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Snow Days

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Member Date Vertical Runs Dist Track Name
Alan Scowcroft 04/12/16 7,202' 4 8.3mi View Petite Envers
Alan Scowcroft 04/07/16 7,325' 2 9.9mi View Valley Blanche
Alan Scowcroft 03/24/16 7,881' 6 9.4mi View Valley Blanche
Alan Scowcroft 03/18/16 11,724' 10 14.8mi View ENSA Couloir
Alan Scowcroft 03/17/16 14,572' 11 21.1mi View Bellin Couloir / Grands Envers
Alan Scowcroft 03/14/16 9,964' 5 13.1mi View Valley Blanche
Alan Scowcroft 03/04/16 5,614' 4 3.8mi View Combe des Glaciers
Alan Scowcroft 03/04/16 3,995' 2 2.8mi View Bozon Couloir
Alan Scowcroft 02/29/16 15,133' 9 13.8mi View Courmayeur
Alan Scowcroft 02/26/16 21,342' 7 26.5mi View Courmayeur Heli
Alan Scowcroft 02/25/16 21,198' 13 26.2mi View Flegere
Alan Scowcroft 02/02/16 9,793' 8 10.3mi View VB Gros Rognon
Alan Scowcroft 01/29/16 19,341' 5 15.4mi View Crochues Berard
Alan Scowcroft 01/26/16 8,928' 4 9.8mi View VB Gros Rognon
Alan Scowcroft 12/27/15 4,555' 2 7.3mi View Brevent

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