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/11/162016-01-11 16:43:03La PlagneView(mrc7cam)
01/10/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/10/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/10/16Day 20, MB-BS, 01-10-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Ben and Barb Phinney and my Sweetie.
01/10/16Current Track: 10 JAN 2016 08:19Winter ParkView(jsarche)
01/10/162016-01-10 17:07:16La PlagneView(mrc7cam)
01/09/162016-01-09 16:49:28La PlagneView(mrc7cam)
01/08/162016-01-08 15:42:29Le Grand BornandView(mrc7cam)
12/19/152015-12-19 10:17:03 AutoMt BakerView(btower)
01/07/16Northstar 20160107Northstar at TahoeView(jb49)
12/20/152015-12-20 10:08:38 AutoMt BakerView(btower)
01/09/16Day 19, MB, 01-09-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day, then skiing with Jean, Kathy and Kathy.
01/03/16Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/27/15Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/20/15Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/13/15Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/06/15Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/06/15Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
11/22/15Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
11/22/15Skiing @ Whistler Blackcomb Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/09/16Current Track: 09 JAN 2016 08:32Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/09/16Trois Vallees, Orelle, 09.01.16Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/08/16Day 18, Tele Meadow-Sink, 01-8-16View(joelwhite1017)
Back Country with Howard and Mike
01/04/16Current Track: 04 JAN 2016 09:07BreckenridgeView(ronskis)
01/03/162016-01-03 Vail day w mr HearnVailView(ronskis)
01/08/16Day 14 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/08/16VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/07/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/08/16Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, Meribel, Val Thorens, 08.01.16Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/07/16Day 17, MB-BS, 01-17-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
MoM, and skiing with Kathy, Howard, Mike and Jean
01/07/16Day 13 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/07/162016-01-07 12:00:44WhitetailView(gpallaway)
01/07/16Trois Vallees Tag 6Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(Mary1985)
01/07/16Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, 07.01.16Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/06/16Day 16, 01-06-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Howard and Mike.
01/06/16Northstar 20160106Northstar at TahoeView(jb49)
Another great powder day at Northstar. Not as much snow during the day, but much drier when it did come.
01/06/16Trois Vallees, Val Thorens, 06.01.16Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/01/162016-01-01 09:49:13 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/31/152015-12-31 09:47:33 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/30/152015-12-30 10:39:05 DayLes ArcsView(jhjacquemart)
12/29/152015-12-29 09:44:47 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/28/152015-12-28 09:55:12 DayLes ArcsView(jhjacquemart)
12/27/152015-12-27 09:36:58 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
01/02/152015-01-02 09:15:50 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
01/01/152015-01-01 10:10:52 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/31/142014-12-31 09:49:07 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/30/142014-12-30 09:18:07 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/29/142014-12-29 09:36:35 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/28/142014-12-28 15:15:36 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
01/03/142014-01-03 09:45:25 DayFlaineView(jhjacquemart)
01/02/142014-01-02 09:26:38 DayFlaineView(jhjacquemart)
01/01/142014-01-01 09:19:57 DayFlaineView(jhjacquemart)
12/31/132013-12-31 09:33:13 DayFlaineView(jhjacquemart)
12/30/132013-12-30 09:15:44 DayFlaineView(jhjacquemart)
12/29/132013-12-29 10:25:53 DayFlaineView(jhjacquemart)
01/04/132013-01-04 09:31:20 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
01/03/132013-01-03 09:50:16 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
01/02/132013-01-02 09:19:55 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
01/01/132013-01-01 10:07:20 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/31/122012-12-31 11:18:09 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/30/122012-12-30 09:53:26 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
01/06/122012-01-06 09:24:46 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
01/05/122012-01-05 09:07:05 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
01/04/122012-01-04 09:49:55 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
01/03/122012-01-03 09:13:39 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
01/02/122012-01-02 10:12:09 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
01/01/112011-01-01 09:27:00 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/31/102010-12-31 09:42:00 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/30/102010-12-30 09:43:00 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/29/102010-12-29 10:06:00 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/28/102010-12-28 10:27:00 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/27/102010-12-27 09:16:00 DayValmorelView(jhjacquemart)
12/28/092009-12-28 10:10:00 DayCesana-ClaviereView(jhjacquemart)
01/05/16Northstar 20160105Northstar at TahoeView(jb49)
Snowy, powder day at Northstar. Weather forecast was 3-5", we thought it was more like 6-12". Great, if somewhat short and damp, day on the mountain
01/05/16Day 15, MB-BS, 01-05-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day, 2"+ new snow. Great conditions.
01/05/16Day 12 Session 2 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/05/16Trois Vallees, Courchevel, 05.01.16Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/05/16VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/04/16*Day 14, MB, 01-04-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
First Masters of the Mountain and skiing with Howard and Mike. Operator Error with GPS, drew in the day's skiing.
01/04/16Day 11 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/04/16Trois Vallees, Courchevel, 04.01.16Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/03/16Day 13, MB, 01-03-16Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Howard
12/31/15Day 12 - 2015/2016Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
01/03/16Day 10 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/03/16Trois Vallees, Val Thorens, 03.01.16Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/03/16Posettes - Tete du BalmeDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/02/16Current Track: 02 JAN 2016 08:26Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/02/16Trois Vallees, Les Menuires/Meribel, 02.01.16Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/01/16Camp Fortune 0101View(dziedzicmj)
01/01/16Day 9 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/01/16Current Track: 01 JAN 2016 08:18Gore MountainView(bait57man)
12/30/15Day 30-DEC-15 08:44:33 AMGore MountainView(bait57man)
01/01/16Trois Vallees, Val Thorens/Courchevel, 01.01.16Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/01/16Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/31/15DEC-31-15 02:23:27 PMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
12/31/15Day 12, MB-BS, 12-31-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Hosting another cold day, but sunny.
12/31/15Day 8 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/31/15Trois Vallees, Val Thorens/Meribel, 31.12.15Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
12/30/15Day 11, MB-BS, 12-30-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host day, quite cold.
12/29/15DEC-29-15 03:08:10 PMView(markemery)
12/24/15DEC-24-15 02:47:27 PMMt Hood SkibowlView(markemery)
12/30/15Day 7 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/29/15Day 6 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/30/15Trois Vallees, Courchevel, 30.12.15Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
12/29/1529th December. Day 11RevelstokeView(Snotsicle)
Final skiing day of 2015. Sun came out.
12/29/15Trois Vallees, Courchevel, 29.12.15Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
12/28/15Day 10, MB-BS, 12-28-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host day and skiing with my Sweetie.
12/28/1528th December. Day 10RevelstokeView(Snotsicle)
Sun came out in the afternoon. Surprisingly busy, though.
12/28/15Day 5 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/28/15Trois Vallees, Courchevel, 28.12.15Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
12/28/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/27/1527th December. Day 9RevelstokeView(Snotsicle)
First day at Revelstoke. Very nice snow (10cm fresh) and very impressive resort.
12/25/1525th December. Day 8Marmot BasinView(Snotsicle)
Christmas day skiing at Marmot Basin. Lovely weather, lovely snow, blisteringly cold.
12/27/15Trois Vallees, Val Thorens, 27.12.15Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
12/27/15BreventBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/26/15DEC-26-15 12:42:08 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
12/25/15DEC-25-15 02:28:35 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
12/24/15DEC-24-15 02:12:27 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
12/26/15Day 4 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/26/15Trois Vallees, Val Thorens, 26.12.15Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
12/26/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/25/15*Day 9, MB-BS, 12-25-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day at Moonlight. Forgot GPS, drew in track for the day.
12/24/15Day 8, MB, 12-24-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
A host day and skiing with my Sweetie
12/23/15Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
12/23/15Day 7, MB-BS, 12-23-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day. Snow and cold.
12/23/15DEC-23-15 01:52:17 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
12/22/1522nd December. Day 7Whistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Last day in Whistler this year. Nice sunny morning, cloudy in the afternoon. Snow still fantastic.
12/22/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/20/152015-12-20 BC snowBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
12/21/152015-12-21 KeyKeystoneView(ronskis)
12/22/15*Big Sky 02-10-15Big SkyView(alkempf)
12/21/1521st December. Day 6Whistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Great snow, bright periods.
12/21/15Day 6, MB-BS, 12-21-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Training Day - My GPS stopped recording at lunch, again. I have drawn in my runs and lift rides that the GPS missed.
12/18/15Heavenly 20151218HeavenlyView(jb49)
High wind forecasts were mostly false, tho Sky Chair was closed most of the day. Clear skies w/ occasional breezes, great day for skiing.
12/20/1520th December. Day 5Whistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Great snow after 32cm overnight dump. Quite busy & a little foggy at times.
12/19/15DEC-19-15 02:14:34 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
12/19/15Day 19-DEC-15 10:12:57 AMGore MountainView(bait57man)
12/20/15Current Track: 20 DEC 2015 09:48Gore MountainView(bait57man)
12/20/15Belle PlaceDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/19/15PosettesDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/17/15CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/05/152015-12-05 Breck chillBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
12/19/152015-12-19 Breck before Xmas crowdsBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
12/16/152015-12-16 empty Vail powderVailView(ronskis)
12/19/1519th December. Day 4Whistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Much the same as yesterday. Not too busy considering it was Saturday.
12/18/15Day 2 - 2015/2016LovelandView(abrehm)
12/18/1518th December. Day 3Whistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Moderate overnight dump. Bit brighter than yesterday.
12/18/15Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
12/18/15Day 5, MB, 12-18-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Taking in another day of "pow" with my Sweetie.
12/18/15DEC-18-15 12:23:37 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
12/18/15Day 3 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/17/15Heavenly 20151217HeavenlyView(jb49)
Mostly cloudy, w/ clouds occasionally sitting down on the mountain. Made for some interesting skiing, but still a great day.
12/17/1517th December. Day 2Whistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Warmer than yesterday, but overcast.
12/16/1516th December. Day 1Whistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Fantastic first day. Blue skies and snow very good for so early in the season.
12/16/15Heavenly 20151216HeavenlyView(jb49)
First ski day for the 2015-2016 season. Sunny and cold, excellent, squeaky snow.
12/16/15Day 4, MB-BS, 12-16-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Taking in the "pow" with my Sweetie. The GPS shut off when were at Mtn Village, so I drew in the lift rides and runs to return to Madison Village.
12/16/15Day 2 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/15/15DEC-15-15 01:33:40 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
12/14/15Day 3, MB-BS, 12-14-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
First Host Day, subbing for Leo F, Bm1. And first couple of runs with my Sweetie
12/07/15Day 1 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/12/15DEC-12-15 12:08:20 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
12/13/15Day 1 - 2015/2016Copper MountainView(abrehm)
12/13/15Tete du BalmeDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/12/15Le TourDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/11/15Current Track: 11 DEC 2015 09:35Winter ParkView(jsarche)
11/24/15Day 1, Backcountry up Fawn Pass, 11-24-15View(joelwhite1017)
With Jean and Scott. No wind across the Gallatin Flats, and a fox on the trail.
12/11/15Day 2, Moonlight Basin, 12-11Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Opening day for Moonlight with my Sweetie. Thin, but adequate cover.
12/11/15Col de PosettesDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/10/15VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/09/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/02/15Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
12/01/15Day 4 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
11/30/15Day 3 - 2015/2016Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
11/29/152015-11-29T16:12:52ZBeaver CreekView(ZAPMAN)
11/29/15Current Track: 29 NOV 2015 09:27Gore MountainView(bait57man)
11/27/152015-11-27KEYSTONE NORTH PEAK POWDERKeystoneView(ronskis)
11/27/15Current Track: 27 NOV 2015 10:13Gore MountainView(bait57man)
11/26/152015-11-26 Breck turkey dayBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
11/25/152015-11-25 BC 1st opening dayBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
11/22/152015-11-22 Keystone OutbackKeystoneView(ronskis)
11/17/152015-11-17 Keystone rope drop dayKeystoneView(ronskis)
11/06/152015-11-06 Day #1 of ?Arapahoe BasinView(ronskis)
11/25/152015-11-25 00:47:49 DayKirkwoodView(marcmerlin)
11/25/15Day 2 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
11/19/15Skiing @ Keystone KeystoneView(tomboy)
11/18/15Day 1 - 2015/2016Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
11/12/15Skiing @ A-Basin back side, A-Basin Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
09/10/152015-09-11 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
09/09/152015-09-10 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
09/08/152015-09-09 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
09/07/152015-09-08 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
09/06/152015-09-07 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
09/04/152015-09-05 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
08/13/152015-08-14 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
08/12/152015-08-13 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
08/11/152015-08-12 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
08/10/152015-08-11 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
08/09/152015-08-10 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
08/08/152015-08-09 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
08/07/152015-08-08 HothamHothamView(clinchje)
03/13/15Current Track: 13 MAR 2015 11:10Kitzbuhel-Kirchberg-GaisbergView(mr_spyder)
06/12/15Skiing @ A-Basin back side, A-Basin Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
06/04/15Skiing @ A-Basin back side, A-Basin Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
05/25/15Skiing @ A-Basin back side, A-Basin Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
05/25/15Current Track: 25 MAY 2015 08:53Arapahoe BasinView(jsarche)
05/18/15Current Track: 18 MAY 2015 08:47Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
05/17/152015-05-17 11:07:34 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
05/10/152015-05-10 09:29:10 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
05/09/152015-05-09 10:38:29 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
05/18/15Skiing @ A-Basin back side, A-Basin Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
03/23/15Chopok 3/23/15View(ALPi)
05/11/15Skiing @ A-Basin back side, A-Basin Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
05/10/152015-05-10 Crazy Moms Day at A BasinArapahoe BasinView(ronskis)
05/07/15Skiing @ A-Basin back side, A-Basin Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
05/07/15MAY-07-15 01:09:30 PMTimberline LodgeView(Mach5)
05/03/15Grands MontetsLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/26/15Current Track: 26 APR 2015 08:29Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/25/152015-04-25 09:18:59 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
05/02/15Grands MontetsLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/30/15Toula GlacierBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/29/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/28/15Skiing @ A-Basin, A-Basin back side Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
04/28/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/27/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/26/15APR-26-15 01:13:00 PMTimberline LodgeView(Mach5)
04/26/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
09/14/132013-09-15 09:49:19 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
09/13/132013-09-14 09:36:00 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
09/12/132013-09-13 09:47:20 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
09/11/132013-09-12 08:40:27 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
09/10/132013-09-11 08:38:45 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
09/09/132013-09-10 08:44:38 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
09/08/132013-09-09 08:28:22 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/24/132013-08-25 08:50:34 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/23/132013-08-24 08:33:54 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/09/132013-08-10 09:20:31 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/31/122012-09-01 09:47:22 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/18/122012-08-19 09:45:35 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/17/122012-08-18 08:31:34 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/16/122012-08-17 09:12:04 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/15/122012-08-16 09:47:14 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/14/122012-08-15 09:02:42 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/12/122012-08-13 09:00:24 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/11/122012-08-12 09:10:04 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/10/122012-08-11 08:49:03 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/09/122012-08-10 09:13:36 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/08/122012-08-09 09:12:53 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/07/122012-08-08 09:26:02 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/06/122012-08-07 09:39:52 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/05/122012-08-06 09:10:18 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/04/122012-08-05 09:12:15 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/03/122012-08-04 09:38:22 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
07/28/122012-07-29 09:35:06 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
07/21/122012-07-22 09:27:47 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
07/20/122012-07-21 09:14:06 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
07/14/122012-07-15 09:36:58 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
07/07/122012-07-08 09:30:04 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
07/06/122012-07-07 14:35:56 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
01/22/122012-01-22 Latemar trimmedObereggenView(clinchje)
01/21/122012-01-21 Falcade trimmedTrevalli-Moena/S. Pellegrino/FalcadeView(clinchje)
01/20/122012-01-20 Lusia trimmedTrevalli-Moena/S. Pellegrino/FalcadeView(clinchje)
01/19/122012-01-19 Falcade trimmedTrevalli-Moena/S. Pellegrino/FalcadeView(clinchje)
01/18/122012-01-18 Sella Ronda trimmedVal di FassaView(clinchje)
01/17/122012-01-17 Ciampac trimmedVal di FassaView(clinchje)
01/16/122012-01-16 Marmolada trimmedVal di FassaView(clinchje)
01/15/122012-01-15 Gardena trimmedVal di FassaView(clinchje)
01/14/122012-01-14 Cermis trimmedValle di FiemmeView(clinchje)
01/13/122012-01-13 Alta Badia trimmedAlta BadiaView(clinchje)
04/25/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/12/122012-01-12 Tofana trimmedCortina d'AmpezzoView(clinchje)
01/11/122012-01-11 Faloria Cristallo trimmedCortina d'AmpezzoView(clinchje)
04/24/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/18/152015-04-18 09:26:42 AutoLake LouiseView(MukMuk)
04/19/15Current Track: 19 APR 2015 09:08Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/12/152015-04-12 08:56:42 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/11/152015-04-11 10:11:34 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/06/152015-04-06 09:29:15 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/05/152015-04-05 08:50:56 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/04/152015-04-04 08:51:27 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/03/152015-04-03 09:23:52 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/29/152015-03-29 08:45:42 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/28/152015-03-28 09:15:04 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/21/15Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
04/21/15Periades GlacierBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/20/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/05/1305-MAR-13 VailVailView(clinchje)
03/04/1304-MAR-13 KeystoneKeystoneView(clinchje)
03/03/1303-MAR-13 Copper MountainCopper MountainView(clinchje)
03/02/1302-MAR-13 VailVailView(clinchje)
03/01/1301-MAR-13 Beaver CreekBeaver CreekView(clinchje)
02/28/132013-02-28 09:07:28 AutoArapahoe BasinView(clinchje)
02/27/132013-02-27 09:31:07 AutoBreckenridgeView(clinchje)
02/25/132013-02-25 09:21:46 AutoSnowmassView(clinchje)
02/24/132013-02-24 08:42:31 AutoSnowmassView(clinchje)
02/23/1323-FEB-13 Aspen MountainAspen MountainView(clinchje)
02/22/1322-FEB-13 Aspen HighlandsAspen HighlandsView(clinchje)
02/21/132013-02-21 Aspen MountainAspen MountainView(clinchje)
02/20/132013-02-20 Aspen SnowmassSnowmassView(clinchje)
04/19/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/18/152015-04-18 Breck Pow Hearns & PeteBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
04/18/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/17/15Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
04/12/15Day 79 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
04/17/15Grands MontetsLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/16/15Current Track: 16 APR 2015 08:14SnowbirdView(jonchristopher)
04/16/15Day 35, Moonlight Basin, 04-16-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Ben Phinney.
04/16/15Day 32 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/16/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
07/30/142014-07-31 09:25:26 AutoView(clinchje)
07/28/142014-07-29 08:50:39 AutoView(clinchje)
09/13/142014-09-14 10:22:26 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
09/12/142014-09-13 10:20:39 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
09/11/142014-09-12 09:53:27 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
09/10/142014-09-11 09:44:16 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
09/09/142014-09-10 08:53:47 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
09/07/142014-09-08 09:06:28 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/02/142014-08-03 09:36:18 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
08/01/142014-08-02 08:26:55 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
07/31/142014-08-01 09:25:21 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
07/27/142014-07-28 08:27:02 AutoHothamView(clinchje)
03/14/152015-03-14 09:05:49 AutoDeer ValleyView(clinchje)
03/22/15Current Track: 22 MAR 2015 09:38Beaver CreekView(clinchje)
03/21/15Current Track: 21 MAR 2015 09:16VailView(clinchje)
03/20/152015-03-20 09:02:59 AutoKeystoneView(clinchje)
03/19/152015-03-19 09:05:35 AutoBreckenridgeView(clinchje)
03/18/152015-03-18 09:32:33 AutoArapahoe BasinView(clinchje)
03/17/152015-03-17 09:09:50 AutoSteamboatView(clinchje)
03/15/152015-03-15 09:11:03 AutoDeer ValleyView(clinchje)
03/13/152015-03-13 09:40:44 AutoSnowbirdView(clinchje)
03/12/152015-03-12 09:09:49 AutoPark City MountainView(clinchje)
03/11/152015-03-11 09:09:36 AutoThe CanyonsView(clinchje)
03/09/152015-03-09 09:34:12 AutoAspen HighlandsView(clinchje)
03/08/152015-03-08 09:37:41 AutoAspen MountainView(clinchje)
03/07/152015-03-07 09:23:24 AutoSnowmassView(clinchje)
03/06/152015-03-06 09:42:41 AutoAspen MountainView(clinchje)
03/05/152015-03-05 09:11:36 AutoSnowmassView(clinchje)
03/05/152015-03-05 09:07:24 AutoSnowmassView(clinchje)
03/04/152015-03-04 08:21:29 AutoSnowmassView(clinchje)
03/04/152015-03-04 08:55:10 AutoSnowmassView(clinchje)
04/15/15Day 34, Moonlight Basin, 04-15-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
One foot of new snow all over Moonlight Basin. Great skiing and tiring.
04/15/15APR-15-15 01:24:08 PMTimberline LodgeView(Mach5)
04/15/15VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/14/15Day 31 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/14/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/13/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/13/15Day 30 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/03/1503-APR-15 15:09:27Le Corbier-St Jean d'ArvesView(carveydm)
04/04/1505-APR-15 14:49:20Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(carveydm)
04/04/1504-APR-15 16:42:54Val Thorens-OrelleView(carveydm)
04/12/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/11/15APR-11-15 02:12:22 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
04/11/15Tracé actuel: 11 AVR 2015 10:24FlaineView(heppel)
04/11/15VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/10/152015-04-10 Hooky at BreckBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
03/14/152015-03-14 Vail with MichelleVailView(ronskis)
04/11/15Current Track: 11 APR 2015 08:49Gore MountainView(bait57man)
04/10/15CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/10/15Glacier ToulaBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/09/15Skiing @ Copper Mountain, Copper Bowls Copper MountainView(tomboy)
04/09/15Day 29 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/06/15Tracé actuel: 06 AVR 2015 10:30FlaineView(heppel)
04/09/15Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/08/15Day 28 - 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/08/15Crochues BerardBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/07/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/03/15Day 78 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
04/06/15Day 27 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/06/15Day 33, Moonlight Basin, 04-06-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
A couple of runs with my Sweetie.
