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Plasma TV Problems at Altitude
I was reading an article in the new (Nov 2006) edition of magazine this morning about changes for this coming ski season, and came across a comment that its flagship slope-side hotel, the Cliff Lodge, went with LCD rather than plasma TVs for its room upgrades because of problems with plasma TVs at higher elevations (the Cliff Lodge is at 8160').

I had never heard of such a thing, but a little Googling confirmed it. The Plasma TV Buying Guide has an altitude that says that the gas envelopes are calibrated for up to around the height of Denver (6500') and that operating them higher than this approximate height may cause problems with excess heat, noisy cooling fans, and reduced lifetime.

Ironically I see that Pioneer plasma TVs are a banner ad sponsor of the SkiNet (which is Ski + Skiing + Warren Miller) website.

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