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January Newsletter from Mountain Dynamics
This is the January newsletter from Mountain Dynamics, with the latest news on our growing family of SnowRanger GPS ski resort maps and web features.

The US ski and snowboard season is well under way, with most parts of the country having received excellent snowfalls and great conditions. I spent 3 days last week in the Lake Tahoe area with my partner, skiing
at Kirkwood, Heavenly and Squaw Valley, and testing out some new ideas for our SnowRanger maps and trying out a new Garmin Legend C GPS (which I liked very much).

* Mt Rose, NV and Sun Valley, ID Released

Although it's just over the state line from California, Mt. Rose is one of Lake Tahoe's popular resorts and so has been added to the California set, bringing its total up to 14. Registered California set owners can, of course, download the update free of charge.

Sun Valley is the first release from our upcoming Utah/Northern Rockies set, which will be available as a set later this month. Sun Valley is available as an individual download for $4.95 at this time, and once the set is released contact us and we'll give anyone who has bought it a 100% credit against the cost of the set.
- SnowRanger GPS map

* MapSource Integration

We've had several requests for a version of the maps that will integrate into a customer's existing Garmin MapSourceŽ sets of maps, so they can put a mixture of city/street, topographic, and SnowRanger ski maps onto their GPSes at the same time.

We are pleased to announce that earlier this month we released new 'Setup' packaging for SnowRanger that includes the original loader (for people who do not have MapSource) but also installs the resort maps into
a user's copy of MapSource if they do have one. Now you can mix and match SnowRanger, MetroGuideŽ, Topo, and any other MapSource maps that you may have!

To get the new packaging just go to My Page and download the latest version of your maps or sets. Upgrades are free through the end of the season that you bought in.

* GPS Track Uploads

We've drastically upgraded the tools available to view and share the GPS tracks of your days' skiing/boarding. Now as well as viewing the track (the 'breadcrumbs' trail of where you have been that your GPS keeps) drawn on top of a rendering of our maps, you can see the elevation and speed profiles of your day, together with overall stats such as vertical feet of descent and maximum speed. The Uplink tool is easy to use with any Garmin GPS, or you also can now upload tracks in the GPX standard format from ANY manufacturers' GPS.

Have a safe and exciting season, and keep those Track Uploads coming! Don't forget too that when you refer someone to our website you get a $5 credit for any map sets that they buy. Just tell them to enter your
username where it says 'Referred By' when they are paying for the set.
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