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Garmin GPS and Calorie Measurement
If you've ever wondered how accurate the "calories burned" numbers are on , such as the Forerunner and Edge models, the always informative has an in-depth article today, "".

What really caught my interest is how sophisticated the calculation can be, even on older models like the (still excellent) . Although the Garmin GPS watches and cyclometers fall-back to using a simple and relatively inaccurate speed/distance method, when you have the heart monitor (HRM) strap on, they use a sophisticated algorithm from that takes account of a variety of data to produce a number that is accurate to within around 10%.

Furthermore, for even more accurate measurement (that goes beyond just precise calorie numbers) you can go a performance testing center run by for a running or cycling-specific VO2max-style test, and then download that result data to the GPS, which combines it with the speed, distance, and HRM data to calculate very precise performance numbers.

, Mountain Dynamics Team Leader
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