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Mountain Dynamics Environment Policy

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, nineteen of the twenty hottest years on record have occurred since 1980, and scientists warn we could see average temperature increases of 3 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century.

Mountain Dynamics supports the efforts of everyone in the ski industry who is working to keep our winters cold and our mountains snow-capped, and believes that it is imperative to do our part in this effort.

Our primary product, SnowRanger, replaces disposable paper trail maps with a digital map on a GPS. We cannot even begin to calculate how many tons of paper and ink can potentially be saved by this approach. But we do know that the typical paper map barely survives even one day's use, while our maps can be used day after day, season after season.

Our Commitment

To run its business in as environmentally conscious a way as possible, Mountain Dynamics has adopted the following goals and practices:

  • Office
    The company will minimize its printing and other uses of paper, and recycle as much waste as possible.
    We will be prudent with office energy use for heating and cooling.
    We will choose to buy durable and high quality electronic and other office equipment to maximize their effective lifetimes.
  • Business Practices
    The company will encourage customers to buy downloadable versions of our products when available, to minimize the production and shipping impact of memory card and CD-ROM media.
    We will encourage the use of rechargeable batteries, and the resale or safe disposal of unwanted GPSes and other electronic devices.
  • Travel
    Business travel shall be reduced where possible through the use of teleconferencing and other remote collaboration tools.
    The company will buy carbon offsets for necessary business use of automobiles and air travel.


Mountain Dynamics Inc. is not affiliated with some of the ski resorts mentioned herein.
SnowRanger and SnowRanger Uplink are trademarks of Mountain Dynamics Inc.
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