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Samsung Blackjack Smartphone
I've been wanting to upgrade to a smartphone (from one of the original Cingular Motorola RAZR V3s) for a while now, especially since the SportsDo deal was , but I've been holding off waiting for a better balance of features, size, price, etc. When Cingular the Samsung Blackjack recently though, I decided it was time to act.

Unlikely some phones the Blackjack does not have built-in GPS nor WiFi but it does have a gorgeous 320x240 screen, a QWERTY thumbboard, and (3G) data service. It's thin and small (smaller than the hit Motorola Q). It runs the SmartPhone edition of Windows Mobile with no touchscreen, which for me makes it more an easy to use phone (which is my biggest requirement) even if it removes a little flexibility.

I will use it with a Bluetooth GPS, specifically a Delorme that I also will be using for survey data acquisition this season, and try it out with SportsDo and some other applications that I am evaluating. Plus I'll also get one of the street map software packages for using it the car, and a 2GB microSD card so I can load it up with songs (it supports PlaysForSure subscription music from Yahoo! Music, Napster ToGo, etc, which is a concept I love) and podcasts for travel. The microSD card slot is external (not buried in the battery compartment as it is on many smartphones) so I can swap maps and AV files easily between the Blackjack, my PC, and microSD-equipped Garmin "X" models.

I'll report back on how the phone is working for me, but in the meantime here's what and are saying about it.

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