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TransFlash == microSD
Garmin's recent () use of TransFlash as a removable memory card format for new handheld GPS models set me looking for more information on TransFlash.

TransFlash is actually a trademarked product of and is a miniaturized (~1/4 sized, 11 x 15 x 1 mm) SD card. Since it has the same interface characteristics as an SD card it can also be inserted into a SD card-sized carrier and used in any SD slot too. SanDisk have however been able to get this format ratified by the as a standard known as microSD and will be seen from other manufacturers. Somewhat confusingly there is also a slightly older format called miniSD (~1/2 the size of SD) that has had some adoption but may well get overtaken by microSD very quickly.

The format has been adopted by Motorola, Samsung, Kyocera and others for phones (usually for music or photo storage), and Garmin is already using it in its StreetPilot i2 and i3 auto models.

It's available with up to 512MB storage so far.

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