04/06/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/05/15APR-05-15 03:09:43 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
04/05/15Day 12 - 2014/2015Cannon MountainView(Breakwater)
04/05/15Current Track: 05 APR 2015 08:49Gore MountainView(bait57man)
04/05/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/04/15Current Track: 04 APR 2015 09:10Gore MountainView(bait57man)
04/04/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/03/15Skiing @ Eldora EldoraView(tomboy)
04/03/15Day 26 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/03/152015-04-03 16:36:37Brevent-FlegereView(mrc7cam)
04/03/152015-04-03 13:19:43Brevent-FlegereView(mrc7cam)
04/03/15Brevent-Flegere-Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/03/15Current Track: 03 APR 2015 08:17Gore MountainView(bait57man)
04/02/15Day 77 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
04/02/152015-04-02 16:53:35Brevent-FlegereView(mrc7cam)
04/02/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/01/15Day 25 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/01/15Day 76 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
04/01/152015-04-01 16:37:44Les HouchesView(mrc7cam)
03/31/15Day 24 - 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/31/15Day 75 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/31/15Current Track: 31 MAR 2015 10:15Domaine de BalmeView(mrc7cam)
03/31/15Grands MontetsLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/27/15Current Track: 27 MAR 2015 08:44Sunday RiverView(Joe_skier)
03/30/15Day 23 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/30/15Jackson Hole 20150315Jackson HoleView(dziedzicmj)
03/30/15Le TourDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/29/15Day 11 - 2014/2015SugarbushView(Breakwater)
03/28/15Day 10 - 2014/2015SugarbushView(Breakwater)
03/29/15Jacksn Hole 20150329Jackson HoleView(dziedzicmj)
03/28/15Tracé actuel: 28 MARS 2015 10:20FlaineView(heppel)
03/29/15Current Track: 29 MAR 2015 08:13Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/20/15Soldeu 2015 FriGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
03/19/15Soldeu 2015 ThurGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
03/18/15Soldeu 2015 WendGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
03/17/15Soldeu 2015 TuesGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
03/16/15Soldeu 2015 MonGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
03/15/15Soldeu 2015 SunGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
03/14/15Road to SoldeuView(paulbullas)
03/29/152015-03-29 13:32:25View(mrc7cam)
Ski-Touring skis
03/29/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/27/15Day 10 - 2014/2015Park City MountainView(abrehm)
03/28/15Jackson Hole 20150328Jackson HoleView(dziedzicmj)
03/28/15Ardent-AvoriazMorzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/05/14Winter Park SkiingWinter ParkView(JWHohman)
02/28/14Copper Mountain Skiing with JayCopper MountainView(JWHohman)
03/26/15Spring Break - Crested ButteCrested ButteView(JWHohman)
03/23/15Spring Break - Wolf CreekWolf CreekView(JWHohman)
03/15/15Skiing With KansansCopper MountainView(JWHohman)
03/28/15Current Track: 28 MAR 2015 08:14Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/28/152015-03-28 13:37:07View(mrc7cam)
Ski-Touring Skis
03/27/15Jackson Hole 20150327Jackson HoleView(dziedzicmj)
03/22/15Current Track: 22 MAR 2015 08:54Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/14/152015-02-14 09:47:23 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/15/152015-02-15 09:25:22 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/16/152015-02-16 08:55:23 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/21/152015-02-21 09:45:34 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/24/152015-02-24 08:37:08 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/22/152015-02-22 09:24:06 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/25/152015-02-25 09:37:07 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/14/152015-03-14 09:13:28 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/15/152015-03-15 09:15:11 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/21/152015-03-21 08:52:22 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/27/15Day 74 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/27/152015-03-27 16:42:58BrusonView(mrc7cam)
03/27/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/26/15Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
03/26/15Day 9 - 2014/2015SnowbirdView(abrehm)
03/26/152015-03-26 15:34:09Domaine de BalmeView(mrc7cam)
03/26/15Current Track: 26 MAR 2015 08:40Sunday RiverView(Joe_skier)
03/25/15Auto 25-MAR-15 09:17:09 AMSunday RiverView(Joe_skier)
03/26/15Day 73 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/26/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/25/15Day 22 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/25/15Day 72 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/21/15Day 71 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/20/15Day 70 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/25/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/24/15MAR-24-15 01:19:19 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/24/152015-03-24 15:33:48TellurideView(gpallaway)
03/24/15Current Track: 24 MAR 2015 08:30Sunday RiverView(Joe_skier)
03/24/152015-03-24 14:21:15View(mrc7cam)
Ski-Touring Skis
03/23/152015-03-23 15:01:30TellurideView(gpallaway)
03/23/15Current Track: 23 MAR 2015 09:10Sunday RiverView(Joe_skier)
03/23/152015-03-23 15:55:07View(mrc7cam)
Ski-Touring Skis
03/23/15La ThuilleLa ThuileView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/21/15Edelweiss 20150321View(dziedzicmj)
03/18/15Edelweiss 20150318View(dziedzicmj)
03/22/15Day 20 - Sun. Mar. 22 - w Ron/Joanie Gillian Ros/Don WalterWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Much better ski conditions today - both snow and visibility. Lunch at Roundhouse, then ski-out to CS Gondi to watch Djokovic and Federer on TV at Roland's Pub.
03/21/15Day 19 - Sat. Mar. 21 - Ski with Gillian and GerryWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Drove up in the morning. Variable visibility, incl. fog and clouds, and variable snow conditions - hard-packed, soft-packed, ice, slush. Hadn't skied in over a month (previous Feb. 18), so out-of-sorts. Skipped lunch, and downloaded to CS to watch tennis match on TV at Roland's Pub.
03/22/15MAR-22-15 12:34:10 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/22/152015-03-22 14:29:43TellurideView(gpallaway)
03/22/15Tracé actuel: 22 MARS 2015 11:26CourmayeurView(heppel)
03/22/15Zinal - GrimentzView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/21/152015-03-21 15:16:26TellurideView(gpallaway)
03/21/152015-03-21 14:46:13View(mrc7cam)
Ski Touring skis
03/21/15BrusonBrusonView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/20/15Day 21 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/20/152015-03-20 15:22:58TellurideView(gpallaway)
03/20/152015-03-20 15:34:58Domaine de BalmeView(mrc7cam)
03/20/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/19/15Current Track: 19 MAR 2015 09:16SnowbirdView(jonchristopher)
03/18/1503/18/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
03/19/15Skiing @ Copper Mountain, Copper Bowls Copper MountainView(tomboy)
03/19/152015-03-19 18:17:23ZermattView(mrc7cam)
03/18/152015-03-18 17:31:56ZermattView(mrc7cam)
03/19/152015-03-19 15:28:13TellurideView(gpallaway)
03/19/15Day 69 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/18/15Day 68 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/19/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/15/1515-MAR-15 SkiView(adamp)
03/18/15Vallee BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/17/15Keystone 17Mar2015KeystoneView(jb49)
03/17/152015-03-17 15:53:39CourmayeurView(mrc7cam)
03/17/15Day 67 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/17/15CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/05/1402-MAR-15 16:11:02Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(carveydm)
03/01/1504-MAR-15 08:46:49GrandvaliraView(carveydm)
03/04/1504-MAR-15 17:23:05GrandvaliraView(carveydm)
03/06/156-MAR-15 07:47:42GrandvaliraView(carveydm)
03/05/1505-MAR-15 16:00:04GrandvaliraView(carveydm)
03/07/1507-MAR-15 15:39:07GrandvaliraView(carveydm)
03/16/15Keystone 16Mar2015KeystoneView(jb49)
02/10/1502/10/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
03/16/1503/16/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
03/16/15Day 20 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/11/1503/11/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
03/03/1503/03/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
02/12/1502/12/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
02/23/1502/23/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
03/16/15Day 66 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/16/152015-03-16 16:12:08Brevent-FlegereView(mrc7cam)
03/16/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/13/15MAR-13-15 13:18:19View(JoanMiro)
03/15/15Mt. Tremblant 20150315TremblantView(dziedzicmj)
03/12/15MAR-12-15 16:25:01View(JoanMiro)
03/10/15MAR-11-15 16:09:25View(JoanMiro)
03/15/15Keystone 15Mar2015KeystoneView(jb49)
Afternoon/spring skiing. Temp in Keystone parking lot was 55 at 3:30 p.m. GPS quit on me again for ~45 min.
03/15/15Day 65 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/26/15Day 1 2014/2015Lech-ZursView(Jgurian)
03/15/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/15/15Current Track: 15 MAR 2015 08:09Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/14/15Keystone 14Mar2015KeystoneView(jb49)
Bluebird Day at Keystone. V and I took a level 7-9 lesson to help avoid the Saturday crowds.
03/13/15Day 32, Snowshoe, Teepee Creek, 03-13-15View(joelwhite1017)
A spring snowshoe up Teepee Creek.
03/06/15Snowmass Village OtherSnowmassView(rrwhiteprb)
03/05/15Snowmass Village OtherSnowmassView(rrwhiteprb)
03/04/15Snowmass Village OtherSnowmassView(rrwhiteprb)
03/03/15Snowmass Village OtherSnowmassView(rrwhiteprb)
03/02/15Snowmass Village OtherSnowmassView(rrwhiteprb)
03/02/15Aspen OtherSnowmassView(rrwhiteprb)
03/14/15Current Track: 14 MAR 2015 09:52SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
03/14/15Current Track: 14 MAR 2015 08:08Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/14/15Tracé actuel: 14 MARS 2015 10:27FlaineView(heppel)
03/13/15Day 3 - 2014/2015Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(morecja)
03/12/15Day 2 - 2014/2015Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(morecja)
03/11/15Day 1 - 2014/2015Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(morecja)
03/14/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/13/15Current Track: 13 MAR 2015 09:12Powder MountainView(jonchristopher)
03/13/15Keystone 3/13/15 partialKeystoneView(jb49)
GPS inadvertantly turned off for ~1 hour on this day. Missed 3 chair lifts and associated runs. Actual vertical for the day, according to "Epic Mix" came to 10 lifts and 16,618'
03/12/15Keystone 12Mar2015KeystoneView(jb49)
03/13/15Day 64 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/13/15Day 19 - 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/13/15Day 8 - 2014/2015LovelandView(abrehm)
03/13/15Tracé actuel: 13 MARS 2015 10:19FlaineView(heppel)
03/13/15Tour de SalesSamoens-Morillon-Les CarrozView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/13/1503/13/2015Blue Mountain OntarioView(kevin.wagner0)
03/13/15*Vail 03-10-15VailView(alkempf)
03/13/15*Vail 03-09-15VailView(alkempf)
03/13/15*Keystone 03-08-15KeystoneView(alkempf)
03/09/15Current Track: 09 MAR 2015 09:49VailView(jsarche)
03/12/15Tracé actuel: 12 MARS 2015 10:05FlaineView(heppel)
03/12/15Day 63 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/11/15Day 62 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/12/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/10/15Current Track: 10 MAR 2015 10:40Kitzbuhel-Kirchberg-GaisbergView(mr_spyder)
03/09/15Current Track: 09 MAR 2015 16:23Ellmau-GoingView(mr_spyder)
03/11/15Skiing @ A-Basin, A-Basin back side Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
03/11/15Tracé actuel: 11 MARS 2015 10:17FlaineView(heppel)
03/09/15Camp Fortune 20150309View(dziedzicmj)
03/07/15Camp Fortune 20150307View(dziedzicmj)
03/04/15Vorlage 20150304View(dziedzicmj)
03/10/15Day 18 - 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/10/15Day 61 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/10/15Tracé actuel: 10 MARS 2015 10:21FlaineView(heppel)
03/10/15MAR-10-15 17:59:59View(JoanMiro)
03/08/15MAR-09-15 18:49:00View(JoanMiro)
03/08/15MAR-08-15 17:51:01View(JoanMiro)
03/09/15Day 60 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/09/15Tracé actuel: 09 MARS 2015 10:29FlaineView(heppel)
03/09/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/08/15Current Track: 08 MAR 2015 11:34Kitzbuhel-Kirchberg-GaisbergView(mr_spyder)
03/07/15Current Track: 07 MAR 2015 16:32Ellmau-GoingView(mr_spyder)
03/08/15Day 59 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/08/15Tracé actuel: 08 MARS 2015 10:06FlaineView(heppel)
03/08/15Current Track: 08 MAR 2015 08:15Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/07/15Current Track: 07 MAR 2015 08:13KillingtonView(F.Delbalso)
03/08/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/07/152015-03-07 Talons with ChadBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
03/07/157th March. Day 7VailView(Snotsicle)
Warmer, much busier (Saturday) and snow getting slightly slushy on back-side of mountain. Front-side still nice.
03/07/15Current Track: 07 MAR 2015 08:23SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
03/07/15MAR-07-15 12:38:49 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/07/15Tracé actuel: 07 MARS 2015 10:40FlaineView(heppel)
03/07/15Current Track: 07 MAR 2015 07:57Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/03/15Day 1 2014/2015View(ghiro64)
03/07/15Dolomiten, Sella Ronda, 07.03.15Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/06/15Day 58 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/07/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/06/156th March. Day 6VailView(Snotsicle)
More of the same!
03/06/15Current Track: 06 MAR 2015 09:32Arapahoe BasinView(jsarche)
03/06/15Day 17 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/06/15Current Track: 06 MAR 2015 08:05Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/06/15Current Track: 06 MAR 2015 11:21Kitzbuhel-Kirchberg-GaisbergView(mr_spyder)
03/06/15Dolomiten, 2 x Sella Ronda orange, 06.03.15Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/06/15Steep Camps 5View(Alan Scowcroft)
03/05/15Skiing @ Copper Mountain, Copper Bowls Copper MountainView(tomboy)
03/05/155th March. Day 5VailView(Snotsicle)
Bluebird day
03/05/15Day 57 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/05/15Steep Camps 4VerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/05/15Dolomiten, Belvedere/Col Rosella, Ciampac/Buffaure, 05.03.15Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/04/15Current Track: 04 MAR 2015 11:39Kitzbuhel-Kirchberg-GaisbergView(mr_spyder)
03/04/15Day 56 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/04/15Dolomiten, Sella Ronda grün, Marmolade, St. Ulrich, 04.03.15Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/04/15Steep Camps 3VerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/03/15Current Track: 03 MAR 2015 10:30Kitzbuhel-Kirchberg-GaisbergView(mr_spyder)
03/03/153rd March. Day 4VailView(Snotsicle)
Powder day. Taking day off tomorrow due to tired legs!
03/03/15Day 16 - 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/03/15Current Track: 03 MAR 2015 07:50SnowmassView(jonchristopher)
03/03/15Dolomiten, Santa Croce, Kronplatz, 03.03.15Val di FassaView(akxak)
03/03/15Steep Camps 2Brevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/02/15Camp Fortune 20150302View(dziedzicmj)
02/28/15Camp Fortune 20150228View(dziedzicmj)
03/02/152nd March. Day 3VailView(Snotsicle)
Quite a bit warmer today and lower-snowpack getting slightly sticky, but still very nice.
02/27/15Current Track: 27 FEB 2015 08:34StoweView(Joe_skier)
02/26/15Current Track: 26 FEB 2015 08:44StoweView(Joe_skier)
03/02/15Dolomiten, St. Ulrich, 02.03.15Val di FassaView(akxak)
02/28/1528th February. Day 1VailView(Snotsicle)
Lovely sunny day. Snow perfect.
03/01/151st March. Day 2VailView(Snotsicle)
Much the same as yesterday.
03/01/15MAR-01-15 01:42:12 PMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
03/01/152015-03-01 Keystone solo mini powKeystoneView(ronskis)
03/01/15MAR-01-15 01:37:31 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/28/152015-02-28 Hearn at soft BCBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
03/01/15Steep Camps 1View(Alan Scowcroft)
03/01/15Dolomiten, Sella Ronda, 01.03.15Val di FassaView(akxak)
02/28/15Current Track: 28 FEB 2015 08:04KillingtonView(F.Delbalso)
02/28/152015-02-28 14:24:48WhitetailView(gpallaway)
02/28/15Tracé actuel: 28 FEV 2015 10:20FlaineView(heppel)
02/27/15FEB-27-15 02:32:28 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/28/15Dolomiten, Sella Ronda, 28.02.15Val di FassaView(akxak)
02/24/15Day 7 - 2014/2015AltaView(Breakwater)
02/22/15Day 6 - 2014/2015SnowbasinView(Breakwater)
02/21/15Day 5 - 2014/2015Powder MountainView(Breakwater)
02/25/15Day 8 - 2014/2015SnowbirdView(Breakwater)
02/26/15Day 9 - 2014/2015BrightonView(Breakwater)
02/27/152015-02-27T14:09:35ZSunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/27/15Current Track: 27 FEB 2015 09:03KillingtonView(F.Delbalso)
02/27/15Day 6 2014/2015AltaView(Jgurian)
02/27/15Day 7 - 2014/2015Copper MountainView(abrehm)
02/27/15Day 15 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/26/15Camp Fortune 20150226View(dziedzicmj)
02/26/15Day 31, MB-BS, 02-26=15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing glades by myself.
02/26/15Day 54 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/25/15Camp Fortune 20150225View(dziedzicmj)
02/26/15Jay Peak Day 4Jay PeakView(sclarsky)
02/25/15Jay Peak Day 3Jay PeakView(sclarsky)
02/24/15Jay Peak Day 2Jay PeakView(sclarsky)
02/23/15Jay Peak Day 1Jay PeakView(sclarsky)
02/26/15PosettesDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/25/15Day 30, Telemark Meadow - Sinkhole, 02-25-15View(joelwhite1017)
A great back-country ski with Laurie, Tom, Tom Hoover and my Sweetie
02/25/15Day 14 - 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/24/15Auto 24-FEB-15 10:36:55 AMStoweView(Joe_skier)
02/25/15Current Track: 25 FEB 2015 08:34StoweView(Joe_skier)
02/25/15Current Track: 25 FEB 2015 09:01Arapahoe BasinView(jonchristopher)
02/25/15Day 53 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/25/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/22/152015-02-22 Cold and empty KeystoneKeystoneView(ronskis)
02/21/152015-02-21 Big Breck snowBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
02/07/152015-02-07 BC World CupBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
02/24/15Current Track: 24 FEB 2015 08:46Copper MountainView(jonchristopher)
02/24/15Day 29, Moonlight-Big Sky, 02-24-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Another great day of skiing with the 70+ Ski Club and my Sweetie
02/24/15Day 52 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/23/15Current Track: 23 FEB 2015 09:36BreckenridgeView(jonchristopher)
02/23/15Day 28, MB-BS, 02-23-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
A fantastic day of skiing with the 70+ Ski Club and my Sweetie.
02/23/15Current Track: 23 FEB 2015 09:16StoweView(Joe_skier)
02/23/15Day 51 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/22/15Day 50 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/22/15Camp Fortune 20150222View(dziedzicmj)
02/22/152015-02-22 18:16:18Jay PeakView(gpallaway)
02/22/15Day 6 - 2014/2015EldoraView(abrehm)
02/22/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/21/15FEB-21-15 02:37:26 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/21/15Day 27, Moonlight Basin-Big Sky, 02-21-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing the Pow with my Sweetie.
02/21/15Vail Resort Skiing/SnowboardingVailView(cokerlegal)
02/21/152015-02-21 16:24:15Jay PeakView(gpallaway)
02/20/15Day 49 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/20/15Day 26, Moonlight Basin, 02-20-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Several inches of new snow.
02/20/15Vail Resort Skiing/SnowboardingVailView(cokerlegal)
02/20/15Pointe RondeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/19/15Vail Resort Skiing/SnowboardingVailView(cokerlegal)
02/19/15Day 48 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/19/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/18/15Vorlage 20150218View(dziedzicmj)
02/18/15Day 18 - Wed. Feb. 18 - w Sarah, Greg, and FrankWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Bluebird day. Met Sarah, Greg, and Frank at Roundhouse Light Board. Took Marmot to Harmony Express for 3 laps of Burnt Stew, then as soon as Symphony Express opened, headed over for 3 laps of Adagio and Jeff's Ode to Joy. Then skied Burnt Stew and Sidewinder to bottom of Garbanzo. Took Garbanzo to Chick Pea for lunch on the patio with the Whiskey Jacks. Then took Papoose to Pony Trail to download Creekside Gondi, while they continued on to download from Olympic Station.
02/17/15Day 17 - Tues. Feb. 17 - Day 2 of 2-day Private LessonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Met Clare and Maya at Westin at 9:00. 5 runs on SuperCarpet and 1 on Olympic Chair. Lunch at Roundhouse starting 12:00. Around 1:45, downloaded to Olympic for 2 runs on Olympic Chair. Clare skipped the last run to take video of Maya and me skiing down from Mid Olympic Run.
02/18/15Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
02/18/15Day 47 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/17/15Day 46 2014/2015 missed 5 runsSunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/18/15Leysin - PillonLeysinView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/18/15Current Track: 18 FEB 2015 08:30SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
02/16/15ACTIVE LOG: 16 FEB 2015 10:38Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/17/15Current Track: 17 FEB 2015 08:52SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
02/16/15Day 25, Moonlight Basin, 02-16-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
A couple of runs with my Sweetie.
02/17/15Col du PillonVillars-Gryon-Diablerets-Glacier 3000View(Alan Scowcroft)
02/16/15Camp Fortune 20150216View(dziedzicmj)
02/16/15Day 16 - Mon. Feb. 16 - Full-Day 1 of 2 Day Private LessonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Family and friends from California with me and Dominique (pro) from Sutton, Que. My initial assignment was 3 girls - 8, 10 and 10, registered as Level 4. Turns out the 8 had great difficulty sidestepping even short distances uphill at the Olympic flats, so not really able to determine whether she was able to come to a controlled stop. Dominique circled by with mother of the 8, so he took the 2 10s to carpet then Magic Chair. I decided to let 8 carry her skis to the little carpet at the base of Olympic Chair. Took it and determined that she could make controlled stops sufficient for Super Carpet terrain, so she, mother and I went there for 3-4 laps. She did fine stopping, and some OK linked turns, including a slalom run. After 12:30 lunch at Roundhouse, the 3 of us returned to the carpet for 4 more runs. Very happy.
02/16/15201502168_Etienne_TrackerLes ArcsView(gpspassion)
02/16/15Grands MontetsLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/15/15Day 15 - Sat. Feb. 15 - Half-Day AM Private - Level 2Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Family of 10 from Panama. Nestor, wife, x-wife?, and 8 kids. Mother and daughter decided not to take lesson, so stayed in village. I took Nestor, Carlos (10), and Ximena (7). Just a few runs on SuperCarpet, while Jack (also from Max4 Whistler) took 5 onto Olympic Chair.
