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Garmin Sneak Peaks
Two new developments from Garmin. Firstly, Sportsim a rumor that they will be introducing a new model in their wrist-mounted Forerunner line for runners, the 305. The 305 is expected to be smaller than existing Forerunners, and to integrate the watch with the strap to possibly allow part of the strap to be the antenna. Engadget that they will be unveiling the 305 at the upcoming show.

Secondly, GPS Tracklog rumors of new variants of Garmin's popular 60C/CS, 76C/CS, Legend C, and Vista C. Each new model, reported to have an 'x' suffix, will use a SiRF chipset that is more sensitive than Garmin's existing chipset, and will feature a expansion slot. TransFlash is somewhat rare and expensive now, but its very small size positions it well to be a popular format in the future, and kudos to Garmin for being an early adopter. Garmin have previously broad adoption of SiRF technology, and already have delivered it in units like the nüvi.

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