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Coffee Talk
What good are gadgets in the outdoors if you don't have the jitters to properly enjoy them? A good cup of coffee is not too hard to make on a camping trip, although there's generally an inverse relationship between the quality of drink and the weight of the equipment needed. Although it does not seem like the season to be seeing much new camping gear, there have been a couple of new items seen this week.

Yesterday featured the . This is a folding French press that works with a standard 1l Nalgene bottle, and the folding feature is as much to do with getting it past the neck of the bottle as it is for storage and carrying convenience. $19.95, Nalgene not included, and no indication of its weight.

Meanwhile take a look at the . This is a neat filter and insulated mug combination that nests for easy packing. $15.00, and again (argg!) no weight given.

Other recent caffeination products include the Jetboil (and the Holiday Java Kit), Snowpeak , and, of course, ThinkGeek's stock of .

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