02/15/15Day 46 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/15/15ACTIVE LOG: 15 FEB 2015 10:30Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/14/15ACTIVE LOG: 14 FEB 2015 10:16Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/12/15Current Track: 12 FEB 2015 09:47WhitetailView(Joe_skier)
02/15/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/14/15Day 14 - Sat. Feb. 14 - Morning session w Andrew - ski AMWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Sunny but very icy up top, slush from about 1/2 way below Olympic Stn. to village. Andrew's focus today - stance and balance. "Flying V", like javelin turns, but turning inside ski over outside ski to ensure proper position of hips relative to track. Also 1,000 hops exercise, and shuffling feet while skiing exercise. Quads very tired from ski-out in slush. Was scheduled for privates standby, but RTP didn't show this very well. Daphne introduced me to "Hanneke", hut captn for privates. Didn't get a morning assignment, so skied with Doug and Rod. Doug showed drill for low stance - without poles, hands facing palm-forward. Rod showed Cam's tip - hand on head to press down to proper low stance before starting run. Nice visual. Doug also did Scotty's skis-off, jump from hill to land in low-athletic stance instinctively. Lunch outside at Chick Pea, then ski out. I should have downloaded from Olympic, as quads were kaput from slush below. No PM assignment, so headed home for bath and ca
02/14/15FEB-14-15 12:50:00 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/14/15Day 45 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/14/15Day 4 - 2014/2015View(Breakwater)
02/14/15Current Track: 14 FEB 2015 08:26Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/14/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/14/15*Big Sky 02-11-15Big SkyView(alkempf)
02/14/15*Big Sky 02-10-15Big SkyView(alkempf)
02/14/15*Big Sky 02-09-15Big SkyView(alkempf)
02/14/15*Big Sky 2-08-15Big SkyView(alkempf)
02/14/15*Jackson Hole 02-07-15Jackson HoleView(alkempf)
02/14/15*Jackson Hole 02-06-15View(alkempf)
02/01/15Current Track: 01 FEB 2015 09:15Arapahoe BasinView(jsarche)
02/13/15School's Out SkiingLovelandView(JWHohman)
02/13/15Day 5 - 2014/2015Copper MountainView(abrehm)
02/13/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/13/15Current Track: 13 FEB 2015 08:57KillingtonView(F.Delbalso)
02/13/15Day 44 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/13/15Current Track: 13 FEB 2015 10:44Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/12/15Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
02/12/15FEB-12-15 02:09:35 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/12/15Day 13 - 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/12/15Current Track: 12 FEB 2015 09:07OkemoView(F.Delbalso)
02/12/15Current Track: 12 FEB 2015 08:46SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
02/12/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/11/15FEB-12-15 16:17:12Alpe d'HuezView(JoanMiro)
02/10/15FEB-11-15 23:49:09Alpe d'HuezView(JoanMiro)
02/09/15FEB-10-15 16:34:14Alpe d'HuezView(JoanMiro)
02/09/15FEB-09-15 15:35:27Alpe d'HuezView(JoanMiro)
02/11/15Day 12 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/11/15Current Track: 11 FEB 2015 08:55The CanyonsView(jonchristopher)
02/09/15ACTIVE LOG 016Big SkyView(kirkland)
02/07/15ACTIVE LOG 008Big SkyView(kirkland)
02/11/15Day 43 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(CTbill)
02/11/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/10/15Killington OtherKillingtonView(rrwhiteprb)
02/10/15FEB-10-15 01:19:24 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/10/15Day 11 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/10/15Day 42 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(CTbill)
02/10/15Toula GlacierCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/08/15Killington OtherKillingtonView(rrwhiteprb)
02/09/15Killington OtherKillingtonView(rrwhiteprb)
02/09/15Day 41 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(CTbill)
02/09/15Day 40 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(CTbill)
02/08/15Day 39 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(CTbill)
02/09/15Mont de l'ArpilleView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/08/15Copper MountainCopper MountainView(JWHohman)
02/07/15North Creek OtherGore MountainView(rrwhiteprb)
02/08/15Tracé actuel: 08 FEV 2015 10:02FlaineView(heppel)
02/08/15Current Track: 08 FEB 2015 08:13Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/08/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/07/15Day 38 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/07/15Current Track: 07 FEB 2015 07:56Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/07/15Tracé actuel: 07 FEV 2015 10:23FlaineView(heppel)
02/06/15Skiing @ Vail Front Side, Vail - OpenPisteMap 2012, Vail back bowls, Vail Blue SVailView(tomboy)
02/05/15Skiing @ Beaver Creek 2012 Beaver CreekView(tomboy)
02/07/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/07/15Zillertal, Hochzillertal, Hochfügen, 07.02.2015View(akxak)
02/06/15ACTIVE LOG: 06 FEB 2015 09:43Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
02/06/15ACTIVE LOGBig SkyView(kirkland)
02/06/1502/06/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
02/06/15Day 37 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/05/15Zillertal, Hochzillertal, Hochfügen, 06.02.2015View(akxak)
02/06/15Couloir PhillipeLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/05/15ACTIVE LOGBig SkyView(kirkland)
02/05/1502/05/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
02/04/1502/04/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
02/05/15Current Track: 05 FEB 2015 08:59SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
02/05/15ACTIVE LOG: 05 FEB 2015 10:15Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/05/15Day 36 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/05/15Zillertal, Königsleiten, Gerlos, 05.02.15View(akxak)
02/04/15ACTIVE LOG: 04 FEB 2015 10:24Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/05/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/04/15Day 24, Moonlight Basin, 02-04-15Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie, and then Bev.
02/04/15ACTIVE LOG 001Big SkyView(kirkland)
02/01/15Day 3 - 2014/2015Cannon MountainView(Breakwater)
02/04/15Day 10 - 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/04/15Day 35 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/04/15Zillertal, Zell a.Z., Königsleiten, 04.02.15View(akxak)
02/04/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/01/15Current Track: 01 FEB 2015 12:00Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
01/31/15Current Track: 31 JAN 2015 10:20Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
01/24/152015-01-24 09:43:14 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
01/18/152015-01-18 08:47:06 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
01/17/152015-01-17 09:43:52 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
01/11/152015-01-11 09:00:47 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
01/10/152015-01-10 09:37:53 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/03/15Day 23, Moonlight Basin, 02-03-15Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie, Pam and Dave. Saw Bob and Ann.
02/03/15ACTIVE LOG: 03 FEB 2015 09:55Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/03/15Day 9 - 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/03/15ACTIVE LOGBig SkyView(kirkland)
02/03/15Day 34 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/03/15Zillertal, Zell a.Z., Königsleiten, Gerlos, 03.02.15View(akxak)
01/04/09ACTIVE LOG154924Deer ValleyView(cwenrich)
02/02/152015-02-02 AM1Park City MountainView(cwenrich)
02/03/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/02/15ACTIVE LOG 001Big SkyView(kirkland)
02/02/15Day 22, Moonlight Basin, 02-02-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie.
02/02/15ACTIVE LOG: 02 FEB 2015 10:11Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/02/15Day 33 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/01/15Day 32 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/31/15Day 31 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/01/152015-02-01 AMDeer ValleyView(cwenrich)
02/01/15Day 13 - Sun. Feb. 1 - Ski with Ron (missed morning session)Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Approx. 8 cm fresh and snowing on and off throughout the day. Rain in the village. Passed MVA on Hwy 99 at the bottom of Nordic Drive. Temp. around 0 degrees, so traction bad. Couldn't get into P7 due to sliding, so skipped morning session and parked in Lot 4. Ron says to stay lower and more in front ("shin contact", not pressure). Drag poles to get more angulation. Initiate with inside ski to carve 2 pencil lines.
02/02/15Zillertal, Mayerhofen, 02.02.2015View(akxak)
02/02/15Foret VertDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/01/15ACTIVE LOG 001Big SkyView(kirkland)
02/01/15Day 21, Moonlight Basin, 02-01-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Snow for the last hour.
02/01/1502/01/2015Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/31/15JAN-31-15 01:33:35 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/01/15Zillertal, Hochzillertal, Hochfügen, 01.02.2015View(akxak)
02/01/15Foret VertDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/31/152015-01-31 602914BreckenridgeView(ronskis)
01/25/152015-01-25 The Canyons!The CanyonsView(ronskis)
01/24/152015-01-24 585587Park City MountainView(ronskis)
01/18/152015-01-18 MLK at KeystoneKeystoneView(ronskis)
01/11/152015-01-11 Snowy BC with TaylorBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
01/10/152015-01-Breck with CarolinaBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
01/04/152015-01-04 Keystone KoldKeystoneView(ronskis)
01/03/152015-01-03 Powdery quiet VailVailView(ronskis)
01/02/152015-01-02 Regular Breck crowdBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
01/31/15Day 12 - Sat. Jan. 31 - AM session with Paul - Ski w RonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Bullet-proof ice, and corn snow. Safety ski session with Paul. Also in class Marlene, Steve, Rob (Meunster, Germany), and Mickey. Skied Raven, Old Crow with Ron, then did Emerald and P2P and skied Blackcomb for the rest of the day. Safety points: Don't CATCH guests. Before looking back at student while skiing, check ahead, then go into snowplow.
01/31/1501/31/2015Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/31/15Current Track: 31 JAN 2015 10:28SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
01/31/152015-01-31 14:59:33WhitetailView(gpallaway)
01/31/15Zillertal, Hochzillertal, Hochfügen, 31.01.2015View(akxak)
01/30/15Current Track: 30 JAN 2015 08:51KillingtonView(Joe_skier)
01/30/15Day 30 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/18/15Tracé actuel: 18 JAN 2015 10:26FlaineView(heppel)
01/29/15A-Basin Guys DayArapahoe BasinView(JWHohman)
01/29/15Day 20, Specimen Creek, 01-28-15View(joelwhite1017)
A back country ski up Specimen Creek with Jean, Diane and Peter.
01/29/15Current Track: 29 JAN 2015 09:12OkemoView(Joe_skier)
01/29/15Day 8 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
01/29/15liberty2015-01-29 14:08:33View(gpallaway)
01/28/15Camp Fortune 20150128View(dziedzicmj)
01/28/15Current Track: 28 JAN 2015 08:14StrattonView(Joe_skier)
01/28/15Day 19, Moonlight BasinMoonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Another warm day. Skiing with Jean and Cathy.
01/28/15CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/27/15Current Track: 27 JAN 2015 08:35StrattonView(Joe_skier)
01/26/15Current Track: 26 JAN 2015 08:43StrattonView(Joe_skier)
01/27/15Current Track: 27 JAN 2015 09:21SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
01/26/15Camp Fortune 20150126View(dziedzicmj)
01/27/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/25/15JAN-25-15 02:27:17 PMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
01/26/15Day 18, MLB-BS, 01-26-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing on a WARM day with Jean, Kathy and Sterling.
01/25/15Eldora SkiingEldoraView(JWHohman)
01/26/15Current Track: 26 JAN 2015 09:09Park City MountainView(jonchristopher)
01/26/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/25/15Crochues-BerardBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/24/15JAN-24-15 02:59:10 PMMt BachelorView(Mach5)
01/23/15JAN-23-15 01:40:38 PMMt BachelorView(Mach5)
01/25/152015-01-25 15:19:28WhitetailView(gpallaway)
01/25/15Champion OtherSeven SpringsView(rrwhiteprb)
01/25/15Camp Fortune 20150125View(dziedzicmj)
01/25/15Current Track: 25 JAN 2015 08:05Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/24/15Morning ActivityCourchevel-La TaniaView(malcolmfrost)
01/24/15Day 4 - 2014/2015Winter ParkView(abrehm)
01/24/15Vail Day 6VailView(sclarsky)
01/23/15Vail Day 5VailView(sclarsky)
01/24/15Day 17, MLB, 01-24-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
A great day at Moonlight.
01/24/15Hidden Valley OtherView(rrwhiteprb)
01/24/15Current Track: 24 JAN 2015 08:43SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
01/24/15Current Track: 24 JAN 2015 08:32Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/24/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/23/15VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/22/15Skiing @ Keystone KeystoneView(tomboy)
01/23/15Day 7 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
01/23/15Day 29 2014/2015Big SkyView(CTbill)
01/23/15Day 6 2014/2015La PlagneView(Mech)
01/22/15Day 16, Fawn Pass Trail, 01-22-15View(joelwhite1017)
Ski with Jean, Barbara and Ben. (No Jeff :-(
01/22/15Vali Day 4VailView(sclarsky)
01/21/15Vail Day 3VailView(sclarsky)
01/22/15Day 6 - 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
01/22/15Day 28 2014/2015Big SkyView(CTbill)
01/22/15Day 5 2014/2015La PlagneView(Mech)
01/22/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/21/15*Vail Jan 18 2015VailView(alkempf)
01/21/15*Vail Jan 19 2015VailView(alkempf)
01/21/15*Vail Jan 20 2015VailView(alkempf)
01/21/15*Aspen Jan 17 2015View(alkempf)
01/21/15Current Track: 21 JAN 2015 08:34SnowbirdView(jonchristopher)
01/21/15Day 5 - 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
01/21/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/21/15Day 4 2014/2015La PlagneView(Mech)
01/20/15Day 3 2014/2015La PlagneView(Mech)
01/19/15Day 2 2014/2015La PlagneView(Mech)
01/20/15Vail Day 2VailView(sclarsky)
almost 8" overnight, great POW day! Tired!
01/19/15Vail Day 1VailView(sclarsky)
No new snow for a while, bumps were no fun, stick to groomers :(
01/20/15JAN-20-15 01:25:37 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
01/20/15Day 27 2014/2015Big SkyView(CTbill)
01/20/15VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/18/15Loveland SkiingLovelandView(JWHohman)
01/18/15Current Track: 18 JAN 2015 10:07VailView(jsarche)
01/18/15Current Track: 18 JAN 2015 10:07VailView(jsarche)
01/17/15Current Track: 17 JAN 2015 10:45Arapahoe BasinView(jsarche)
01/19/15Day 26 2014/2015Big SkyView(CTbill)
01/18/15Day 2 - 2014/2015SugarbushView(Breakwater)
01/19/15Current Track: 19 JAN 2015 08:21Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/19/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/18/15Day 15, up the Teepee Creek TrailView(joelwhite1017)
today was a walk up the Teepee Creek Trail with Jean and Rocky. Day 14 was a trip to the Rendezvous Trails in West Yellowstone. Did the Rendezvous Trail. forgot my GPS!
12/28/142014-12-28 09:00:23 AutoMt BakerView(btower)
01/17/15Current Track: 17 JAN 2015 08:52Mt BakerView(btower)
01/18/15*January 11th 2015 KillingtonKillingtonView(F.Delbalso)
01/18/15Current Track: 18 JAN 2015 08:23KillingtonView(F.Delbalso)
01/18/15Current Track: 18 JAN 2015 08:02Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/18/15Day 1 2014/2015La PlagneView(Mech)
01/18/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/17/152015-01-17-CopperCopper MountainView(richsw)
12/29/142014-12-29-CopperCopper MountainView(richsw)
01/17/15Current Track: 17 JAN 2015 08:20KillingtonView(F.Delbalso)
01/17/15Avoriaz Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(qpan)
01/10/15JAN-10-15 12:19:39 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
01/17/15Current Track: 17 JAN 2015 08:24SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
01/17/15Day 25 2014/2015Grand TargheeView(CTbill)
01/17/15liberty2015-01-17 16:46:20View(gpallaway)
01/17/152015-01-17 16:37:55Alpe d'HuezView(mrc7cam)
01/17/15Current Track: 17 JAN 2015 08:05Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/16/15Day 3 - 2014/2015Copper MountainView(abrehm)
01/10/15Champagny to ChamberyLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
01/09/15Champagny 2015 FriLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
01/08/15Champagny 2015 ThurLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
01/07/15Champagny 2015 WendLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
01/06/15Champagny 2015 TuesLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
01/05/15Champagny 2015 MonLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
01/04/15Champagny 2015 SunLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
01/03/15Road Trip to ChampagnyView(paulbullas)
01/17/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/16/15Day 24 2014/2015 missed 3 runsGrand TargheeView(CTbill)
01/16/15Current Track: 16 JAN 2015 08:28Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/16/15JAN-16-15 18:40:14Les ArcsView(JoanMiro)
01/15/15JAN-15-15 11:55:37Les ArcsView(JoanMiro)
01/14/15JAN-14-15 17:26:18View(JoanMiro)
01/16/152015-01-16 15:47:15Alpe d'HuezView(mrc7cam)
01/15/152015-01-15 17:01:30Alpe d'HuezView(mrc7cam)
01/14/152015-01-14 16:30:47Alpe d'HuezView(mrc7cam)
01/16/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/15/152015-01-15 15:35:54WhitetailView(gpallaway)
01/15/15CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/14/15Skiing @ Copper Mountain, Copper Bowls Copper MountainView(tomboy)
01/13/15JAN-14-15 17:26:18View(JoanMiro)
01/11/15JAN-13-15 20:27:55View(JoanMiro)
01/11/15JAN-11-15 17:59:38Les ArcsView(JoanMiro)
01/14/15Day 23 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/14/15BreventBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/13/1501/13/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
01/12/1501/12/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
01/13/15Current Track: 13 JAN 2015 08:53SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
01/13/15Day 22 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/13/15Current Track: 13 JAN 2015 09:31Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
01/09/14Current Track: 09 JAN 2014 08:24 001Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
01/07/152015-01-07 09:44:04 WeekSilver StarView(mikesmegabits)
12/28/142014-12-28 09:02:29 WeekSilver StarView(mikesmegabits)
01/13/152015-01-13 16:35:15Alpe d'HuezView(mrc7cam)
01/12/152015-01-12 16:46:14Alpe d'HuezView(mrc7cam)
01/11/152015-01-11 16:19:06Alpe d'HuezView(mrc7cam)
01/10/152015-01-10 16:06:48Alpe d'HuezView(mrc7cam)
01/13/15VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/12/15Current Track: 12 JAN 2015 09:30 - SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
01/12/15Day 21 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/12/15PosettesDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/11/15Day 20 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/09/15Day 12, Fawn Pass Trail, 01-09-15View(joelwhite1017)
A Back Country ski with Jean, Peggy, Bob, Howard, Debbie and Mike.
01/10/15Day 13, MLB_BS 01-10-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Howard and Mike.
01/11/152015-01-11 14:41:42WhitetailView(gpallaway)
01/11/15*10/14/2014Val Thorens-OrelleView(bhowarth)
01/11/15*01/07/2015Val Thorens-OrelleView(bhowarth)
01/11/15*01/06/2015Val Thorens-OrelleView(bhowarth)
01/11/15*01/06/2015Val Thorens-OrelleView(bhowarth)
01/11/15*01/05/2015Courchevel-La TaniaView(bhowarth)
01/11/15*01/05/2015Val Thorens-OrelleView(bhowarth)
01/10/1501/10/2015Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/10/15Current Track: 10 JAN 2015 08:29KillingtonView(F.Delbalso)
01/03/15Okemo Day 3OkemoView(sclarsky)
01/02/15Okemo Day 2OkemoView(sclarsky)
01/01/15Okemo Day 1OkemoView(sclarsky)
01/10/15Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
01/10/15Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, 10.01.2015Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
aborted due to clouds and terrible piste situation
01/09/1501/09/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
01/07/1501/07/2015Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
12/22/1412/22/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
12/18/1412/18/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
12/15/1412/15/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
01/09/15Day 19 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/09/152015-01-09 14:30:01WhitetailView(gpallaway)
01/09/15Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, Val Thorens, 09.01.2015Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/08/15Current Track: 08 JAN 2015 09:09Jackson HoleView(jonchristopher)
01/08/15Day 18 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/08/15Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, Val Thorens, Orelle, 08.01.2015Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/07/15Day 11, MLB-BS 01-07-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Howard, Deb, Mike, Dawn, John and Jean.
01/07/15Current Track: 07 JAN 2015 08:35 - Grand TargheeView(jonchristopher)
01/07/15Day 17 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/07/15Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, Meribel, Courchevel, 07.01.2015Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
+ Val Thorens
01/06/15Day 10, MLB 01-06-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Jean, Howard, Mike, Dawn and John
01/06/15Day 16 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/06/15Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, Val Thorens, Orelle, 06.01.2015Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/05/15Camp Fortune 20150105View(dziedzicmj)
01/05/15Current Track: 05 JAN 2015 09:31BreckenridgeView(discgolf22)
01/03/15Current Track: 03 JAN 2015 09:23View(discgolf22)
01/05/15Current Track: 05 JAN 2015 09:31BreckenridgeView(discgolf22)
01/03/15Current Track: 03 JAN 2015 09:23View(discgolf22)
01/02/152015-01-02 09:45:20 AutoBreckenridgeView(discgolf22)
12/28/142014-12-28 06:32:56 AutoView(discgolf22)
01/05/15Day 15 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/05/15Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, Meribel, 05.01.2015Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/04/1501/04/2015Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/03/15JAN-03-15 02:15:31 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
01/02/15JAN-02-15 01:15:52 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
01/04/15Day 14 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/03/15Current Track: 03 JAN 2015 08:07KillingtonView(F.Delbalso)
01/03/152015-01-04 11:07:01Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
01/02/152015-01-02 08:39:24 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
01/01/152015-01-01 09:27:34 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/31/142014-12-31 11:29:38 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/30/142014-12-30 09:37:23 AutoSunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
01/04/15Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, 04.01.2015Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/03/1501/03/2015Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/03/15Camp Fortune 20150103View(dziedzicmj)
01/03/15Current Track: 03 JAN 2015 08:14Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/03/15Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, La Masse, Meribel, 03.01.2015Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
12/31/142015-01-02 18:14:17WhitetailView(gpallaway)
01/02/15Current Track: 02 JAN 2015 09:29SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
01/02/15Day 13 2014/2015 missed 1 runSunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/02/15Camp Fortune 20150102View(dziedzicmj)
01/02/15Current Track: 02 JAN 2015 08:11Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/02/15Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, Val Thorens, 02.01.2015Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
01/01/15Tracé actuel: 01 JAN 2015 10:44FlaineView(heppel)
12/31/14Day 9 - Wed. Dec. 31 AM Session with Wayne - AM ski w...Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
NEW WAX (with Ron at Cam's) Scheduled to teach, but told by Paul at AM session to report at 12:30, then called off for afternoon after arriving at base. AM session with Wayne from Manley Beach. Braquage first drill: Me - "look up". Then pedal motion to initiate turn (pedal down with uphill (new outside) ski while unweighting downhill (inside) ski. Then skied for morning with Ros, Russell, Jacek, and Neil. Skied Harmony and Symphony for the first time this season. Neil's wife, Debbie, joined Jacek and me for lunch.
