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January Newsletter from Mountain Dynamics
After the excitement (and lift lines) of the Holidays, the season has settled into its core months, with good snow across most parts of the western US covered by the four sets of our SnowRanger GPS trail maps (California/Nevada, Colorado/New Mexico, Northwest/Montana, and Utah/Wyoming).

* SnowRanger for Magellan Now Available!

Magellan has launched the certified version of SnowRanger for their eXplorist GPSes, and it's available from their MapSend website now, at the same $29.95 download price as the Garmin version:

Magellan provides support regarding the purchase, download, and installation of the maps, while we support anything regarding the content or use of the maps. The Garmin version continues to be available directly from our website or from our .

* Lower priced Garmin Bundles

Garmin lowered some of their pricing on January 1st, so we've been able to drop the price on a couple of our . They now start at just $149.99 for a Garmin Legend with your choice of SnowRanger map set.

* Mountain Dynamics Events

The first event took place at Northstar-at-Tahoe on Jan 5th, and although attendance was a little light, those who did take part enjoyed it and we expect the next event, at Kirkwood on Jan 20th to be well attended. Bring your GPS, have some fun, and try to win an eXplorist 500LE from Magellan preloaded with SnowRanger maps!

Our Garmin distributor partner PMC will have the Garmin/SnowRanger tent at Aspen's Gondola Square during the Winter X-Games (Jan 25-28), and at Snowmass Village Mall for Presidents' Day weekend (Feb 17-19). They'll be demoing standard GPSes, communication GPSes like the Rino 530 on which you can see where the rest of your group are on the mountain, and the hot new Garmin nüvi personal navigators.

* SnowRanger for Garmin now Available on Memory Cards

Got a Garmin nüvi or an Apple Mac? In most cases the download version of SnowRanger for Garmin is all that you'll need. Some customers would like to get it on a microSD memory card because of the convenience of just popping the card into their GPS, or because they have a Mac. The memory card is compatible with all Garmin 'x' models that have a microSD slot, such as the Vista Cx, and with Garmin nüvis. It is available for just $10 after you have bought the standard download, which covers the cost of media and shipping.

* Waymarking

You've probably heard of geocaching, the worldwide GPS activity where people hide caches and post the coordinates (latitude/longitude) on for other people to find? Groundspeak, the company that runs, has developed a variant called 'waymarking,' where participants post the coordinates of landmarks and other features for other players to find (and log visits to) without having to setup and manage a physical cache at the location. We see this as being an excellent activity for skier and snowboarders to do, because in the cold of winter and with variable amounts of snow depth, finding and opening a hidden coffee can or ammunition box would often be difficult.

Working with Groundspeak we have added a category on called '' where you can create waymarks for your favorite lodges (both base area and on-mountain) to let other people 'collect' those waymarks by logging a visit to them.

Whether you're snowboarding, skiing, or waymarking, and with a Magellan or a Garmin GPS, have a great January!
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