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Easy to use Ski Resort Maps for GPS Receivers


With SnowRanger your handheld GPS shows you exactly where you on the map and which way you are heading, so you should never get lost again. You can put all this power literally into the palm of your hand with an instant download, a "plug and play" memory card or a versatile CD-ROM. Despite their power, these maps are extremely easy to install and use. And by knowing where you are, even if a storm rolls in or you take a wrong turn, you'll always know where to find the safety (and hot cocoa!) of the village or the nearest lodge. Plus with lift tickets running at $80 or more SnowRanger will let you get the most out of each day.

With a long battery life and rugged weatherproof design, no monthly or annual service fees, and no dependency on being able to see a cellular phone tower or other network, a GPS is the only tool that will give you the confidence that you'll always know where you are when you need to know.

SnowRanger gives you the information you need out on the mountain. Other GPS-related ski products, such as Flaik and SlopeTracker, are just trackers that let you look at your stats at the end of the day. Get lost in a whiteout or find yourself in desperate need of food and they are not going to help you, since their GPS units have no maps, or even a screen!

With SnowRanger on your GPS though you can have it all, because you can send your data at the end of each day to our Snow Days GPS ski tracking and statistics service. Keep track of your days on the mountain and vertical feet skied, view the speed and distance profiles of each day, and share your stats online.

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