01/01/15Day 9, MLB 01-01-15Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie and Pam - until the revelers woke up and had breakfast.
01/01/1501/01/2015Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/21/142014-12-21 PreXMAS PowderKeystoneView(ronskis)
12/20/142014-12-20 Always good BCBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
12/19/142014-12-19 Ereck Family 4BreckenridgeView(ronskis)
12/06/142014-12-06 Hearn at BreckBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
11/23/142014-11-23 Key First PowKeystoneView(ronskis)
11/22/142014-11-22 Breck First DayBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
11/09/142014-11-09 Keystone Day UnoKeystoneView(ronskis)
01/01/15Current Track: 01 JAN 2015 08:11Gore MountainView(bait57man)
01/01/15Day 12 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
01/01/15Breckenridge Resort SnowboardingBreckenridgeView(cokerlegal)
12/31/14Breckenridge Resort SnowboardingBreckenridgeView(cokerlegal)
01/01/15Day 13 - 2014/2015FlaineView(Molarius)
01/01/15Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, Meribel, Courchevel, 01.01.2015Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
12/31/14Current Track: 31 DEC 2014 09:34 - Winter ParkView(jonchristopher)
12/31/14DEC-31-14 01:36:25 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
12/31/1412/31/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/31/14Day 11 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/31/14Current Track: 31 DEC 2014 08:20Gore MountainView(bait57man)
12/31/14Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, Meribel, Courchevel, 31.12.2015Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
12/31/14Day 12 - 2014/2015FlaineView(Molarius)
12/30/14Day 8 - Tues. Dec. 30 AM Session w Tony PM 1/2 day Level 1Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
-11 C at top, to start, but later strong inversion. Bluebird. Tony Xu led 8 of us: Gillian, Roz, Neil, (Rod from Squamish?) + 2 more. Practiced assessment and development. Early lunch with Jacek at Chickpea. Level 1 lesson in the afternoon with Diane from Western Australia, Bonnie from Lower Mainland, and two friends - Vicky and Fiona - Chinese students on visas studying at Simon Fraser. By end of lesson, class was attempting linked turns, with varying degrees of success. Got skis waxed with Ron at Cam's place. Met Graham (North Vancouver tennis), Whistler Alpine (privates?) in gondola to Base 2, then again at Cam's.
12/30/1412/30/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/30/14Day 10 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/30/14Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, Val Thorens, 30.12.2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
12/30/14Day 11 - 2014/2015FlaineView(Molarius)
12/29/14Day 7 - Mon. Dec. 29 - AM session w Bart, FD Level 2 classWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Cold -18, bluebird, no wind. Bart discussed using hips to control heels, and using minimal effort to initiate the turn. Andrew later stressed heels feel the balance through the 3rd phase of the turn. Bart says beginners are usually too far forward, and should be told to feel the pressure in the heel. Monica and Cathy arrived late again, and were joined by Kelli from Seattle. We got on the gondola at 10:20. At first, it looked like Kelli would be too far behind, and would not be able to handle the Super Carpet, as she had trouble with stepping uphill. Her first time skiing was the night before on Cypress, so this was her first lesson. Although she struggled with pushing along on the flats, she was able to stop and turn on the carpet run. Cathy got too cold, and had to step inside for about 10 minutes or so. Blacks Pub was slow to seat us. We ended with some turns down the side hill at about 3:15. No problem for Cathy, but Kelli leaned back and fell first 2 times, and Monica had diffi
12/29/14Day 9 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/29/14Breckenridge Holiday Trip 2014BreckenridgeView(cokerlegal)
12/28/14Breckenridge Holiday Trip 2014BreckenridgeView(cokerlegal)
12/29/14Day 10 - 2014/2015FlaineView(Molarius)
12/29/14Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, Val Thorens, Orelle, 29.12.2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(akxak)
12/28/14Day 6 - Sun. Dec. 28. AM Session w Michael, all-day Level 1Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Session - skidding almost into Phase 3, then setting edge after skidding through fall-line. Started Level 1 class late. Monica from Columbia, now Tampa, and daughter Cathy, from Orlando. Joined by Michelle from Seattle from Steve's group. 3 runs on carpet at end of day, finishing lesson at 3:30. Monica and Cathy returning for Days 2 and 3. Michelle trying to get off work to continue to stay in Whistler.
12/28/1412/28/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/28/14ACTIVE LOG114931Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/27/14ACTIVE LOG110504Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/26/14ACTIVE LOG111814Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/25/14ACTIVE LOG111552Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/24/14ACTIVE LOG113016Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/23/14ACTIVE LOG104835Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/22/14ACTIVE LOG112621Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/21/14ACTIVE LOG105825Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/20/14ACTIVE LOG120724Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/28/1428th December. Lake LouiseLake LouiseView(Snotsicle)
Final day skiing. A bit brighter & less busy than yesterday. Front-side icy, back-side rocky.
12/28/14Day 8 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/28/14Trois Vallees, Les Menuires, 28.12.2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(akxak)
12/28/14Day 9 - 2014/2015FlaineView(Molarius)
12/27/14Day 8 - 2014/2015FlaineView(Molarius)
12/27/14Day 5 - Sat. Dec 27 AM Session with Michael, AM ski w AndrewWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Was scheduled to teach, but overstaffed. Paul asked PT Base Podders to ski with Michael, and report at 10:00 instead of 9:30. 5 of us went with Michael - Gillian, Tony Xu, Neil from London, ON, and Rod from Garibaldi Heights (Squamish). With Michael, focus of session was on letting the tips drop into fall line, as opposed to forcing them to point down with muscular effort from lower body. Michael had to leave to pick up a student after 1st run, so Tony led the 4 of us in practicing assessment and development. Gillian found that I was not getting lateral balance over outside ski, so suggested I try to bring uphill pole grip hand more around (pointing downhill). Tony suggested skiing on one ski. I noticed Gillian being impatient in starting and completing turn. Suggested to her that she count 1-2-3. Also skied with dragging poles to improve angulation. With Andrew, we went to BK and skied Easy Out using snow plow for first part. Took Catskinner up and skied with Gillian to village. Took
12/21/14Day 4 - Sun. Dec. 21 AM Session with Cam - PM Level 1 lessonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Drove up Saturday afternoon, having returned from Hawaii at midnight on Friday. Showed up for AM Session without uniform, and Andrew asked if I could teach in the afternoon, since short-staffed. I did a couple runs with Cam. Gillian also in group, I think. Lots of pow, but hard-going for me. I ducked out part way through 3rd run into deep pow bumps on Ego Bowl, and skied to base. Went to Creekside to change. In afternoon, got 3 Level 1s - Fernando from LA, and Wang (say "wong") and his cousin Tuang (say "tong"), from China. Tuang, whose English wasn't as strong as Wang's, had trouble crossing the tips and tails of his skis when stepping and sliding, and got very tired. Fernando had arranged to leave a bit early to meet with his partner and their 3-year-old daughter. Took pics with W&T. Guest service - remember to give discount cards, etc., maybe on way up.
12/27/1427th December. Lake LouiseLake LouiseView(Snotsicle)
Bright AM, light snow PM. Very busy.
12/27/14Current Track: 27 DEC 2014 08:09Gore MountainView(bait57man)
12/27/1412/27/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/27/14Day 7 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/26/14DEC-26-14 03:00:28 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
12/25/14DEC-25-14 01:51:19 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
01/10/14Champagny 2014 FriLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
01/09/14Champagny 2014 ThurLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
01/08/14Champagny 2014 WendsLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
01/07/14Champagny 2014 TuesLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
01/06/14Champagny 2014 MonLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
01/05/14Champagny 2014 SunLa PlagneView(paulbullas)
12/28/12Soldeu 2012 FriGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
12/27/12Soldeu 2012 ThurGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
12/26/12Soldeu 2012 WendsGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
12/24/12Soldeu 2012 TuesGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
12/24/12Soldeu 2012 MonGrandvaliraView(paulbullas)
12/23/12Lieda to SoldeuView(paulbullas)
12/26/1426th December. SunshineSunshine VillageView(Snotsicle)
Lovely sunny day. Very cold but good snow and far less busy than one would expect for Boxing Day.
12/26/14Day 7 - 2014/2015FlaineView(Molarius)
12/24/14Day 5 - 2014/2015FlaineView(Molarius)
12/25/14Day 6 - 2014/2015FlaineView(Molarius)
12/25/1425th December. SunshineSunshine VillageView(Snotsicle)
Christmas day skiing! Good snow, not too busy. Very nice in the trees.
12/25/14Day 8, MLB-BS 12-25-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing Christmas Day with David.
12/23/1423rd December. Sun PeaksSun PeaksView(Snotsicle)
Just a one-day stopover. Snow very nice. Runs off Mount Morrissey were the most enjoyable.
12/21/1421st December. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Big overnight dump improved conditions. Overcast.
12/20/1420th December. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Moderate snowfall. Poor visibility above the treeline.
12/19/1419th December. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Stayed in the trees due to poor light.
12/24/14Day 7, Back-Country ski up Specimen CreekView(joelwhite1017)
Great snow conditions with Jean, Carol and David. Saw a moose and yearling - and Jean fractured a bone in her hand :-(
12/23/14Current Track: 23 DEC 2014 09:47Crested ButteView(jsarche)
12/22/14Current Track: 22 DEC 2014 09:36Crested ButteView(jsarche)
12/24/14Current Track: 24 DEC 2014 08:56SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
12/23/14Current Track: 23 DEC 2014 09:55The CanyonsView(jonchristopher)
12/23/14Day 4 - 2014/2015FlaineView(Molarius)
12/22/14Day 3 - 2014/2015FlaineView(Molarius)
12/21/14Day 6, Big Horn Pass Trail 12-21-14View(joelwhite1017)
A ski up the Big Horn Pass Trail with Jean and Ben Phinney. The bridge is out, so we had to stay on the south side of the river.
12/21/1412/21/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/21/14Camp Fortune 20141221View(dziedzicmj)
12/21/14Current Track: 21 DEC 2014 08:23Gore MountainView(bait57man)
12/21/14Day 2 - 2014/2015FlaineView(Molarius)
12/20/1412/20/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/07/14Day 3 - Level 3 Prep w Sami.Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
After my full day yesterday, I decided to sleep in until 7:00 and skip morning session, since I'd need my legs for the all-day Level 3 prep. Went up Creek Side and took P2P, arriving just in time. Sami, a 21-year Whistler vet, led the session. Also in my class were Gillian, Ralph, Michelle, Lucy, Robert, another guy form Australia, and a Japanese Canadian lady. We did one run to Jersey Cream Express, then took P2P to Whistler for lunch and to use the better open terrain there for the rest of the day. We did mostly all 1-legged drills (I can't ski both turns on the same ski), speiss, short radius, 1-legged hockey stops. Take-home for me: make sure I angulate by tipping slightly forwards and sideways together. At 4:30, I joined Gillian, Tony, and 80+ others for the Safety Session: Preventing Back Injuries, by Ryan Oughtred, ND. Also in Level 3 prep today was Dazza (for Darren) from Australia. Another tip for me today is to more smoothly trans
12/06/14Day 2 - Morning Session w Andrew, ski w Rob and GillianWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Ski Day 2. Did morning session with Andrew DeBoer as leader. Also in the class, Gillian Shaw, Tony Yu, Rob Skerry, and about 6-8 others. Still just Emerald and Big Red Express running, so did laps on both. Andrew asked us what one of the specific things we were working on for the season is, and I said having a more active rhythm, by using more hips/angulation rather than relying only on my legs to do the turning. After morning session, did a few runs with Rob, Gilian and the Whistler-from-Toronto transplant (ad agency) lady (competitive cyclist, etc.). A few runs after lunch, and my quads were feeling the burn, so downloaded to the village from Olympic Station. Today was my first day riding the new cabins on the Whistler Village Gondola. Rode up to morning session with Paul Sauve, Garry Choo, Michelle, and 2 others. At 4:30, attended Safety Session on Nutrition.
12/20/14Current Track: 20 DEC 2014 11:23FlaineView(Molarius)
12/20/14Current Track: 20 DEC 2014 07:46Gore MountainView(bait57man)
12/19/14Skiing @ Winter Park Winter ParkView(tomboy)
12/19/14Current Track: 19 DEC 2014 08:36Grand TargheeView(jonchristopher)
12/18/1418th December. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
More overnight snow. Bit brighter than yesterday.
12/18/14Current Track: 18 DEC 2014 09:13Grand TargheeView(jonchristopher)
12/17/1417th December. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Overnight dusting. Low cloud.
12/17/14Current Track: 17 DEC 2014 08:50 - Grand TargheeView(jonchristopher)
12/17/14Day 6 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/16/1416th December. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
More overcast. An overnight dusting.
12/15/1415th December. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Much the same as yesterday.
12/14/1414th December. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
First day. Not much snow below mid-station but softpack in the alpine and blue skies.
12/17/14Breuil-Cervinia-ZermattBreuil-CerviniaView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/16/14Day 5 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/16/14Breuil-Cervinia-ZermattBreuil-CerviniaView(Alan Scowcroft)
12/13/14ACTIVE LOG133436Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/07/14ACTIVE LOG110656Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/06/14ACTIVE LOG151159Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
11/30/14ACTIVE LOG140638Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
11/29/14ACTIVE LOG151734Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/14/14ACTIVE LOG110342Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
11/23/14ACTIVE LOG125816Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
12/15/14Current Track: 15 DEC 2014 09:47 - ALTAView(jonchristopher)
12/15/14Day 4 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/15/14Day 5, Moonlight 12-15-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
One run. Enough. With Jean.
12/14/1412/14/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/14/14Day 4, Lemondrop 12-14-14View(joelwhite1017)
A hike to Lemondrop on an icy trail with little snow. With Jean and Rocky.
12/14/14Day 1 - 2014/2015Cannon MountainView(Breakwater)
12/14/14Day 2 - 2014/2015Copper MountainView(abrehm)
12/14/14Day 3 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/14/14Current Track: 14 DEC 2014 07:08Gore MountainView(bait57man)
12/12/14Current Track: 12 DEC 2014 08:23KillingtonView(Joe_skier)
12/13/14Day 2 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/13/14Current Track: 13 DEC 2014 12:06 - SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
12/13/14Current Track: 13 DEC 2014 07:07Gore MountainView(bait57man)
12/13/142014-12-13 14:31:50WhitetailView(gpallaway)
12/12/14Day 1 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
12/11/14Current Track: 11 DEC 2014 09:19OkemoView(Joe_skier)
12/10/14Skiing @ Copper Mountain, Copper Bowls Copper MountainView(tomboy)
12/10/14Current Track: 10 DEC 2014 08:32Jackson HoleView(jonchristopher)
12/10/14Current Track: 10 DEC 2014 07:13KillingtonView(Joe_skier)
12/09/14Current Track: 09 DEC 2014 09:15KillingtonView(Joe_skier)
12/09/14Day 3 - 2014/2015BreckenridgeView(xc99tour)
12/05/14Day 2 - 2014/2015Copper MountainView(xc99tour)
12/01/14Day 1 - 2014/2015LovelandView(xc99tour)
12/08/14Current Track: 08 DEC 2014 10:10Park City MountainView(jonchristopher)
12/07/14Day 3, Bridger 12-7-14Bridger BowlView(joelwhite1017)
Intro Avalanche, Field Session
12/07/1412/07/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/07/1412/07/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
11/23/1411/23/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
11/23/1411/23/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
11/30/1411/30/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/05/14Day 1 - 2014/2015LovelandView(abrehm)
12/04/14Skiing @ Breckenridge BreckenridgeView(tomboy)
11/26/14Skiing @ Copper Mountain, Copper Bowls Copper MountainView(tomboy)
11/18/14Skiing @ Keystone 2011 KeystoneView(tomboy)
12/05/14Friday clear cold mmSugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
12/04/1412/4/2014 11:46 AMGore MountainView(kvansandt)
12/02/14Current Track: 02 DEC 2014 09:44SolitudeView(jonchristopher)
12/02/14Day 2, Big Sky 12-12-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
First day on the hill. Too many rocks - only took one run on Mr. K. with Jean
12/01/14Day 3 - 2014/2015Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
12/01/14*04/21/2014Zillertal ArenaView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*04/21/2014Zillertal ArenaView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*05/28/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*05/03/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*05/02/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*05/02/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*05/01/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*04/18/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*04/12/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*04/11/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*04/10/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*04/09/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*04/09/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*04/05/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/05/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/05/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/04/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/03/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/02/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/01/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*12/31/2013Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*12/30/2013Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*12/13/2013Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*12/12/2013Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*12/11/2013Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*12/09/2013Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*12/08/2013Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*12/08/2013Hintertuxer GletscherView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/24/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/23/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/21/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/21/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/20/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/20/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/19/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Mark.milham)
12/01/14*01/19/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Mark.milham)
11/28/142014-11-30 15:02:18WhitetailView(gpallaway)
11/28/14Current Track: 28 NOV 2014 09:42BreckenridgeView(jsarche)
11/30/14Current Track: 30 NOV 2014 08:26Gore MountainView(bait57man)
11/28/14Day 1, Back-Country ski up Fawn PassView(joelwhite1017)
Yellowstone National Park, with Jean, Carol and David.
11/29/14Current Track: 29 NOV 2014 08:22Gore MountainView(bait57man)
11/28/14Current Track: 28 NOV 2014 09:50 - ALTAView(jonchristopher)
11/28/14Current Track: 28 NOV 2014 08:29Gore MountainView(bait57man)
11/26/14Current Track: 26 NOV 2014 09:38SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
11/22/14Day 1 - Opening Day - Ignition Day - Sat. Nov. 22, 2014Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
CSIA and Whistler Opening Day on same day, this year. Drove up night before. Not much natural snow, but about 7 runs on Emerald and Big Red had good artificial coverage. About 10 cm fresh the day before made for good conditions on those runs. Mostly cloudy, not much wind, comfortable -3 to 0 Ceslius, so no melting. Uploaded from Creekside with Ron then had breakfast in Roundhouse before 9:45 start. Bart was our leader. Also in class were Jennifer (Jen), formerly of Toronto and moved to Vancouver within last 3 weeks, Susan (also Vancouver area, also not teaching skiing), Colleen (CSIA-BC Level 1 Coordinator, taking over from Gerta), Kyle (Aussie?), Garry from Mt. Washington, Ron, and 1 or 2 others for a total of 8 or 9, incl. Bart. Tip from Bart to class: every day, work on a "little thing". For me, instead of just turning from the legs, use more hip into the hill. Great success!
11/24/14Current Track: 24 NOV 2014 10:04SolitudeView(jonchristopher)
11/21/14Current Track: 21 NOV 2014 11:14 - BrightonView(jonchristopher)
11/21/14Day 2 - 2014/2015Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
11/19/14SR_4SSunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
11/18/14Current Track: 18 NOV 2014 09:44Arapahoe BasinView(jonchristopher)
11/17/14Current Track: 17 NOV 2014 10:06BreckenridgeView(jonchristopher)
11/16/14NOV-16-14 11:59:52 AMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
11/16/14Current Track: 16 NOV 2014 09:21Gore MountainView(bait57man)
11/04/14Skiing @ A-Basin, A-Basin back side Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
10/31/14Skiing @ A-Basin, A-Basin back side Arapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
03/14/14LES ARC 14-03-14Les ArcsView(Ross Drummond)
03/13/14LES ARC 13-03-14Les ArcsView(Ross Drummond)
03/12/14LES ARC 12-03-14Les ArcsView(Ross Drummond)
03/11/14LES ARC 11-03-14Les ArcsView(Ross Drummond)
03/10/14LES ARC 10-03-14View(Ross Drummond)
08/31/14AUG-31-14 21:17:39View(JoanMiro)
09/01/14SEP-01-14 16:36:09View(JoanMiro)
09/02/14SEP-02-14 23:08:01View(JoanMiro)
09/02/14SEP-03-14 23:08:01View(JoanMiro)
09/04/14SEP-04-14 17:16:40View(JoanMiro)
09/05/14SEP-05-14 17:25:15View(JoanMiro)
07/06/14*08/09/2013Coronet PeakView(j.g.built)
07/06/14*08/07/2013Coronet PeakView(j.g.built)
07/06/14*08/06/2013Coronet PeakView(j.g.built)
07/06/14*08/07/2013The RemarkablesView(j.g.built)
06/22/1406/22/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 77: Black Mountain Express: 1, Lenawee: 5.
06/21/1406/21/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 76: Black Mountain Express: 2, Lenawee: 4.
06/20/14Skiing @ A-Basin, A-Basin back sideArapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
06/15/1406/15/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 75: Black Mountain Express: 2, Lenawee: 24.
06/14/1406/14/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 74: Black Mountain Express: 3, Lenawee: 23.
06/07/14Current Track: 07 JUN 2014 13:59View(dleahy)
02/19/14Current Track: 19 FEB 2014 10:38Jackson HoleView(dleahy)
06/13/14Skiing @ A-Basin, A-Basin back sideArapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
06/07/1406/07/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 72: Black Mountain Express: 3, Lenawee: 24.
04/08/13Current Track: 08 APR 2013 09:02Mt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
06/06/14Skiing @ A-Basin, A-Basin back sideArapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
06/01/1406/01/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 71: Black Mountain Express: 7, Lenawee: 16, Zuma: 3.
05/31/1405/31/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 70: Black Mountain Express: 6, Lenawee: 5, Zuma: 7.
05/26/1405/26/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 69: Black Mountain Express: 15, Lenawee: 11, Zuma: 4.
05/25/1405/25/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 68: Black Mountain Express: 10, Lenawee: 3, Zuma: 5.
05/24/1405/24/2014View(Alex Brown)
Day 67: Black Mountain Express: 6, Lenawee: 6, Zuma: 9.
05/25/14MAY-25-14 11:19:51 AMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
05/25/142014-05-25 Mem Day WE @ ABasinArapahoe BasinView(ronskis)
05/23/14Skiing @ A-Basin, A-Basin back sideArapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
05/19/14ACTIVE LOG125157Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
05/17/14ACTIVE LOG120307Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
05/18/1405/18/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 66: Black Mountain Express: 6, Lenawee: 5, Zuma: 5 & Pallavicini: 6.
