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HP iPaq hw6915 GPS-enabled smartphone In Depth
PDAgold has posted a very in-depth of the new HP iPaq hw6915 GPS-enabled smartphone.

This is a phone that I personally have been waiting for with anticipation, since besides the built-in GPS capability this phone pretty much has "everything": Windows Mobile 5.0, EDGE, Bluetooth, WiFi, 1.3MP camera, thumb-board, miniSD slot, etc. The reviewer praises the CPU (powerful enough to do Skype over WiFi) and liked the unit overall, but was not impressed by the camera. The camera does at least use the GPS to automatically the photos (attach their location to them).

The unit does not support the 3G HDSPA high speed data service that Cingular is rolling out in the US but does have EDGE. The screen is the same 240x240 square as the Treo 700w, which used to be a problem for some applications (used to 320x240 QVGA screens) but most have been updated to accommodate it. Size-wise, it's not tiny, but not a monster either.

The GPS chip is from and takes advantage of when in the phone network. It's not clear though whether the GPS capability will work properly outside of cellular coverage or whether it relies on A-GPS, which for me would be a deal breaker, and is something I intend to look into further.

Update: PocketPC Thoughts have also posted a detailed and report it is available from who are calling it the hw6945 (hw6940 sans camera) for $599. Their spec sheet says the US model will have Microsoft Pocket Streets as its navigation software.

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