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Mountain Dynamics Custom GPS Maps

Leverage our development pipeline for your custom mapping needs

After the success of our SnowRanger ski resort trail maps for Magellan® and Garmin® handheld GPSes we have been approached by a number of partners to either customize the maps to their specific needs or to develop all-new ones.

Additional projects are being developed and are still "under wraps" but some of our released portfolio is highlighted here.

Please contact us if you have a GPS map that needs to be developed, or you have a business idea for leveraging our existing maps in a new way. Maps can be produced for a variety of Garmin, Magellan, and other GPS platforms.

Customized maps of Keystone for Ski Patrol

Keystone Ski Patrol approached us about adding additional features to the SnowRanger map to assist them in their safety work. The new features included landmarks, forest roads, and powerlines, and extended beyond the resort boundary to assist with searching for lost skiers/snowboarders and in safely evacuating them.

Grand Canyon map for FUNfinderGPS

FUNfinderGPS offers GPS receivers loaded with detailed tourist information for rental at a number of top destination venues. Mountain Dynamics supplied a detailed map of Grand Canyon Village and the North Rim, together with select hiking trails under the Rim and down to Phantom Ranch. The map was tailored to work with custom firmware on a Magellan CrossoverGPS weather-resistant large screen GPS receiver.

Phoenix Zoo map for FUNfinderGPS

For the Phoenix Zoo we developed a detailed map of the paths, buildings, lakes, and animal enclosures, and delivered it in a special format for FUNfinder's new custom GPS units.

Disney® maps for FUNfinderGPS

Mountain Dynamics delivered detailed GPS maps of Disneyland® (Anaheim) and Disney's Animal Kingdom® (Orlando) to FUNfinder, who added an innovative survey capability to their custom GPS receivers.

SeaWorld® map for FUNfinderGPS

The GPS map of SeaWorld Orlando was launched June 2008 as Shamu's Smartguide. As with all maps on FUNfinder's custom GPSes, the user sees the familiar "guidebook" map on the screen of the unit, with proprietary technology used to locate them precisely upon it, together with dynamic show and attractions information, videos, and electronic coupons for dining and shopping.

About Mountain Dynamics

Mountain Dynamics Inc. is the leading developer of digital GPS trail maps for ski resorts. It publishes maps for Magellan and Garmin handheld GPSes under the SnowRanger brand, and licenses its resort mapping data to developers for other platforms. It also develops custom GPS maps and solutions for its development partners.

Mountain Dynamics Inc. is not affiliated with some of the ski resorts mentioned herein.
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Garmin is a registered trademark of Garmin Ltd.
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