05/10/14ACTIVE LOG104702Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
05/11/14ACTIVE LOG105434Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
05/12/1405/12/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 65: Black Mountain Express: 5, Lenawee: 5, Zuma: 2 & Pallavicini: 1. Paul & Skip came to the Basin!
05/10/1405/10/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 64: Black Mountain Express: 1, Lenawee: 4 & Pallavicini: 7.
05/13/14Skiing @ A-Basin, A-Basin back sideArapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
05/12/1405/12/2014Arapahoe BasinView(J.Reed)
05/11/1405/11/2014Arapahoe BasinView(J.Reed)
04/26/14APR-26-14 01:33:23 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
04/05/14APR-05-14 01:06:36 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
05/08/14Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
05/04/1405/04/2014LovelandView(Alex Brown)
05/05/1405/05/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
05/03/1405/03/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
05/05/14Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
05/04/1405/04/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
05/03/14Grands Montets - last dayLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
05/03/14MAY-03-14 11:51:14 AMAlpine MeadowsView(mmetcalf)
05/03/14Current Track: 03 MAY 2014 08:15HolimontView(holimontski)
Just so I can Say I skied 7 Months in WNY
05/03/14Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
05/02/14Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
05/01/14Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/30/14Grands MontetsLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/11/142014-04-11-13-29-04 on GPSies.comVal Thorens-OrelleView(RogerBoey)
04/11/142014-04-11-09-02-06 on GPSies.comVal Thorens-OrelleView(RogerBoey)
04/29/14Skiing @ Loveland South View, Loveland North ViewLovelandView(tomboy)
04/29/14*04/08/2014Lake LouiseView(pc)
04/29/14*04/08/2014Lake LouiseView(pc)
04/29/14*04/11/2014Sunshine VillageView(pc)
04/29/14*04/11/2014Sunshine VillageView(pc)
04/29/14*04/10/2014Sunshine VillageView(pc)
04/29/14*04/07/2014Sunshine VillageView(pc)
04/29/14*04/05/2014Sunshine VillageView(pc)
04/29/14*04/05/2014Sunshine VillageView(pc)
04/29/14*04/02/2014Sunshine VillageView(pc)
04/29/14*04/02/2014Sunshine VillageView(pc)
04/29/14*04/01/2014Sunshine VillageView(pc)
04/29/14*03/31/2014Sunshine VillageView(pc)
04/29/14*03/30/2014Sunshine VillageView(pc)
04/29/14Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/27/14Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/27/1404/27/2014BreckenridgeView(Alex Brown)
Day 60: Colorado SuperChair: 3, Independence SuperChair: 9, Zendo Chair: 2 & Kensho SuperChair: 5. Rode with Ross.
04/26/1404/26/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 59: Black Mountain Express: 14, Lenawee Mountain: 2, Norway: 2, Pallavicini: 3 & Zuma: 1. Rode with Ross and Curtis.
04/25/14ACTIVE LOG130336Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/26/14ACTIVE LOG103305Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/27/14ACTIVE LOG105505Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/26/14Day 39 - Sat. Apr. 26 with RonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
On Blackcomb, as Whistler closed on Monday (Apr. 21). Great spring conditions. Cold until about half-way down Solar Coaster Express, then spring-type snow. Used my GoPro for skiing for the first time. Day-trip, as I had to return to pick-up Iryna at YVR from SFO. ERROR ON SKI TRACKS: On the first ascent of Excelerator with Ron, my iPhone displayed a zoomed-in screen, so I powered the phone off and back on again. As a result, it didn't pick up the track from the top of Excelerator to the base of Crystal Ridge Express (via Wishbone, Crystal Glide, and Rock & Roll - approx. 2 km run with 350 m of vertical).
04/26/14ACTIVE LOG: 26 APR 2014 09:55Copper MountainView(Tim Patterson)
04/26/14Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/25/14Skiing @ Breckenridge - OpenPisteMap, Breckenridge 2014, Breckenridge 2013BreckenridgeView(tomboy)
04/25/14Spring 3Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/25/14Grands MontetsLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/24/14*SSanta 20/04/2014 mañanaZermattView(jramose)
Magnífico tiempo
04/24/14*SSanta 20/04/2014 mañana2ZermattView(jramose)
Magnífico tiempo
04/24/14*SSanta 20/04/2014 tardeZermattView(jramose)
Magnífico tiempo. Bajada cremallera
04/24/14*SSanta 18/04/2014 mañanaBreuil-CerviniaView(jramose)
Nevando. Visibilidad
04/24/14*SSanta 18/04/2014 tardeZermattView(jramose)
Nevando. Visibilidad
04/18/14Day 38 - Good Fri. Apr. 18 - with TonyWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Day trip myself to Whistler. Late start. Variably cloudy, with cold in the high alpine, but spring conditions below Roundhouse. Did a few runs myself, then caught up with Tony Xu for some more runs.
04/24/14Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/23/14*SSanta 19/04/2014ZermattView(jramose)
Tiempo horrible. Esquí sólo 2h.
04/23/14*SSanta 21/04/2014 mañanaZermattView(jramose)
Tiempo variable.
04/23/14*SSanta 21/04/2014 tardeZermattView(jramose)
Tiempo variable
04/23/14Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/21/14ACTIVE LOG105108Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/22/14Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/20/14ACTIVE LOG103821Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/19/14ACTIVE LOG103430Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/18/14ACTIVE LOG105253Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/18/14ACTIVE LOGMt BachelorView(JohnSki)
04/20/14Day 75, Moonlight-Big Sky, 04-20-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Last Host day, and last day of the Big Sky 13-14 season. Great day, still lots and lots of snow.
04/20/1404/20/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
04/20/1404/20/2014Gore MountainView(J.Reed)
04/20/14Tete du BalmeDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/19/14Day 74, Moonlight, 04-19-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Next to the last day at the ski slope this season. Great sunny day.
04/19/14Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/18/14ACTIVE LOGVailView(rguttman)
04/18/14Day 73, Moonlight-Big Sky, 04-18-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Rain on the way up to the ski hill, then turned to snow. Great conditions for an hour or two, then the sun came out. My Sweetie's last Host Day.
04/18/14Spring 2Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/17/14ACTIVE LOGVailView(rguttman)
04/17/14ACTIVE LOGVailView(rguttman)
04/18/14Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/17/14Skiing @ Breckenridge - OpenPisteMap, Breckenridge 2014, Breckenridge 2013BreckenridgeView(tomboy)
04/17/14CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/13/14ACTIVE LOG102733Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/12/14ACTIVE LOG111828Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
04/16/14Day 72, Moonlight, 04-16-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Powder Day - in mid-April. SWEET!
04/16/14Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/15/14Day 71, Moonlight, 04-15-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Wet snow in the afternoon.
04/14/1404/14/2014BreckenridgeView(Alex Brown)
Day 58: Colorado SuperChair: 3, E-Chair: 1, Falcon SuperChair: 7, Mercury SuperChair: 1, Peak 8 SuperConnect: 3, 6-Chair: 3 & Imperial SuperChair: 2.
04/13/1404/13/2014View(Alex Brown)
Day 57: Black Mountain Express: 6, Lenawee Mountain: 3 & Zuma: 1.
04/15/14*01/12/2014Madonna di CampiglioView(yair)
04/15/14Col des ChasseursLes Contamines-HauteluceView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/14/14Day 70, Moonlight, 04-14-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Laps on Meriwether.
04/14/14Spring 1Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/13/14Current Track: 13 APR 2014 12:34Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
04/12/14Current Track: 12 APR 2014 10:45Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
04/13/14Current Track: 13 APR 2014 08:22HolimontView(holimontski)
04/13/14Day 37 - Sun. Apr. 13 - with Gillian, Gerry, Roz and DonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Another epic bluebird spring skiing day. Highs on hill about 5 to 7 celsius. Just wore mid- and base layers without shell. Plenty warm!
04/13/14APR-13-14 01:36:00 PMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
04/12/14APR-12-14 02:22:17 PMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
04/13/1404/13/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
04/13/1404/13/2014Blue Mountain PAView(J.Reed)
04/13/14Vallorcine - last dayDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/13/14Tracé actuel: 13 AVR 2014 10:08FlaineView(heppel)
04/12/14Current Track: 12 APR 2014 08:22HolimontView(holimontski)
04/12/14Day 36 - Sat. Apr. 12 with Gillian, Gerry, Roz and DonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Drove up in the morning and loaded CS Gondi at about 8:45. Gorgeous bluebird day with typical spring conditions - freeze/thaw. Ran into Gillian and family after my first solo run down to Emerald Express. Legs a bit sore from my first run in about 6 months - a 5 km run along the Sea Wall - Thursday evening. Iryna in New York.
04/12/14Day 69, Moonlight, 04-12-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host day, free skiing before and after, with My Sweetie.
04/12/1404/12/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
04/12/14Tracé actuel: 12 AVR 2014 10:58FlaineView(heppel)
04/12/14Current Track: 12 APR 2014 08:48Gore MountainView(bait57man)
04/12/14Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/03/14Tracé actuel: 03 AVR 2014 10:58FlaineView(heppel)
04/11/14Reggae FridaySugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/10/14Skiing @ SteamboatSteamboatView(tomboy)
04/11/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/11/14Current Track: 11 APR 2014 09:09HolimontView(holimontski)
04/11/14*04/01/2014Cortina d'AmpezzoView(ski1)
04/11/14*03/30/2014Alta BadiaView(ski1)
04/10/14Reggae ThursdaySugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/10/14Day 16StrattonView(pvanmet)
This was our last day at Stratton. End if an era. This is also our last track on Snow Ranger. Thanks Marcus!
02/09/14Day 15StrattonView(pvanmet)
04/06/1404/06/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 56: Treasure: 25. Rode with Toby, Tony, Ross, Paul and everyone else on closing day.
04/05/1404/05/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 55: Alberta: 3 & Treasure: 23. Rode with Toby, Tony & Ross.
04/10/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/09/14Skiing @ Loveland South View, Loveland North ViewLovelandView(tomboy)
04/08/14Current Track: 08 APR 2014 08:37Park City MountainView(jonchristopher)
04/09/14Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/06/14Current Track: 06 APR 2014 09:10Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(carveydm)
04/04/1405-APR-14 15:50:14TignesView(carveydm)
04/04/1405-APR-14 07:31:58TignesView(carveydm)
04/08/1418Beaver CreekView(ZAPMAN)
04/08/14Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/04/1405-APR-14 07:31:58TignesView(carveydm)
04/07/14Reggae MondaySugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/07/14Crochues-BerardBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/05/14ACTIVE LOG 012Lake LouiseView(JohnSki)
04/04/14ACTIVE LOG 001Lake LouiseView(JohnSki)
04/06/142014-04-06 BC with HearnBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
01/26/142014-01-26 09:04:34 AutoCrystal MountainView(btower)
02/23/142014-02-23 10:36:18 AutoCrystal MountainView(btower)
02/21/142014-02-21 10:17:28Crystal MountainView(btower)
02/19/142014-02-19 17:33:04Summit at SnoqualmieView(btower)
03/30/14Current Track: 30 MAR 2014 08:50Crystal MountainView(btower)
03/23/14Current Track: 23 MAR 2014 10:43Summit at SnoqualmieView(btower)
04/06/1404/06/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
04/06/14Day 68, Big Sky, 04-06-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day. Free skiing later, ended by thunder.
03/02/14Current Track: 03 MAR 2014 02:53Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
04/06/14Current Track: 06 APR 2014 13:00Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
04/06/14Current Track: 06 APR 2014 08:25HolimontView(holimontski)
04/06/14Current Track: 06 APR 2014 08:47Gore MountainView(bait57man)
04/06/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/06/14*04/04/2014Val d'IsereView(TimW)
04/06/14*04/03/2014Val d'IsereView(TimW)
04/06/14*04/02/2014Val d'IsereView(TimW)
04/06/14*04/01/2014Val d'IsereView(TimW)
04/06/14*03/30/2014Val d'IsereView(TimW)
04/05/1404/05/2014Stevens PassView(Stroudy)
04/05/1404/05/2014Stevens PassView(Stroudy)
04/05/1404/05/2014Stevens PassView(Stroudy)
04/05/14Current Track: 05 APR 2014 08:10HolimontView(holimontski)
04/03/142014-04-03 15:45:32BreckenridgeView(mahunt)
04/02/142014-04-02 15:44:21BreckenridgeView(mahunt)
03/31/142014-04-01 15:31:18BreckenridgeView(mahunt)
03/30/142014-03-30 17:44:54View(mahunt)
04/05/14Current Track: 05 APR 2014 08:55Gore MountainView(bait57man)
04/05/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/04/14Skiing @ Winter ParkWinter ParkView(tomboy)
04/04/14Current Track: 04 APR 2014 09:07SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
04/04/1404/04/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 54: Alberta: 5 & Treasure: 20. Rode with Toby, Tony, Paul & his friends.
04/03/1404/03/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 53: Alberta: 5 & Treasure: 6. Rode with Eric.
04/04/14PJ/ U2Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/04/140Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
Another 5" overnight. Great snow, some powder and lots of skier chopped powder.
04/04/14Current Track: 04 APR 2014 09:11Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
04/04/14CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/03/14Skiing @ SteamboatSteamboatView(tomboy)
04/03/14Current Track: 03 APR 2014 11:18SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
04/03/14Current Track: 03 APR 2014 08:59Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
04/03/140Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
04/03/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
04/02/14Skiing @ SteamboatSteamboatView(tomboy)
03/31/14Current Track: 31 MAR 2014 09:27HolimontView(holimontski)
04/02/14APR-02-14 02:02:23 PMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
04/02/144/2/2014 11:49amSunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/02/140Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
04/01/14Current Track: 02 APR 2014 07:22View(mrc7cam)
03/31/142014-04-01 14:16:41View(mrc7cam)
04/02/14*03/29/2014Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*03/28/2014La Chapelle d'AbondanceView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*03/28/2014Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*03/27/2014Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*03/26/2014Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*03/25/2014Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*03/24/2014Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*03/23/2014Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(alan.carr)
02/09/1302/09/2013Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(alan.carr)
02/08/1302/08/2013Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(alan.carr)
02/07/1302/07/2013Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(alan.carr)
02/06/1302/06/2013Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(alan.carr)
02/05/1302/05/2013Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(alan.carr)
02/04/1302/04/2013Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(alan.carr)
02/03/1302/03/2013Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(alan.carr)
12/22/1212/22/2012Courchevel-La TaniaView(alan.carr)
12/21/1212/21/2012Courchevel-La TaniaView(alan.carr)
12/20/1212/20/2012Courchevel-La TaniaView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*12/19/2012Courchevel-La TaniaView(alan.carr)
12/19/1212/19/2012Courchevel-La TaniaView(alan.carr)
12/18/1212/18/2012Courchevel-La TaniaView(alan.carr)
12/17/1212/17/2012Courchevel-La TaniaView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*02/01/2014Val d'IsereView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*01/31/2014Val d'IsereView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*01/30/2014Val d'IsereView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*01/29/2014Val d'IsereView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*01/28/2014Val d'IsereView(alan.carr)
04/02/14*01/27/2014Val d'IsereView(alan.carr)
04/02/14Tracé actuel: 02 AVR 2014 10:32FlaineView(heppel)
03/29/14ACTIVE LOGMt Hood MeadowsView(JohnSki)
03/30/14ACTIVE LOG 006Mt Hood MeadowsView(JohnSki)
04/02/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
7" overnight, then flurries thru the day. Great powder day...lots of tree skiing.
04/01/14Skiing @ SteamboatSteamboatView(tomboy)
04/01/14Phil Collins En Concert 04Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
04/01/1404/01/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
04/01/142Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/21/1403/21/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(snowfan1)
03/20/1403/20/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(snowfan1)
03/19/1403/19/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(snowfan1)
03/18/1403/18/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(snowfan1)
03/17/1403/17/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(snowfan1)
03/16/1403/16/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(snowfan1)
12/29/1312/29/2013Kleine-Scheidegg - MannlichenView(snowfan1)
12/29/1312/29/2013Kleine-Scheidegg - MannlichenView(snowfan1)
02/18/1402/18/2014Val GardenaView(snowfan1)
02/17/1402/17/2014Val GardenaView(snowfan1)
02/16/1402/16/2014Val GardenaView(snowfan1)
02/16/1402/16/2014Val GardenaView(snowfan1)
02/15/1402/15/2014Val GardenaView(snowfan1)
02/15/1402/15/2014Val GardenaView(snowfan1)
04/01/14Current Track: 01 APR 2014 08:53Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
04/01/14Tracé actuel: 01 AVR 2014 10:58FlaineView(heppel)
04/01/14*03/28/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
04/01/14*03/27/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/31/14Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/31/14NorthstarNorthstar at TahoeView(jb49)
10" Saturday, then warm Sunday. Flurries totaling 1-2" all day today.
03/30/14ACTIVE LOG104324Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/29/14ACTIVE LOG121752Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/31/141Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/30/1403/30/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 52: Alberta: 2, Treasure: 20, & Raven: 2. Rode with Paul, Skip, Jeremy and Jimmy.
03/31/14Tracé actuel: 31 MARS 2014 09:10Brevent-FlegereView(heppel)
03/31/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/30/14Day 35 - NEW WAX - Sun. Mar. 30 with IrynaWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Had dinner with wine at Creekbread last night, and slept in. Iryna had a nice run down Harmony Ridge. Lots of very dense fog on Bear Cub on the ski out to download on CS Gondi.
03/29/14Day 34 - Sat. Mar. 29 with IrynaWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Drove up in the morning, hence the late start.
03/30/14Day 67, Moonlight, 03-30-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Jean Hosting, Joel playing.
03/30/1403/30/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
03/30/14Current Track: 30 MAR 2014 08:30KeystoneView(jsarche)
03/22/14Camp Fortune 0322View(dziedzicmj)
03/19/14Cascades 0319View(dziedzicmj)
03/16/14Camp Fortune 0316View(dziedzicmj)
03/30/14Tracé actuel: 30 MARS 2014 10:28FlaineView(heppel)
03/30/14Current Track: 30 MAR 2014 08:31HolimontView(holimontski)
03/30/14Current Track: 30 MAR 2014 09:52View(mrc7cam)
03/30/14Current Track: 30 MAR 2014 07:54Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
03/29/14course Crew 17Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
03/30/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/29/14Tracé actuel: 29 MARS 2014 10:11FlaineView(heppel)
03/29/1403/29/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 51: Alberta: 9, Treasure: 9. Rode with Paul, Skip, Jeremy and Mark.
03/28/1403/28/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 50: Alberta: 7, Treasure: 9, Bonanza: 3 & Raven: 1. Rode with Ross, Eric and Mitch Dorsk.
03/27/1403/27/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 49: Treasure: 21, Bonanza: 13 & Raven: 1. Rode with Ross.
03/28/142014-03-28 The Canyons (GPS stopped)The CanyonsView(ronskis)
03/26/142014-03-26 Heavenly Day 2HeavenlyView(ronskis)
03/25/142014-03-25 HeavenlyHeavenlyView(ronskis)
03/29/14Current Track: 29 MAR 2014 08:22HolimontView(holimontski)
03/29/1403/29/2014Elk MountainView(J.Reed)
03/29/140Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/29/14Current Track: 29 MAR 2014 08:10Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/28/14VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/29/14*03/29/2014Les ArcsView(yair)
03/29/14*03/29/2014Les ArcsView(yair)
03/28/14Day 66, Big Sky, 03-28-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day, skiing with My Sweetie and Carol & David H-I.
03/28/14Day 13 - 2013/2014LovelandView(abrehm)
03/28/14Current Track: 28 MAR 2014 08:14HeavenlyView(Joe_skier)
03/28/14*03/28/2014Jackson HoleView(mlgray)
03/28/1403/28/2014Val d'IsereView(tscherpownik)
03/28/14Tracé actuel: 28 MARS 2014 10:31CourmayeurView(heppel)
03/27/142014-03-28 13:20:20View(mrc7cam)
03/27/142014-03-27 17:41:00View(mrc7cam)
03/28/145Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/26/1403/26/14 VailVailView(alkempf)
03/28/14*03/28/2014Les ArcsView(yair)
03/27/14Current Track: 27 MAR 2014 10:00Northstar at TahoeView(Joe_skier)
03/27/14Current Track: 27 MAR 2014 08:57Jackson HoleView(jonchristopher)
03/26/142014-03-26 09:11:00 AutoJackson HoleView(jonchristopher)
03/23/14ACTIVE LOG102951Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/22/14ACTIVE LOG103737Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/27/14Current Track: 27 MAR 2014 09:31HolimontView(holimontski)
03/27/142014-03-27 BreckenridgeBreckenridgeView(jsarche)
03/27/14Day 65, Moonlight, 03-27-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with My Sweetie, David H-I, Pam and Dave Carlson.
03/27/14Dumont Cup/practiceSunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/27/1403/27/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(tscherpownik)
03/27/144Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/27/14*03/27/2014Les ArcsView(yair)
03/27/14*03/27/2014Les ArcsView(yair)
03/26/14Current Track: 26 MAR 2014 10:08KirkwoodView(Joe_skier)
03/26/14Skiing @ Winter ParkWinter ParkView(tomboy)
03/26/14ACTIVE LOGWinter ParkView(BruceB)
03/26/1403/26/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
03/26/143Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/26/1403/26/2014La PlagneView(tscherpownik)
03/22/14ACTIVE LOG 010Mt Hood MeadowsView(JohnSki)
03/07/14ACTIVE LOGMt Hood MeadowsView(JohnSki)
03/21/14ACTIVE LOG 004Mt Hood MeadowsView(JohnSki)
03/26/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/26/14Current Track: 26 MAR 2014 08:20View(mrc7cam)
03/26/14Current Track: 26 MAR 2014 10:02FlaineView(Molarius)
03/26/14Tracé actuel: 26 MARS 2014 10:36FlaineView(heppel)
03/13/1403/13/2014Sun ValleyView(grsinva3)
03/13/1403/13/2014Sun ValleyView(grsinva3)
03/12/1403/12/2014Sun ValleyView(grsinva3)
03/11/1403/11/2014Sun ValleyView(grsinva3)
03/11/1403/11/2014Sun ValleyView(grsinva3)
03/14/1403/14/2014Sun ValleyView(grsinva3)
03/25/1403/25/14 VailVailView(alkempf)
03/26/14*03/21/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/20/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/19/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/18/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/17/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/17/2014Les ArcsView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/17/2014Les ArcsView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/16/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/15/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/14/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/13/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/12/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/11/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/10/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/26/14*03/09/2014La PlagneView(notrefief)
03/10/1303/10/2013Whistler BlackcombView(dan.tyler)
03/25/14*03/09/2013Whistler BlackcombView(dan.tyler)
03/25/14Current Track: 25 MAR 2014 08:20HeavenlyView(Joe_skier)
03/25/1403/25/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
03/25/141/2 Day TuesdaySugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/23/1403/23/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 48: Treasure: 28, Bonanza: 2 & Raven: 7. Rode with Paul and Dee.
03/22/1403/22/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 47: Treasure: 47. Rode with Ross and Ashby.
03/25/14Current Track: 25 MAR 2014 09:18Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
03/25/142Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/25/1403/25/2014Val d'IsereView(tscherpownik)
03/25/14Current Track: 25 MAR 2014 09:17View(mrc7cam)
03/25/14Tracé actuel: 25 MARS 2014 10:01FlaineView(heppel)
03/25/14Grands MontetsLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/25/14Current Track: 25 MAR 2014 10:19FlaineView(Molarius)
03/24/1403/24/14 VailVailView(alkempf)
03/24/14Tracé actuel: 24 MARS 2014 11:57FlaineView(heppel)
03/24/14Current Track: 24 MAR 2014 09:34KirkwoodView(Joe_skier)
03/24/142014-03-24 KirkwoodKirkwoodView(ronskis)
03/23/142014-03-23 NorthstarNorthstar at TahoeView(ronskis)
03/24/1403/24/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
03/24/14Wicked. MondaySunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/23/14Current Track: 23 MAR 2014 09:00SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
03/24/1403/24/2014Les ArcsView(tscherpownik)
03/24/141Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/24/14*03/24/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(heetanpatel)
03/24/14*03/24/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(heetanpatel)
03/24/14Current Track: 24 MAR 2014 10:03Domaine de BalmeView(mrc7cam)
03/24/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/24/14Current Track: 24 MAR 2014 11:23FlaineView(Molarius)
03/20/14Day 1 2013/2014Schladming-Planai-HochwurzenView(ghiro64)
03/16/14Tracé actuel: 16 MARS 2014 10:44FlaineView(heppel)
03/19/1403/19/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
03/14/1403/14/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
03/14/1403/14/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
03/23/14Day 64, Big Sky-Moonlight, 03-23-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day, skiing with My Sweetie and Howard.
03/23/14MAR-23-14 03:00:59 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(markemery)
03/23/14Current Track: 23 MAR 2014 13:17HeavenlyView(Joe_skier)
03/22/14Auto 22-MAR-14 09:38:25 AMKillingtonView(F.Delbalso)
03/22/14Auto 22-MAR-14 07:57:04 AMKillingtonView(F.Delbalso)
03/23/14Current Track: 23 MAR 2014 07:56KillingtonView(F.Delbalso)
03/23/14Course Crew 16Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
03/22/14MAR-22-14 02:21:48 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/23/14Current Track: 23 MAR 2014 08:34HolimontView(holimontski)
03/23/14*03/23/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(heetanpatel)
03/23/14Current Track: 23 MAR 2014 08:10Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/23/14Current Track: 23 MAR 2014 11:03Domaine de BalmeView(mrc7cam)
03/23/14*03/22/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14*03/22/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14*03/22/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14*03/21/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14*03/21/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14*03/21/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14*03/20/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14*03/20/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14*03/19/2014La PlagneView(daved)
03/23/14*03/19/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14*03/18/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14*03/18/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14*03/17/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14*03/17/2014Les ArcsView(daved)
03/23/14Current Track: 23 MAR 2014 11:25FlaineView(Molarius)
03/23/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/22/14Day 63, Big Sky, 03-22-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with My Sweetie, Howard and Don.
03/22/1403/22/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
03/22/14TrackArapahoe BasinView(jsarche)
03/22/1403/22/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(tscherpownik)
03/22/14Current Track: 22 MAR 2014 11:16Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
03/22/14Current Track: 22 MAR 2014 12:10Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
03/19/14Current Track: 19 MAR 2014 14:32Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
03/22/14Current Track: 22 MAR 2014 08:17HolimontView(holimontski)
03/22/1403/22/2014Whistler BlackcombView(dunkers)
03/22/14Current Track: 22 MAR 2014 08:10Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/22/14Current Track: 22 MAR 2014 08:15View(mrc7cam)
03/22/14Current Track: 22 MAR 2014 11:31FlaineView(Molarius)
03/22/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/21/14*03/20/2014Durango MountainView(stotton)
03/21/14*03/14/2014Whistler BlackcombView(fandree)
03/21/14*03/13/2014Whistler BlackcombView(fandree)
03/21/14*03/12/2014Whistler BlackcombView(fandree)
03/21/14*03/09/2014Whistler BlackcombView(fandree)
03/21/14*03/09/2014Whistler BlackcombView(fandree)
03/21/14Day 62, Moonlight-Big Sky, 03-21-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day
03/21/14Current Track: 21 MAR 2014 10:02SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
03/21/142014-03-21 15:11:41Les Grands MontetsView(mrc7cam)
03/20/142014-03-20 13:39:48View(mrc7cam)
03/19/142014-03-19 13:43:25View(mrc7cam)
03/21/14*03/21/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*03/14/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*03/13/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*02/23/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*02/21/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*02/20/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*02/16/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*02/14/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*02/13/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*02/12/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*01/25/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*01/24/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*01/21/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*01/11/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*01/10/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*01/09/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*01/08/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*01/05/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*01/04/2014Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*12/29/2013Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*12/18/2013Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*12/17/2013Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*12/11/2013Loon MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*03/15/2014Waterville ValleyView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*02/03/2014Copper MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*02/02/2014Copper MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*01/31/2014Copper MountainView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*03/17/2014Sunday RiverView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*02/07/2014Winter ParkView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*02/07/2014Winter ParkView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/14*02/06/2014Winter ParkView(steve.peterson80)
03/21/1403/21/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(tscherpownik)
03/21/14Current Track: 21 MAR 2014 08:19Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/21/14Current Track: 21 MAR 2014 09:32Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
03/21/14Current Track: 21 MAR 2014 09:16HolimontView(holimontski)
03/21/140Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/21/14Current Track: 21 MAR 2014 10:34FlaineView(Molarius)
10/29/1110/29/2011Wolf CreekView(manoj.bist1)
10/29/1110/29/2011Wolf CreekView(manoj.bist1)
10/29/1110/29/2011Wolf CreekView(manoj.bist1)
03/21/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/20/1403/20/2014Big WhiteView(Stroudy)
03/20/14Current Track: 20 MAR 2014 09:27HolimontView(holimontski)
03/20/1420-MAR-14 03:02:19 PMCopper MountainView(richsw)
03/20/14Day 61, Moonlight-Big Sky, 03-20-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day, skiing with My Sweetie and Jon
03/20/14Current Track: 20 MAR 2014 14:04FlaineView(Molarius)
03/20/14Current Track: 20 MAR 2014 10:00 - SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
03/20/144Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/20/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/19/14*03/19/2014Alta BadiaView(Shalskiy)
03/19/14Day 33 - Wed. Mar. 19 - with Christine and RonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Snowing to valley in the morning. Mixed clouds, snowy, sunny, etc. Spring skiing last couple 100 meters. Uploaded and downloaded via Creekside.
03/19/14*03/06/2014Squaw Valley USAView(n8r_tot)
03/19/14*03/06/2014Squaw Valley USAView(n8r_tot)
03/19/14*03/04/2014Alpine MeadowsView(n8r_tot)
03/19/14*03/04/2014Alpine MeadowsView(n8r_tot)
03/19/14*03/04/2014Alpine MeadowsView(n8r_tot)
03/19/14Skiing @ Loveland South View, Loveland North ViewLovelandView(tomboy)
03/19/1403/19/2014Big WhiteView(Stroudy)
03/19/14Day 60, Moonlight-Big Sky, 03-19-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie, Pam and Dave.
03/19/143/19/2014 11:45amSugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/19/1403/19/2014Champery-Les Crosets-MorginsView(tscherpownik)
03/18/14Day 32 - Tues. Mar. 18 - With RonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Busy with work the last two weekends, so almost 3 weeks since I skied. High overcast, and variable clouds at different levels on the mountain today. Snow below mid-station spring-like. Drove up from Vancouver in the morning, so a late start.
03/19/14Grands MontetsLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/18/14Day 59, Moonlight-Big Sky, 03-18-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with My Sweetie and Jon.
12/07/1312/07/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/07/1312/07/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/01/1312/01/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
11/30/1311/30/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
11/30/1311/30/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
11/17/1311/17/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
11/16/1311/16/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/08/1312/08/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/15/1312/15/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/22/1312/22/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/27/1312/27/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/28/1312/28/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/29/1312/29/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/30/1312/30/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
12/31/1312/31/2013Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/02/1401/02/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/03/1401/03/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/05/1401/05/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/12/1401/12/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/19/1401/19/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
01/25/1401/25/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/02/1402/02/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/08/1402/08/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/09/1402/09/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/16/1402/16/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/21/1402/21/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/22/1402/22/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/23/1402/23/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
03/09/1403/09/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Stroudy)
02/15/1402/15/2014Mt SeymourView(Stroudy)
03/18/1403/18/2014Big WhiteView(Stroudy)
03/17/1403/18/2014Big WhiteView(Stroudy)
03/17/1403/17/2014Big WhiteView(Stroudy)
03/18/143/18/2014 11:32amSunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/18/14*03/18/2014Durango MountainView(stotton)
03/18/1403/18/2014Champery-Les Crosets-MorginsView(tscherpownik)
03/18/142014-03-18 14:11:39View(mrc7cam)
03/18/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/17/14*03/17/2014Durango MountainView(stotton)
03/13/142014-03-14 433032VailView(jsarche)
03/17/14Day 58, Moonlight, 03-17-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
EPIC SNOW DAY! Skiing with Pam, Dave and Bev.
03/17/14Day 4 - 2013/2014OkemoView(Breakwater)
03/17/14Current Track: 17 MAR 2014 09:11Domaine de BalmeView(mrc7cam)
03/17/14Point du Van, l'AroletteDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/15/14ACTIVE LOG140459Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/16/142014-03-16 Vail SoloVailView(ronskis)
03/16/14Current Track: 16 MAR 2014 08:20WhitefaceView(F.Delbalso)
03/14/143Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/16/14Current Track: 16 MAR 2014 08:20HolimontView(holimontski)
03/16/14Add 5340 feetSugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
03/16/14Current Track: 16 MAR 2014 08:19Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/16/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/15/14Current Track: 15 MAR 2014 09:59Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
03/14/14Day 12 - 2013/2014LovelandView(abrehm)
03/14/1414-MAR-14 03:32:39 PMSteamboatView(richsw)
03/13/1413-MAR-14 06:06:29 AMSteamboatView(richsw)
03/12/1412-MAR-14 04:14:15 PMSteamboatView(richsw)
03/15/14Current Track: 15 MAR 2014 08:32SugarbushView(gpallaway)
03/15/14Day 57, Big Sky, 03-15-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day, with my Sweetie
03/15/14Current Track: 15 MAR 2014 08:13WhitefaceView(F.Delbalso)
03/15/14Current Track: 15 MAR 2014 08:08Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/15/14Current Track: 15 MAR 2014 08:10HolimontView(holimontski)
03/15/14Tracé actuel: 15 MARS 2014 10:47FlaineView(heppel)
03/09/1403/09/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Andy4)
03/10/1403/10/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Andy4)
03/11/1403/11/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Andy4)
03/12/1403/12/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Andy4)
03/13/1403/13/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Andy4)
03/14/1403/14/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Andy4)
03/15/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/08/14Tracé actuel: 08 MARS 2014 10:36FlaineView(heppel)
03/14/14Day 56, Moonlight, 03-14-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Jon. Happy Pi Day
03/14/14*03/14/2014Jackson HoleView(Donaldbly)
03/14/14*03/14/2014Jackson HoleView(Donaldbly)
03/14/14Current Track: 14 MAR 2014 12:22Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
03/14/14PowStormSugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/14/14*03/14/2014Jackson HoleView(Donaldbly)
03/14/14Current Track: 14 MAR 2014 09:44HolimontView(holimontski)
03/14/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/13/14ACTIVE LOG111234Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/12/14ACTIVE LOG105143Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/03/14ACTIVE LOG110217Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/01/14ACTIVE LOG150818Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
03/13/14Day 55, Moonlight-Big Sky, 03-13-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie, Dave and Pam.
03/13/14Current Track: 13 MAR 2014 13:06View(holimontski)
Went Back to swain for 11 runs with 8inches of powder in WNY, thats a lot. Alos only $1 for a ticket due to being the 100th day of the season there.
03/11/14MAR-11-14 01:42:04 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/12/14ACTIVE LOG: 12 MAR 2014 10:46Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
03/13/142Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/08/1403/08/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 46: The app did not seem to record this day properly. It says I did 20 runs, but do not know if that is correct. Rode with Ross.
01/19/11Spooner Lake SnowshoeView(jb49)
Another warm Tahoe day. Drove to Spooner Lake on the East side to snowshoe the "Tahoe View" snowshoe trail, about 4 miles RT. $18 ss rental plus $11 half-price trail pass.
03/13/14CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/12/14Keystone March 12 2014KeystoneView(jb49)
Cruising on the corduroy Blues for 1.5 hours in the morning.
03/12/14Edelweiss 0312View(dziedzicmj)
03/12/14Skiing @ Breckenridge - OpenPisteMap, Breckenridge 2014, Breckenridge 2013BreckenridgeView(tomboy)
03/12/14ACTIVE LOG 006BreckenridgeView(sclarsky)
03/11/14ACTIVE LOG 002BreckenridgeView(sclarsky)
03/12/14*03/12/2014Whistler BlackcombView(pgeyer1)
03/12/14*03/12/2014Jay PeakView(
03/12/141Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/09/149th March. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Last morning before going home. Snow perfect and blue skies.
03/12/14Current Track: 12 MAR 2014 09:05Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
03/12/14*03/12/2014Jay PeakView(
03/12/14Grands MontetsLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/11/14*03/11/2014Champery-Les Crosets-MorginsView(favre.v)
03/11/14Day 54, Moonlight, 03-11-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing on a POW DAY, with Jon, Bev and my Sweetie
03/11/14ACTIVE LOG: 11 MAR 2014 11:00Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
03/11/14Keystone March 11 2014KeystoneView(jb49)
2" snow in morning, flurries during the day, heavy snowfall resumed ~3:00 p.m.
03/11/140Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/07/14Current Track: 07 MAR 2014 07:54Sugarloaf/USAView(Joe_skier)
03/11/14Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/10/14Camp Fortune 0310View(dziedzicmj)
03/10/14*03/10/2014Whistler BlackcombView(fandree)
03/10/14ACTIVE LOGBreckenridgeView(sclarsky)
03/10/14Vail March 10 2014VailView(jb49)
Spring conditions. Temp as we left village was 55 !!
03/10/14Day 53, Moonlight, 03-10-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
A wet day, skiing with my Sweetie. Quit at lunch.
03/10/143Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/08/14Camp Fortune 0308View(dziedzicmj)
03/10/14*03/01/2014Val Thorens-OrelleView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/01/2014Val Thorens-OrelleView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/02/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/02/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/02/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/02/2014Val Thorens-OrelleView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/03/2014Val Thorens-OrelleView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/03/2014Val Thorens-OrelleView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/03/2014Val Thorens-OrelleView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/04/2014Val Thorens-OrelleView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/04/2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/04/2014Val Thorens-OrelleView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/05/2014Val Thorens-OrelleView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/05/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14*03/05/2014Val Thorens-OrelleView(davidmerrett)
03/10/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/09/14Current Track: 09 MAR 2014 12:51Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
03/09/14*01/23/2014Lake LouiseView(Cdawg1111)
03/09/142014-03-09 BC Blue & CalmBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
03/09/14Current Track: 09 MAR 2014 09:14OkemoView(F.Delbalso)
03/09/14*03/09/2014Whistler BlackcombView(gregsim123)
03/09/14ACTIVE LOGBig SkyView(sqmarlow)
03/09/14Current Track: 09 MAR 2014 08:23HolimontView(holimontski)
03/09/142Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/28/141014-02-28 15:09:49AltaView(mahunt)
03/01/142014-03-01 18:40:48Deer ValleyView(mahunt)
03/09/14Current Track: 09 MAR 2014 08:00Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/03/14MAR-03-14 11:06:03 AMView(mmetcalf)
03/09/14VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/08/14Day 3 - 2013/2014View(Breakwater)
03/08/14Current Track: 08 MAR 2014 09:19HolimontView(holimontski)
03/08/148th March. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Another nice day with overnight powder.
03/08/14Ski Cooper March 8 2014View(jb49)
Partly cloudy, cold, lots of powder still left from previous day. First day of skiing for Cappellis
03/08/14ACTIVE LOGBig SkyView(sqmarlow)
03/08/1403/08/2014Whistler BlackcombView(dunkers)
03/08/14*03/08/2014Whistler BlackcombView(fandree)
03/08/14*03/08/2014Whistler BlackcombView(fandree)
03/08/14*03/08/2014Whistler BlackcombView(fandree)
03/08/14George is a PROPark City MountainView(hankwillslc)
Best ski day for long time. Snow was good, bluebird and we got to PCMR early enough to catch first chairs (well almost). Better to arrive early and get in 3-4 runs with no lines, then have lunch at 11:00 - tables available. Also parking and traffic are much better than 15 minutes later. George is skiing really well. He style is the power cruiser with skis 1' apart and strong emphasis on downhill edge. Working well for him. We also skied last week - March 1st - a really chunky day as overnight snow was heavy and they didn't have time to groom. We got in 7 runs and we were worn out.
03/08/1403/08/2014Elk MountainView(J.Reed)
03/08/14Current Track: 08 MAR 2014 08:17Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/08/14CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/08/14*12/31/2013Aspen HighlandsView(jffv1971)
03/07/14Copper Mtn March 7 2014Copper MountainView(jb49)
2" snow overnite, 6" during the day
03/07/14*03/07/2014Beaver CreekView(eddkirby)
03/07/14Day 52, Moonlight, 03-07-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
GPS not tracking.
03/07/147th March. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Stayed a bit cooler today. Band of thick mid-mountain fog but snow was nice and we had a good day.
03/04/1403/04/2014Elk MountainView(J.Reed)
03/07/14Current Track: 07 MAR 2014 08:31View(holimontski)
Skied @ a little place called Swain for the day and have to say it was a blast
03/07/143/7/2014 11:49amSugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/07/14ACTIVE LOG 001Big SkyView(sqmarlow)
03/07/141Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/07/14Current Track: 07 MAR 2014 08:23WhitetailView(gpallaway)
03/07/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/06/14Keystone March 6 2014KeystoneView(jb49)
Spring skiing ... hi temp near 45 F
03/06/146th March. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Another snowy morning but quite warm and snowpack soon turned sticky.
03/06/14Current Track: 06 MAR 2014 08:19Sugarloaf/USAView(Joe_skier)
03/02/14Current Track: 02 MAR 2014 08:08HolimontView(holimontski)
03/06/14ACTIVE LOG 006Big SkyView(sqmarlow)
03/04/1403/04/2014Arapahoe BasinView(Alex Brown)
Day 45: Black Mountain Express: 2, Lenawee Mountain: 19 & Zuma: 1.
03/06/14Day 51, Big Sky, 03-06-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day with my Sweetie.
03/06/14ACTIVE LOG: 06 MAR 2014 10:11Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
03/06/140Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/06/14*02/04/2014Winter ParkView(steve.peterson80)
03/06/14Col du PassonView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/06/14*03/05/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
03/06/14*03/03/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
03/06/14*02/24/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
03/06/14*02/03/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
03/06/14*01/31/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
03/06/14*01/30/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
03/06/14*01/16/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
03/06/14*01/15/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
03/06/14*01/15/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
03/06/14*01/15/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
03/05/14Vorlage 0305View(dziedzicmj)
03/06/14*03/01/2014Val d'IsereView(TimW)
03/06/14*02/28/2014Val d'IsereView(TimW)
03/06/14*02/27/2014Val d'IsereView(TimW)
03/06/14*02/26/2014Val d'IsereView(TimW)
03/06/14*02/25/2014Val d'IsereView(TimW)
03/06/14*02/24/2014Val d'IsereView(TimW)
03/05/145th March. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Big powder day. Fabulous in the morning, turned sticky late afternoon.
03/05/14Skiing @ Winter ParkWinter ParkView(tomboy)
03/05/14*03/02/2014Arapahoe BasinView(rob_k_miller)
03/05/14*03/03/2014Arapahoe BasinView(rob_k_miller)
03/05/14*03/03/2014Arapahoe BasinView(rob_k_miller)
03/05/14*03/02/2014Arapahoe BasinView(rob_k_miller)
03/05/14ACTIVE LOG: 05 MAR 2014 10:22Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
03/05/14ACTIVE LOGWinter ParkView(BruceB)
02/27/14ACTIVE LOG084535Crested ButteView(tx12)
02/28/14ACTIVE LOG101502Crested ButteView(tx12)
03/01/14ACTIVE LOG082851Crested ButteView(tx12)
03/02/14ACTIVE LOG085651Crested ButteView(tx12)
03/05/143/5/2014 11:17amSugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/05/14Current Track: 05 MAR 2014 08:31Sugarloaf/USAView(Joe_skier)
03/05/14Big Sky Day 4Big SkyView(sqmarlow)
John, Gary, Sean in the morning. Then Gary split off after Calamity Jane in the afternoon and John and Sean continued in the whiteout. FLAT LIGHT! Great snow.
03/05/14*03/05/2014Whistler BlackcombView(pgeyer1)
03/03/14Day 2 - 2013/2014Waterville ValleyView(Breakwater)
03/05/142Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/05/1403/05/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
03/05/14Current Track: 05 MAR 2014 08:28Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
03/05/14Current Track: 05 MAR 2014 08:51FlaineView(Molarius)
03/05/14Nant NoirDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/02/14Killington - Day 3KillingtonView(rrwhiteprb)
02/28/14Killington - Day 1KillingtonView(rrwhiteprb)
03/04/14*03/04/2014Whistler BlackcombView(pgeyer1)
03/04/144th March. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Couple of inches overnight. Snow conditions perfect and very few people around. Overcast with light fog.
03/04/143/4/2014 11:04amSunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
03/04/14Big Sky Day 3Big SkyView(sqmarlow)
Sean, John, Gary. Skied with Dad and Gary in the morning (save for Big Horn which I did solo). Skied with Dad & Gary in the afternoon until the 2nd Tippies. Then I went solo over to Moonlight to explore.
03/04/14ACTIVE LOG: 04 MAR 2014 09:50Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
03/04/141Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/04/14Current Track: 04 MAR 2014 11:13FlaineView(Molarius)
03/04/14Current Track: 04 MAR 2014 08:17Sugarloaf/USAView(Joe_skier)
03/03/14Current Track: 03 MAR 2014 08:36Sugarloaf/USAView(Joe_skier)
03/02/14MAR-02-14 02:28:57 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/01/14MAR-01-14 03:15:55 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
03/03/14Camp Fortune 0303View(dziedzicmj)
03/04/14Grands MontetsBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/03/1403/03/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
03/03/143rd March. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Overnight dump. Quite busy and became chopped-up later in the day.
03/03/14Big Sky Day 2Big SkyView(sqmarlow)
Sean and John only. Tried to ride as many different lifts as possible
03/02/1403/02/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 44: Treasure: 9, Bonanza: 1 & Raven: 8. Rode with Harmony & Ross.
03/01/1403/01/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 43: Treasure: 15 & Raven: 9. Rode with Harmony & Ross.
02/27/14Current Track: 27 FEB 2014 09:49View(discgolf22)
02/26/14Current Track: 26 FEB 2014 09:20BreckenridgeView(discgolf22)
03/03/140Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
03/03/14Current Track: 03 MAR 2014 08:47Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
03/02/14Camp Fortune 0302View(dziedzicmj)
03/03/14NOT ME, but Greg Hardy skiing with his family in AustriaSt. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(Jeff Morris)
Great ski vacation!
03/03/14Current Track: 03 MAR 2014 08:56FlaineView(Molarius)
03/02/14add 6360 feetSugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
03/01/14Current Track: 01 MAR 2014 13:59Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
03/03/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/02/142nd March. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Slightly overcast but nice snow.
03/01/141st March. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Flurries helped to refresh the pistes.
03/02/14MAR-02-14 01:13:57 PMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
03/01/14MAR-01-14 05:44:50 PMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
03/02/14*03/02/2014Winter ParkView(dick)
03/02/14ACTIVE LOG: 02 MAR 2014 08:38Winter ParkView(Tim Patterson)
03/02/14Day 31 - Sun. Mar. 2 - Morning Session and Level 3 PrepWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Cold, snowy, with 10 cm new. Morning Session with Darcy. Also in my group: Gillian, Ken (Kennedy Lay), Christian (Austria),... Drills included straight-lining on one ski, going from edge to edge. Difficult for me, as I have a mental block that prevents me from skiing on the outside edge. Tip - keep low and centred/forward. Level 3 Prep with Mike from "Suburbia". Also in group were Ken Lay, Alex (Alexandra? from QU) Athea, Sandra (Hollyburn), Jacek, and Michelle. Lots of intermediate parallel skiing, practicing delayed turns, semi-braquage, etc. Mike wants me to be more active in the ankles and knees, extending as I begin my turns. Also noticed that I need to be a bit more forward so that both skis start my turns together.
03/02/14Current Track: 02 MAR 2014 08:55OkemoView(F.Delbalso)
03/02/14Current Track: 02 MAR 2014 08:09Gore MountainView(bait57man)
03/01/14Day 01-MAR-14 08:17:34 AMGore MountainView(bait57man)
03/02/14Current Track: 02 MAR 2014 08:51FlaineView(Molarius)
03/02/14*03/01/2014Big WhiteView(randal57)
12/28/1312/28/2013Copper MountainView(nicholasjacobs)
12/27/1212/27/2012Copper MountainView(nicholasjacobs)
03/02/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/01/14Day 30 - Sat. Mar. 1 - Ski with RonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Drove up myself late this morning, having returned from a trip south around 12:30 AM. Very cold, cloudy, and hard-packed. I missed the epic pow days last weekend, so was itching to get back on my skis. Did a run on Emerald myself, then ran into a Project Manager from Recon on the Peak Express. Skied to Big Red, where I uploaded with Ron for the rest of the day. Left Ron at Creek Side, and caught the last gondi up, and Red, then a non-stop ski out by myself via Dave Murray Downhill. Great day on the hill!
03/01/142014-03-01 BC Pow AgainBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
03/01/14Current Track: 01 MAR 2014 09:40Mt SnowView(F.Delbalso)
03/01/14Current Track: 01 MAR 2014 08:19HolimontView(holimontski)
03/01/14Killington Afternoon - Day 2KillingtonView(rrwhiteprb)
03/01/14Killington Morning - Day 2KillingtonView(rrwhiteprb)
03/01/14Day 50, Moonlight, 03-01-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day with my Sweetie. Cold - zero to negative 10 all day!
03/01/14Day 11 - 2013/2014Big SkyView(abrehm)
03/01/14Roundtop: 01 MAR 2014 08:07 001View(gpallaway)
02/16/1312-FEB-14 05:13:28 PMMorzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(thomaspigott)
02/28/14Day 6 - 2013/2014Les Contamines-HauteluceView(morecja)
02/16/1314-FEB-14 02:45:03 PMMorzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(thomaspigott)
02/16/1314-FEB-14 02:45:03 PMMorzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(thomaspigott)
03/01/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
03/01/14*02/22/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/22/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/21/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/21/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/20/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/20/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/20/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/20/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/19/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/19/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/19/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/18/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/17/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
03/01/14*02/17/2014Hintertuxer GletscherView(gary)
02/16/13Current Track: 17 FEB 2013 07:35View(thomaspigott)
02/16/13Current Track: 17 FEB 2013 07:35View(thomaspigott)
02/28/1428-FEB-14 01:13:52 PMView(bgwells)
02/28/14Current Track: 28 FEB 2014 13:14TellurideView(bgwells)
03/01/14Current Track: 01 MAR 2014 10:28FlaineView(Molarius)
02/28/1428th Feb. WhistlerWhistler BlackcombView(Snotsicle)
Day 1. Nice & sunny. Snow good but could do with a bit of refreshing.
02/23/14ACTIVE LOG113804Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/22/14ACTIVE LOG143443Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/28/14Current Track: 28 FEB 2014 12:04Powder MountainView(jonchristopher)
02/28/14Day 49, Moonlight, 02-28-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie - 6" of powder!!
02/28/14ACTIVE LOG 005Mt Hood MeadowsView(JohnSki)
02/27/14ACTIVE LOGMt Hood MeadowsView(JohnSki)
02/28/14ZAG'sSugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/28/14*01/01/2013Summit at SnoqualmieView(polleym)
02/28/14Day 10 - 2013/2014Big SkyView(abrehm)
02/28/14*02/28/2014Whistler BlackcombView(pgeyer1)
02/28/1402/28/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
02/28/143Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/28/14St Anton 10St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(merl7n)
02/28/14ACTIVE LOG: 28 FEB 2014 10:23Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/28/14Current Track: 28 FEB 2014 10:59FlaineView(Molarius)
02/27/1402/27/14 VailVailView(alkempf)
02/28/1402/28/2014Zillertal ArenaView(tscherpownik)
02/28/14Steep Camps Day SixLes Grands MontetsView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/27/14ACTIVE LOG: 27 FEB 2014 11:11Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/24/14Camp Fortune 0224View(dziedzicmj)
02/23/14Camp Fortune 0223View(dziedzicmj)
02/17/14Camp Fortune 0217View(dziedzicmj)
02/27/1402/27/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
02/13/1402/13/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
02/27/14Day 9 - 2013/2014Big SkyView(abrehm)
02/27/142/27/2014 11:03amSugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/27/142Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/27/14Current Track: 27 FEB 2014 08:41Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
02/22/14ACTIVE LOG 038Mt Hood MeadowsView(JohnSki)
02/21/14ACTIVE LOG 008Mt Hood MeadowsView(JohnSki)
02/20/14ACTIVE LOGMt Hood MeadowsView(JohnSki)
02/27/14Steep Camps Day FiveCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/27/14Current Track: 27 FEB 2014 13:14FlaineView(Molarius)
02/27/14*02/27/2014Les Deux AlpesView(martin.groszek)
02/26/1402/26/14 Aspen HighlandsAspen HighlandsView(alkempf)
02/27/14*02/27/2014Les Deux AlpesView(martin.groszek)
02/27/14*02/22/2013Lake LouiseView(blackcat.mcr)
02/27/14*02/14/2013Sunshine VillageView(blackcat.mcr)
02/26/14Skiing @ Winter ParkWinter ParkView(tomboy)
02/26/14ACTIVE LOG: 26 FEB 2014 09:49Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
02/26/14Current Track: 26 FEB 2014 08:03Park City MountainView(jonchristopher)
02/26/14Day 48, Moonlight-Big Sky, 02-26-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie and Jon.
02/26/14ACTIVE LOGWinter ParkView(BruceB)
02/26/14Current Track: 26 FEB 2014 09:20BreckenridgeView(discgolf22)
02/25/14Current Track: 25 FEB 2014 09:27View(discgolf22)
02/26/141Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/26/14St Anton 9St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(merl7n)
02/24/14St Anton 8St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(merl7n)
02/26/1402/26/2014Silvretta Montafon HochjochView(tscherpownik)
02/26/14Steep Camps Day FourCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/25/14ACTIVE LOG 001VailView(alkempf)
02/25/14Day 47, Big Sky-Moonlight, 02-25-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day with my Sweetie. Some tracks drawn in with "track draw" because I forgot to turn my GPS on!
02/25/14Current Track: 25 FEB 2014 07:53SnowmassView(hannanrl)
02/25/14Barker Mountain RdSunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/25/14ACTIVE LOG: 25 FEB 2014 09:51Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
02/25/14Current Track: 25 FEB 2014 08:55SnowbasinView(jonchristopher)
02/22/14FEB-22-14 03:29:37 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/21/14FEB-21-14 02:16:09 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/25/140Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/25/14Current Track: 25 FEB 2014 09:28Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
02/25/14Steep Camps Day ThreeVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/25/1402/25/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(tscherpownik)
02/25/14*02/24/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(06)
02/22/14Eldora - 2014-02-22EldoraView(mogul168)
02/24/14Current Track: 24 FEB 2014 09:30AltaView(jonchristopher)
02/01/14ACTIVE LOG: 01 FEB 2014 07:28 001Arapahoe BasinView(bigsbiker)
02/23/14ACTIVE LOG: 23 FEB 2014 08:19Arapahoe BasinView(bigsbiker)
02/24/14Day 46, Moonlight-Big Sky, 02-24-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Jon.
02/24/14ACTIVE LOG 002VailView(alkempf)
02/24/142/24/2014 11:24amSunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/24/14ACTIVE LOG: 24 FEB 2014 09:51Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
02/24/142Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/24/14Current Track: 24 FEB 2014 08:42Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
02/24/14Steep Camps Day TwoView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/23/14Course Crew 15Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
02/22/14Course Crew 14Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
02/21/14Current Track: 21 FEB 2014 09:21Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
02/23/14*02/19/2014Copper MountainView(dick)
02/23/14Current Track: 23 FEB 2014 09:38Aspen HighlandsView(hannanrl)
02/17/142014-02-17 09:15:00View(discgolf22)
02/22/14Current Track: 22 FEB 2014 08:52BreckenridgeView(discgolf22)
02/19/14Current Track: 19 FEB 2014 10:45KeystoneView(discgolf22)
02/23/14*02/19/2014Copper MountainView(dick)
02/23/14Current Track: 23 FEB 2014 08:20HolimontView(holimontski)
02/23/14Current Track: 23 FEB 2014 08:01Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/22/14Day 22-FEB-14 08:19:30 AMGore MountainView(bait57man)
02/21/14Day 21-FEB-14 08:28:02 AMGore MountainView(bait57man)
02/23/1402/23/2014Whistler BlackcombView(dunkers)
02/23/14St Anton 7St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(merl7n)
02/23/141Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/22/14Day 45, Big Sky-Moonlight, 02-22-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day with my Sweetie - Swift Current down most of the day, stationed at top of Explorer to give directions to Moonlight.
02/23/14Steep Camps Day OneBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/22/14Dolomiten, Sella ronda orange, 22.02.2014Val di FassaView(akxak)
02/16/14ACTIVE LOG: 16 FEB 2014 08:35Winter ParkView(Tim Patterson)
02/21/14Current Track: 21 FEB 2014 08:29SchweitzerView(jonchristopher)
02/22/14*02/22/2014Big WhiteView(randal57)
02/22/14*02/22/2014Big WhiteView(randal57)
02/22/14Current Track: 22 FEB 2014 09:01WindhamView(F.Delbalso)
02/22/14Current Track: 22 FEB 2014 09:42Aspen MountainView(hannanrl)
02/22/14*02/22/2014Whistler BlackcombView(pgeyer1)
02/22/14Current Track: 22 FEB 2014 08:18HolimontView(holimontski)
02/22/14Current Track: 22 FEB 2014 10:32Arapahoe BasinView(jsarche)
02/22/142014-02-22 Keystone Hartsels et alKeystoneView(ronskis)
02/22/1402/22/2014Elk MountainView(J.Reed)
02/22/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/17/14ACTIVE LOG101522Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/16/14ACTIVE LOG101630Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/15/14ACTIVE LOG125824Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/02/14ACTIVE LOG104123Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/01/14ACTIVE LOG134237Sunshine VillageView(MukMuk)
02/21/14*02/22/2014Summit at SnoqualmieView(jtloper1)
02/21/14*02/20/2014Jay PeakView(alexdavidg)
02/21/14*02/20/2014Jay PeakView(alexdavidg)
02/21/14*02/20/2014Jay PeakView(alexdavidg)
02/21/14*02/20/2014Jay PeakView(alexdavidg)
02/21/14Current Track: 21 FEB 2014 09:27ButtermilkView(hannanrl)
02/21/14*02/21/2014Whistler BlackcombView(pgeyer1)
02/21/140Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/21/14*02/11/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/11/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/11/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/1402/21/2014Silvretta Montafon NovaView(pgmnotten)
02/21/1402/21/2014Silvretta Montafon NovaView(pgmnotten)
02/21/14*02/11/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/11/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/11/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/11/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/11/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/12/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/10/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/11/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/11/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/12/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/12/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/09/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/09/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/10/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/10/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/11/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/11/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/12/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14Dolomiten, Canazei, Tour zur Seiser-Alm, 21.02.2014Val di FassaView(akxak)
02/21/14*02/12/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/21/14*02/21/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(thomas.elsner.66)
02/21/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/19/14Day 29 - Wed. Feb. 19 - Level 1 Max4 ClassWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Skipped morning session. Partly cloudy with occasional flurries. Full-day Max4 class: Justine from Perth, Cindy from Toronto, Katie from NYC, and Monique from US. Morning on the flats, lunch at Black's, more work on flats in PM, then last 3 runs of the day from Super Carpet. (Justine and Casey sat last run out.)
02/18/14Day 28 - Tues. Feb. 18 - Ski w Ron in AM, Level 1 class PMWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Skipped morning session, and after standby, skied with Ron to Red then RH for lunch. In afternoon I had a class of two to start - Katie and Utsav - then Nathan brought over a third - Ling. Ling's girlfriend, Jenny, came by and took lots of pics for us. Lots of powder overnight and through the day made it difficult for the students to keep their boot soles clean enough to easily click into bindings.
02/20/14ACTIVE LOG: 20 FEB 2014 10:17Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
02/20/14Current Track: 20 FEB 2014 10:26SchweitzerView(jonchristopher)
02/20/14*02/20/2014Mt WashingtonView(islandrailings)
02/20/14Current Track: 20 FEB 2014 09:15SnowmassView(hannanrl)
02/20/14*02/12/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/20/140Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/20/14*02/12/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/20/14*02/12/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/20/14Current Track: 20 FEB 2014 08:42View(holimontski)
Went to Bristol Mountain outside Rochester NY.
02/12/14ACTIVE LOG 014View(JohnSki)
01/26/14ACTIVE LOG 008View(JohnSki)
01/25/14ACTIVE LOG 005Mt Hood MeadowsView(JohnSki)
12/18/13ACTIVE LOGMt Hood MeadowsView(JohnSki)
02/19/14Cascades 0219View(dziedzicmj)
02/20/14CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/20/14Dolomiten, Skitour Heiliges Kreuz, 20.02.2014Val di FassaView(akxak)
02/19/14Skiing @ Copper MountainCopper MountainView(tomboy)
02/20/14*02/20/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(thomas.elsner.66)
02/20/1402/20/2014Silvretta Montafon NovaView(pgmnotten)
02/20/1402/20/2014Silvretta Montafon NovaView(pgmnotten)
02/20/1402/20/2014Silvretta Montafon NovaView(pgmnotten)
02/19/14ACTIVE LOG: 19 FEB 2014 10:23Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
02/19/14Current Track: 19 FEB 2014 08:55Bridger BowlView(jonchristopher)
02/19/14ACTIVE LOGCopper MountainView(BruceB)
02/19/14Day 44, Moonlight-Big Sky, 02-19-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Jeff - perfect conditions, but windy.
02/19/143Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/19/14*02/12/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/19/14*02/12/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/19/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/19/14Dolomiten, Canzei, Arabba, Corvara, 19.02.2014Val di FassaView(akxak)
02/19/14*02/18/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(thomas.elsner.66)
02/19/14*02/19/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(thomas.elsner.66)
02/19/14*02/18/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(thomas.elsner.66)
02/19/14*02/18/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(thomas.elsner.66)
02/18/14Day 43, Moonlight, 02-18-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day, skiing with my Sweetie.
02/18/14Current Track: 18 FEB 2014 08:54Big SkyView(jonchristopher)
02/18/14ACTIVE LOG: 18 FEB 2014 11:10Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
02/18/143Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/18/14Current Track: 18 FEB 2014 08:53Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
02/18/14Dolomiten, Sella Ronda orange, 18.02.2014Val di FassaView(akxak)
02/18/14LoriazDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/16/13Current Track: 17 FEB 2013 07:35View(thomaspigott)
02/17/13Current Track: 17 FEB 2013 09:59Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(thomaspigott)
02/17/13Current Track: 17 FEB 2013 07:35 001Morzine-Avoriaz-Les GetsView(thomaspigott)
02/17/142014-02-17 Breck Pres DayBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
02/17/14ACTIVE LOG: 17 FEB 2014 09:40Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/16/14FEB-16-14 03:16:43 PMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
02/17/14Day 27 - Mon. Feb. 17 President's Day - standby, ski w RonWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
About 20 cm since end of day yesterday, so very nice conditions. Cloudy with sunny periods, and flurries later in the ski day. Today was President's Day in the U.S., so a lot of Americans skiing here. I was scheduled to teach, but got cut loose for the rest of the day around 10:30. Met up with Ron at the Roundhouse, and then demoed Rossignol Soul 7 skis at 170 cm. Ron took the equivalent ladies' ski at 178 cm (only difference was the graphics). We switched after taking Dave Murray to Red Chair. Think I like the longer skis better. Ron liked the shorter skis.
02/17/14Current Track: 17 FEB 2014 08:09Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/16/14Day 16-FEB-14 08:02:23 AMGore MountainView(bait57man)
02/15/14Day 15-FEB-14 08:12:11 AMGore MountainView(bait57man)
02/14/14Day 14-FEB-14 09:20:04 AMGore MountainView(bait57man)
02/17/14*02/17/2014Whistler BlackcombView(pgeyer1)
02/17/14Day 8 - 2013/2014LovelandView(abrehm)
02/16/14FEB-16-14 03:17:52 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/09/14linda 02/09/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/08/14linda 02/08/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/07/14linda 02/07/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/06/14linda 02/06/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/05/14linda 02/05/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/05/14linda 02/05/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/04/14linda 02/04/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/03/14linda 02/03/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/03/14linda 02/03/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/02/14Linda 02/02/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/17/14Current Track: 17 FEB 2014 08:21HolimontView(holimontski)
02/16/1402/16/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 42: Alberta: 6, Treasure: 6, Bonanza: 2 & Raven: 7. Rode with Ross.
02/15/1402/15/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 41: Alberta: 7, Treasure: 8, Bonanza: 1 & Raven: 7.
02/17/14*02/17/2014St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(thomas.elsner.66)
02/17/14Dolomiten, Canazei, St. Christina, Wolkenstein, 17.02.2014Val di FassaView(akxak)
02/17/14Toula GlacierCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/16/14Current Track: 16 FEB 2014 13:24Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
02/16/14Current Track: 16 FEB 2014 09:18Summit at SnoqualmieView(btower)
02/09/14Current Track: 09 FEB 2014 10:23Crystal MountainView(btower)
02/16/14Camp Fortune 0216View(dziedzicmj)
02/10/14Camp Fortune 0210View(dziedzicmj)
02/16/142014-02-16 Key Mom & IKeystoneView(ronskis)
02/16/14Day 26 - Sun. Feb. 16 - Morning session w. Darcy, ski aloneWhistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
Tracking missed my 2 morning session runs (to Red, then Green, then Green to RH). 31 cm powder overnight. Did Wildcard with Darcy's group. Big pow and bumps. Also in session were Gillian, Kate, Rob and others. Then did a run through trees off to skier's right in terrain park. Was going to do Level 3 prep session, but Peak 2 Peak gondi was closed due to wind. Skied to village to try to upload, but epic long lines. Decided to have a 2nd big breakfast at Black's while waiting for lines to resolve. Previously dropped into Surefoot to check alignment. I am slightly (1 degree or less) to inside on each foot. They say that "ideal" is 0 to 2 degrees inside, so I am right in the sweet spot. Skied Crystal zone on BK. Crystal Glide road to chair a nightmare of big, hard-packed moguls.
02/16/14Current Track: 16 FEB 2014 08:25HolimontView(holimontski)
02/12/14Skiing @ A-Basin, A-Basin back sideArapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
02/12/14Skiing @ A-Basin, A-Basin back sideArapahoe BasinView(tomboy)
02/16/1402/16/2014Whistler BlackcombView(dunkers)
02/16/14*02/16/2014Whistler BlackcombView(pgeyer1)
02/16/142Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/16/14Current Track: 16 FEB 2014 08:25WhitetailView(gpallaway)
02/16/14CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/16/14Dolomiten, Alba, Pozza, Vigo, 16.02.2014Val di FassaView(akxak)
02/16/14Current Track: 16 FEB 2014 07:10Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
02/16/14*02/12/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/16/14*02/12/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/16/14*02/13/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/16/14*02/13/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/16/14*02/14/2014La PlagneView(michaelwells3)
02/15/14Day 25 - Sat. Feb. 15 - with Gillian, Gerry, Michael, Rob...Whistler BlackcombView(Jeff Morris)
...Tony and Ron. Was scheduled to teach Sat. through Wed., but got called off today and tomorrow. Lots of (much needed) new snow over the last week. Did morning session led by Darcy (Lake Country, BC). Also in session were Gillian, Tony, Rob, and a few others. Focus: once you get an edge, keep increasing it throughout the turn, even in cut-up crud, etc. Darcy talked about former nation team racer who also was a strong waterskier, and his style of cutting through the wake on edge.
02/15/14Day 42, Big Sky, 02-15-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Off the summit with Howard.
02/15/14Current Track: 15 FEB 2014 08:33Jackson HoleView(F.Delbalso)
02/14/1414-FEB-14 02:09:17 PMSteamboatView(richsw)
02/13/1413-FEB-14 02:52:55 PMSteamboatView(richsw)
02/12/1412-FEB-14 01:55:24 PMSteamboatView(richsw)
02/11/1411-FEB-14 02:53:52 PMWinter ParkView(richsw)
02/15/1402/15/2014Whistler BlackcombView(dunkers)
01/25/1401/25/2014Whistler BlackcombView(dunkers)
02/15/1402/15/2014Loon MountainView(tvorlicek)
02/15/1402/15/2014Loon MountainView(tvorlicek)
02/15/14Current Track: 15 FEB 2014 09:38Arapahoe BasinView(jsarche)
02/15/14*02/02/2014Summit at SnoqualmieView(polleym)
02/15/14*01/20/2014Summit at SnoqualmieView(polleym)
02/15/14*01/11/2014Summit at SnoqualmieView(polleym)
02/15/14*01/03/2014Stevens PassView(polleym)
02/15/1402/15/2014Elk MountainView(J.Reed)
02/15/14Current Track: 15 FEB 2014 08:18HolimontView(holimontski)
02/15/14*02/15/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(daved)
02/15/14*02/15/2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(daved)
02/15/14*02/15/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(daved)
02/15/14*02/14/2014Meribel-Brides Les BainsView(daved)
02/15/14*02/14/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(daved)
02/15/14*02/13/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(daved)
02/15/14*02/13/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(daved)
02/15/14*02/12/2014Val Thorens-OrelleView(daved)
02/15/14*02/12/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(daved)
02/15/14*02/11/2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(daved)
02/15/14*02/11/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(daved)
02/15/14*02/10/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(daved)
02/15/14*02/10/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(daved)
02/15/14Dolomiten, Canazei, Arraba, 15.02.2014Val di FassaView(akxak)
02/15/14*02/09/2014Courchevel-La TaniaView(daved)
02/15/14*02/15/2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(wudwork)
02/15/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/14/14Current Track: 14 FEB 2014 12:07View(holimontski)
This was a 16 run day at Buffalo Ski Club.
02/14/14Day 41, Big Sky, 02-14-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day, skiing with My Valentine, Jeff and Howard.
02/14/14ACTIVE LOG: 14 FEB 2014 10:15Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
02/14/14Current Track: 14 FEB 2014 08:38Jackson HoleView(F.Delbalso)
02/14/14Current Track: 14 FEB 2014 08:47Big SkyView(Joe_skier)
02/02/1402/02/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/09/1402/09/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/08/1402/08/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/07/1402/07/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/06/1402/06/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/05/1402/05/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/14/141Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/13/1402/13/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 40: Alberta: 3, Treasure: 19, Bonanza: 2 & Raven: 1. Rode with Ross, Kendall, Paul Orr and Ron from Texas.
02/14/14*02/14/2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(wudwork)
02/14/14Aiguilette des PosettesDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/14/14*02/03/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/14/14*02/02/2014Whistler BlackcombView(plmitchell)
02/13/14ACTIVE LOG: 13 FEB 2014 10:15Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/13/14Current Track: 13 FEB 2014 08:46Big SkyView(Joe_skier)
02/13/14*02/13/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
02/13/14Current Track: 13 FEB 2014 08:53Jackson HoleView(F.Delbalso)
02/13/140Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/13/14VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/13/14*02/13/2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(wudwork)
02/12/14Current Track: 12 FEB 2014 08:56View(Joe_skier)
02/12/14ACTIVE LOG: 12 FEB 2014 10:47Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
02/12/14Day 30, Moonlight-big Sky, 02-12-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with my Sweetie, Jon Eden and Howard Goldman.
02/12/14ACTIVE LOGArapahoe BasinView(BruceB)
02/12/1402/12/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
02/12/1402/12/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
02/12/14*02/12/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
02/12/14Current Track: 12 FEB 2014 08:44Jackson HoleView(F.Delbalso)
02/12/14SL Vacation WeekSugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/12/142Sunday RiverView(CTbill)
02/07/1407-FEB-14 16:54:50Zell am See-KaprunView(carveydm)
03/27/1206-MAY-12 15:43:48View(carveydm)
02/06/1406-FEB-14 16:04:34Saalbach-Hinterglemm-LeogangView(carveydm)
02/04/1405-FEB-14 17:55:50Zell am See-KaprunView(carveydm)
02/04/1404-FEB-14 16:48:01Zell am See-KaprunView(carveydm)
02/12/14CourmayeurCourmayeurView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/12/14*02/12/2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(wudwork)
02/11/14Beaver CreekBeaver CreekView(jb49)
Beautiful day at Beaver Creek. Took 3 1/2 hr mountain tour..lots of fun w good group of skiiers and guides(Mike and Jim). Free hot chocolate at Broken Arrow.
02/11/14Current Track: 11 FEB 2014 07:02Big SkyView(Joe_skier)
02/11/14Day 39, Moonlight-Big Sky, 02-11-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing on a windy day with Howard Goldman, Greg and Jim Tuffy, Jeff Sharpe and my Sweetie.
02/11/14GPS did not work till the end of the day. add 30kJackson HoleView(F.Delbalso)
02/11/14ACTIVE LOG: 11 FEB 2014 10:27Big SkyView(rhwashburn)
02/11/14Current Track: 11 FEB 2014 09:21Silver StarView(mikesmegabits)
02/11/1402/11/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
02/06/14Current Track: 06 FEB 2014 08:47La PlagneView(lebirem)
02/04/14Current Track: 04 FEB 2014 09:05La PlagneView(lebirem)
02/05/14Current Track: 05 FEB 2014 09:13La PlagneView(lebirem)
02/03/14Current Track: 03 FEB 2014 09:14La PlagneView(lebirem)
02/11/14*02/11/2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(wudwork)
02/11/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/10/14Day 38, Big Sky-Moonlight, 02-10-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Skiing with Jeff, Jim Tuffy and sons David and Greg.
02/10/14*02/08/2014Holiday ValleyView(Rmascarella)
02/10/14*01/24/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Pgref1)
02/10/14*01/24/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Pgref1)
02/10/14*01/22/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Pgref1)
02/10/14*01/22/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Pgref1)
02/10/14*01/21/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Pgref1)
02/10/14*01/21/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Pgref1)
02/10/14*01/19/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Pgref1)
02/10/14*01/17/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Pgref1)
02/09/14Day 7 - 2013/2014BreckenridgeView(abrehm)
02/09/14FEB-09-14 02:31:39 PMMt BachelorView(Mach5)
02/08/14FEB-08-14 01:50:24 PMMt BachelorView(Mach5)
02/07/14FEB-07-14 02:29:55 PMMt BachelorView(Mach5)
02/10/14Keystone Day 4KeystoneView(jb49)
Heavy snow overnight, then light to med snow most of the day. Fantastic powder day! Colorado powder beats CA cement any day! Temps in hi 20's moat of the day.
02/10/14ACTIVE LOG: 10 FEB 2014 11:14View(rhwashburn)
02/10/14Current Track: 10 FEB 2014 08:18Big SkyView(Joe_skier)
02/10/14Sugarloaf 01Sugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/10/1402/10/2014Powder MountainView(J.Reed)
02/10/14*02/10/2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(wudwork)
02/10/14*02/10/2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(wudwork)
02/10/14*02/10/2014Les Menuires-Saint Martin de BellevilleView(wudwork)
02/10/1402/10/2014Gore MountainView(kvansandt)
02/10/14*02/10/2014Sunday RiverView(smokey082008)
02/10/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/09/1402/09/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 39: Alberta: 6 Treasure: 13 & Raven: 3. Rode with Bill Tremelo, Marc, Paul Orr and the NM crew.
02/08/1402/08/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 38: Alberta: 9 Treasure: 17 & Bonanza: 1. Rode with Ross and Paul Orr.
02/07/1402/07/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 37: Treasure: 40. Rode with Ross and Paul Orr.
02/09/14FEB-09-14 11:28:24 AMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
02/08/14FEB-08-14 02:31:21 PMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
02/09/14BEACH MTN 201-02-09View(LWSottile)
02/08/14BEECH MTN 2014-02-08View(LWSottile)
02/09/14Day 37, Moonlight, 02-09-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day with my Sweetie.
02/09/14Current Track: 09 FEB 2014 08:17Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/08/14Day 08-FEB-14 08:05:58 AMGore MountainView(bait57man)
02/09/14Current Track: 09 FEB 2014 09:23Big SkyView(Joe_skier)
02/09/14*02/07/2014Brixen im ThaleView(Mobil)
02/09/14*02/06/2014Brixen im ThaleView(Mobil)
02/09/14*02/05/2014Brixen im ThaleView(Mobil)
02/09/14*02/04/2014Brixen im ThaleView(Mobil)
02/09/14*02/03/2014Brixen im ThaleView(Mobil)
02/09/14*02/02/2014Brixen im ThaleView(Mobil)
02/09/14Current Track: 09 FEB 2014 08:30HolimontView(holimontski)
02/09/14*02/08/2014Whistler BlackcombView(pgeyer1)
02/09/14Belle PlaceDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/08/14Current Track: 08 FEB 2014 09:54Mt SnowView(F.Delbalso)
02/08/14Day 14StrattonView(pvanmet)
02/08/14keystone day 3KeystoneView(jb49)
02/08/142014-02-08 Breck BlizzardBreckenridgeView(ronskis)
02/01/142014-02-01 BC Lost ReneeBeaver CreekView(ronskis)
02/08/14Current Track: 08 FEB 2014 08:13HolimontView(holimontski)
02/08/14Snowy at PCMR with GeorgePark City MountainView(hankwillslc)
Wasn't snowing in the city, but started at Parley's Summit and continued the whole time we skied. No "Utah Powder" but heavy stuff. Good to have the moisture and it will make a good base. Skied by K2 Sidestash, both George and I had some difficulty with the non-groomed slopes, but did OK. Had to ski lower runs and wind was whipping at 30 mph at the top of Bonanza and Silverlode. Headed back down and skied runs off of Payday.
02/08/14*02/07/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/07/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/07/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*La PlagneLa PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/06/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/06/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/06/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/06/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/05/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/04/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/04/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/04/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/04/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/04/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/03/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/03/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/03/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/03/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/03/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/03/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/02/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14*02/02/2014La PlagneView(justinanderson1)
02/08/14Camp Fortune 0208View(dziedzicmj)
02/05/14Edelweiss 0205View(dziedzicmj)
02/03/14Camp Fortune 0203View(dziedzicmj)
02/08/14*02/08/2014Val d'IsereView(mfrodis)
02/08/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/07/14Tatranska Lomnica 2014-02-07View(ghiro64)
02/06/14Strbske Pleso 2014-02-06View(ghiro64)
02/05/14Tatranská Lomnica 2014-02-05View(ghiro64)
02/04/14Tatranská Lomnica 2014-02-04View(ghiro64)
02/07/14Skiing @ Winter ParkWinter ParkView(tomboy)
02/07/14*02/07/2014Le MassifView(PaulTimmerman)
02/07/14*02/07/2014Le MassifView(PaulTimmerman)
02/07/14Day 36, Big Sky, 02-07-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Master of the Mountains
02/07/14ACTIVE LOGWinter ParkView(BruceB)
02/07/14keystone day 2KeystoneView(jb49)
3/4" snow overnight. Snow, sometines heavy, most of the day. Great conditions. temps around 20f. Forgot to turn on gps til 1/2 way down schoolmarm. gps turned off about 50.min before end of day.
02/07/14Jackson Hole Day 5Jackson HoleView(sclarsky)
GREAT powder day! Leg felt fine!
02/07/142/7/2014 11:00amSugarloaf/USAView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/07/14ACTIVE LOG: 07 FEB 2014 09:52Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/07/14FEB-07-14 11:52:08 AMNorthstar at TahoeView(mmetcalf)
02/07/14*02/07/2014Val d'IsereView(mfrodis)
02/07/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/07/14*02/06/2014Val d'IsereView(peter2)
02/06/14Jackson Hole Day 4Jackson HoleView(sclarsky)
02/04/14Revelstoke MountainRevelstokeView(ISkiTheWest)
02/06/14keystone day 1KeystoneView(jb49)
first day 2014 season. light flurries all day. temps 10 to high teens.
01/26/14Day 13StrattonView(pvanmet)
After it snowed all day yesterday it continued to snow overnight. We got up to the base early only see all the pow tracked out by early access. But when we got our chance at 8:30 we took the gondola to the top and headed for Kiderbrook, thinking that there wouldn't be a lot of early access tracks. Kiderbrook was groomed and wind blown so it wasn't all that great for a powder day but then we took a left turn down Vertigo, which was barley touched by early access or the wind. We did Vertigo twice in quick secession. They were the best runs of the season, so far.
01/25/14Day 12StrattonView(pvanmet)
Snowed all day, like a proper winter. Lot's of chop through out the day, but it was fun all day long. but of course for a saturday it got crowded by 10 am.
02/06/142/6/2014 11:28amSunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
02/06/14ACTIVE LOG: 06 FEB 2014 14:49Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/06/14*01/06/2013La PlagneView(fab10)
02/06/14*02/06/2014Val d'IsereView(mfrodis)
02/06/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/04/14Jackson Hole Day 3Jackson HoleView(sclarsky)
Fun,fun, oops
02/05/14Current Track: 05 FEB 2014 08:55TellurideView(jonchristopher)
02/05/14*02/05/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
02/05/14*02/05/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
02/05/14*02/05/2014Crested ButteView(neville.darlaston)
02/05/14*02/05/2014Le MassifView(PaulTimmerman)
02/05/14*02/05/2014Le MassifView(PaulTimmerman)
02/05/14ACTIVE LOG: 05 FEB 2014 10:25Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/05/14*02/05/2014Crested ButteView(neville.darlaston)
02/05/14*02/01/2014Megeve Mont d'ArboisView(kim.demeyst)
02/05/14*02/01/2014Megeve Mont d'ArboisView(kim.demeyst)
02/01/14FEB-01-14 12:18:06 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
01/18/14JAN-18-14 12:02:21 PMMt Hood MeadowsView(Mach5)
02/04/14Current Track: 04 FEB 2014 07:29TellurideView(jonchristopher)
02/04/14*02/04/2014Le MassifView(PaulTimmerman)
02/04/14*02/04/2014Le MassifView(PaulTimmerman)
-missed first 2 tops to bottom runs -add 3500 ft
02/04/14*02/03/2014Le MassifView(PaulTimmerman)
03/03/122012-03-05 Snowbird, UT - Pt2SnowbirdView(LWSottile)
01/05/132013-01-05 BOYNE MTN - Pt 3Boyne MountainView(LWSottile)
01/05/132013-01-05 BOYNE MTN - Pt 2Boyne MountainView(LWSottile)
01/05/132013-01-05 BOYNE MTN - Pt 1Boyne MountainView(LWSottile)
04/16/132013-04-16 SQUAWSquaw Valley USAView(LWSottile)
04/15/132013-04-15 KIRKWOODKirkwoodView(LWSottile)
03/10/132013-03-10 SNOWSHOE - All DaySnowshoeView(LWSottile)
03/08/132013-03-08 SNOWSHOE - PMSnowshoeView(LWSottile)
03/08/132013-03-08 SOWSHOE - AMView(LWSottile)
03/09/132013-03-09 SNOWSHOE - ALL DaySnowshoeView(LWSottile)
02/04/14Current Track: 04 FEB 2014 09:27BreckenridgeView(jsarche)
02/24/132013-02-24 SNOWSHOE - PT2SnowshoeView(LWSottile)
02/24/132013-02-24 SNOWSHOE - PT1SnowshoeView(LWSottile)
02/23/132013-02-23 SNOWSHOE - PT1SnowshoeView(LWSottile)
02/12/122012-02-12 SNOWSHOESnowshoeView(LWSottile)
03/03/122012-03-03 SNOWBIRDSnowbirdView(LWSottile)
02/11/122012-02-11 TIMBERLINE WVView(LWSottile)
11/07/132013-11-07 KEYSTONE - DAY 1View(LWSottile)
12/29/132013-12-29 BOYNE MTN - PT2Boyne MountainView(LWSottile)
12/30/132013-12-30 BOYNE MTN - PT1Boyne MountainView(LWSottile)
12/29/132013-12-29 BOYNE MTN - PT-1Boyne MountainView(LWSottile)
01/06/132013-01-06 BOYNE MTN - ALLDAYBoyne MountainView(LWSottile)
12/30/112011-12-30 BOYNE MTNBoyne MountainView(LWSottile)
12/31/112011-12-31 BOYNE MTN - PT2Boyne MountainView(LWSottile)
02/04/14Day 35, Big Sky, 02-04-14Big SkyView(joelwhite1017)
Master of the Mountain - Liberty Bowl and Dakota
11/10/132013-11-10 COPPER MTNCopper MountainView(LWSottile)
12/31/112011-12-31 BOYNE MTNBoyne MountainView(LWSottile)
02/04/14ACTIVE LOG: 04 FEB 2014 10:11Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/04/141The CanyonsView(CTbill)
12/31/122012-12-31 BOYNE HIGHLANDSBoyne HighlandsView(LWSottile)
02/28/122012-02-28 ALTA - ALL DAYAltaView(LWSottile)
11/09/132013-11-09 COPPER MTNCopper MountainView(LWSottile)
02/02/142014-02-02 Keystone - PMKeystoneView(LWSottile)
02/02/142014-02-02 Keystone - AMKeystoneView(LWSottile)
02/04/14Sunday River 07Sunday RiverView(E.Z. Flyer)
Clear out no wind. Left coat at home.
01/28/14Current Track: 28 JAN 2014 09:00St. Anton-St. Christoph-StubenView(timsheard)
02/04/14Current Track: 04 FEB 2014 09:23Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
02/04/14VerbierVerbierView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/03/14Day 34, Moonlight, 02-03-14Moonlight BasinView(joelwhite1017)
Host Day with my Sweetie.
02/03/14*02/03/2014Sunday RiverView(smokey082008)
02/03/14*02/02/2014Sunday RiverView(smokey082008)
02/03/14Jackson Hole Day 2Jackson HoleView(sclarsky)
Lots of fresh powder from overnight flurries that lasted all day...
02/03/14Revelstoke MountainRevelstokeView(ISkiTheWest)
02/03/140The CanyonsView(CTbill)
02/03/14ACTIVE LOG: 03 FEB 2014 10:26Moonlight BasinView(rhwashburn)
02/03/14*02/03/2014Copper MountainView(mlgoberis)
02/03/14Current Track: 03 FEB 2014 10:35Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
04/14/1314/04/2013 Tignes, RA, FranceView(malcolmfrost)
02/03/14Valley BlancheBrevent-FlegereView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/02/1402/02/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 36: Alberta: 9 Treasure: 4, Bonanza: 1 & Raven: 7. Rode with Ross.
02/01/1402/01/2014Wolf CreekView(Alex Brown)
Day 35: Alberta: 7 Treasure: 15, Bonanza: 1 & Raven: 6. Rode with Izzy and Ross.
04/13/1313/04/2013 Tignes, RA, FranceTignesView(malcolmfrost)
01/22/1322/01/2013 Saint Bon Tarentaise, Rhone-Alpes, FranceCourchevel-La TaniaView(malcolmfrost)
01/21/1321/01/2013 Saint Bon Tarentaise, Rhone-Alpes, FranceCourchevel-La TaniaView(malcolmfrost)
02/03/14*02/02/2014Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/03/14*01/21/2014Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/03/14*01/20/2014Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/03/14*01/17/2014Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/03/14*01/14/2014Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/03/14*01/12/2014Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/03/14*01/06/2014Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/03/14*01/05/2014Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/03/14*01/04/2014Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/03/14*12/28/2013Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/03/14*12/20/2013Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/03/14*12/11/2013Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/03/14*11/24/2013Mt Hood MeadowsView(mike.murray)
02/01/1401/02/2014 3 ValleesCourchevel-La TaniaView(malcolmfrost)
02/03/14*01/29/2014Alagna ValsesiaView(cthomas5)
02/01/14ACTIVE LOG: 01 FEB 2014 10:12Winter ParkView(Tim Patterson)
02/02/14Jackson Hole Day 1Jackson HoleView(sclarsky)
great conditions, great terrain, lots of trees!
02/01/14Auto 01-FEB-14 09:34:23 AMOkemoView(F.Delbalso)
02/02/14Current Track: 02 FEB 2014 07:56OkemoView(F.Delbalso)
02/02/14Current Track: 02 FEB 2014 08:09Gore MountainView(bait57man)
02/01/14Day 01-FEB-14 08:24:34 AMGore MountainView(bait57man)
02/02/143The CanyonsView(CTbill)
02/02/14FEB-02-14 01:10:03 PMTimberline LodgeView(markemery)
02/02/14Current Track: 02 FEB 2014 08:09HolimontView(holimontski)
02/02/14Current Track: 02 FEB 2014 07:34Sugarloaf/USAView(TomH)
02/02/1402/02/2014Whistler BlackcombView(Ptstroud)
02/02/1402/02/2014Elk MountainView(J.Reed)
02/02/14VallorcineDomaine de BalmeView(Alan Scowcroft)
02/01/14Park City with GeorgePark City MountainView(hankwillslc)
Good day with weird weather. Clouds with occasional sun in morning. Then some heavy snow after lunch at Summit House. George was skiing much better with skis closer together - speed up from last time. Needs a few pointers next trip out. No mishaps this time - glad!
02/02/14*01/31/2014Alpe d'HuezView(cliff)
02/02/14*01/30/2014Alpe d'Huez